You cant’ sit on the fence

So Westside posted on the Cherokee Watercooler about the need for a Q for Saturday’s beatdown yesterday and YHC immediately jumped on it.  A chance to Q at the new AO was not going to be turned down. I have had my eye on this place since it opened. All …

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Cindy Coupon Friday!

Despite an ominous preview via Slack, 18 brave PAX showed up for a VQ beatdown (with coupons!) courtesy of a Wreck elder, Virginia Slim.  Slim may not be known for his cardio, but he can bring some serious old-man strength and tailored a mosey-free beat-down complete with plenty of cinder …

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Exercises I Hate Most

0530 Mosey to side parking lot for warm-ups. Warmup SSH, Carolina Dry Docks, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers. The Thang YHC has come to the realization that he really doesn’t like exercise. Not knowing the source of this animosity toward the pain that comes from physical exertion, YHC decided to invite the …

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GrowRuck 05

We had a great conference call last night with OBT and Robber (OBT helped to start F3 and Robber runs the F3 Ruck account).  So here is some info about the event Sign Up: GrowRuck Date: 11/17-11/19 Cost: $150 Run Down: Friday (11/17) –  2nd F that night night (Time unknown …

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Soothing to the Core at Caney Creek

  It was a crisp cool cloudless morning full of stars, which are absolutely spectacular in the gloom at Caney Creek.  A silver lining to the poor lighting is the unadulterated view of a perfect night sky.  Two pax came in by foot completely undected, running from NLB and three …

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Last Beatdown of Q3

0530 brief mosey over by tennis courts for warmup. Warmup SSH, Imperial Walker, Carolina Dry Docks and squats. The Thang Started the beat down by PAX pairing up. One partner did balls to the walls while the other did 20 squats. Flapjack and wash and repeat for 3 sets. Next …

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A good time with some old friends

Warm up: Run to the far corner of the parking lot SSH Cotton Pickers Windmills – Led by Legionnaire who is picking up Saturday Q’s with bloodhound next quarter Arm Circles –   The Thang: We start the fun with a visit from an old friend, Jack Webb.  Many of …

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The A.L.A.R.M is ringing!

YHC entered Big Creek this morning a little tardy.  3 PAX including Body, fellow brother Homeboy from The Kodiak who had graced us with an FNG, were waiting patiently for YHC to get his act together.  Before we new it, 6 more PAX were joining us for the fun.  Here’s how we conquered the morning.

Mosey down through the Roman Columns for warm-up:

SSH x20(IC)

Alabama Ass Kickers x 10-RL(IC) and x 10 LL (IC)

The Thang

Quick Mosey around the corner towards Kilominjaro to rock pile for 2 coupons-then another quick mosey to the field of dreams for some 4 corners.  31 reps each excercise in honor of UGA’s win over MSU.  After each excercise-pay the toll in middle of the field with 5 Burpees.

Corner 1- monkey humpers x 31- back to middle to pay toll

Corner 2- squats with coupons x31-pay toll.

Corner 3-Big Boy sit-ups x31-pay toll

Corner 4- Mountain climbers x 31-pay toll

Quick 10 count and head over to side line for the pain.

A.L.A.R.M’S (Arms, Legs, Abs, “R” excercise, “M” exercise).  We would do 3 rounds.  Once again- 31 reps each excercise.

ALARM #1- 31 reps each

1. Shoulder press/squats with coupons

2. Lunge x 31(each leg is one)

3. LBC’s

4. Run- acending run opposite sideline and back

5. Merkins

10 count

ALARM #2- 31 reps each

1. Shoulder taps

2. Squat jumps

3. Peter Parkers

5. Ranger Merkins (arms close to rib cage)

6. Maktar N’djays

Rinse and repeat ALARM #1 for a total of 3 rounds. 403 reps total- all 9 PAX finished with flying colors.

Mosey back to rock pile and swap out our 2 coupons for 1 bigger coupon for Colt 93’s- 31 reps full bicep curl, 31 scull crushers, and 31 full again.

Indian run back to flag for quick Mary:

box cutters x 10

That is all.


Welcome FNG Moon Light to the PAX! Thx for being apart and great work!

-Prayers for Body and new 2.0 on the way

-Swiper and friend who passed away.

-Continued prayers for all fathers and husbands to be the men God called us to be.






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Exit the Dragon

With my quarterly Q rotation coming to an end, I was feeling nostalgic, or not very creative depending on how you look at it. Instead of getting fancy I looked back at my VQ and decided to see how the group has progressed. Warmup 15 SSH 10 Cotton Pickers 10 …

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1,122 Reps in 45 Minutes

I don’t know if this rep count is good or not but it sounds cool so we will assume it’s a big number! Birthday Qs are always a great excuse to go BIG! 22 PAX showed up this morning for a high volume and hopefully intense Beatdown! The Thang: It was …

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