Cindy Coupon Friday!

When: 09/29/2017

QIC: Virginia Slim

PAX (): Caboose, Double-D, Circus, 8-mile, Percy, Smackdown, FNG (Rusty), Toothpick, Grease Monkey, Windex, Squeegee, Bear, Thumper, I-Beam, TP, AFLAC, Caffeine

Despite an ominous preview via Slack, 18 brave PAX showed up for a VQ beatdown (with coupons!) courtesy of a Wreck elder, Virginia Slim.  Slim may not be known for his cardio, but he can bring some serious old-man strength and tailored a mosey-free beat-down complete with plenty of cinder blocks to go around.


Everyone grab a coupon and mosey John Cusack style to the first parking lot up the hill for the following:

  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Windmills
  • 20 Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

For starters, V-Slim directed the PAX on a Cusack mosey to the Rec Center drive for 2 rounds of true mountain-climbers (coupon-pushing) up the hill to the first speed-bump (perhaps 40 yards) with 20 coupon-merkins at the top.  With 17 PAX grinding coupons on asphalt, I’m certain we scared away anything living (or dead) within a full square mile and left the place smelling like one giant flint rock.

Next, the PAX Cusack-moseyed to the top of the hill for a cycle of coupon-merkins and coupon-presses at the top, with 5 burpees at the bottom.  Rinse/repeat for 3 rounds.

The coupon tour continued with another Cusack mosey to the wall at the bottom of the hill for 3 rounds of 15’s:  one-armed rows (each-side) and skull-crushers.

A short Cusack mosey left us at the football field parking lot where we started a round of 20 coupon squats followed by lunges across the lot.  Rinse/repeat halfway back across the lot.

At this stage in the game the coupons were beating us down and V-Slim made a call to the bullpen where YHC was more than happy to dispense with the shenanigans and start heading back to the flag.  PAX attempted a Cusack down the trail with 2 short stops for rounds of in-cadence curls and clean/jerks while waiting for the six.  Credit to I-Beam who got a genuine mosey-trot on with coupon in tow.  Something tells me he’s had some practice…

Back to the flag for some Mary including 40 flutter-kicks, 20 freddy mercury’s, and some ring-around-the-rosie with coupons to round things out.


  • Hearty welcome to Rusty, co-worker with Grease Monkey and Toothpick’s neighbor.  He was quietly crushing his first beatdown!
  • Prayers for Caboose as he faces challenges in standing up a new church following.

AFLAC out.

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