F3 Alpha Exercise Lexicon

NameDescriptionTypeUpperCoreLowerVarient ofRequires 2 PAX or moreNotes and Tag wordsVideo Link
711s little brother. Pick 2 exercises (for example, Burpees and Squats) and define a distance (e.g. parking lot or ends of a field). Start with 6 Burpees on one end, run to the other side for 1 Squat. Back for 5 Burpees and other side for 2 Squats. Each round the total is 7. Continue till 1 and 6.General Routine11sNo
11sPick 2 exercises (for example, Merkins and LBCs) and define a distance (e.g. parking lot or ends of a field). Start with 10 Merkins on one end, run to the other side for 1 LBC. Back for 9 Merkins and otherside for 2 LBCs. Each round the total is 11. Continue till 1 and 10. That’s 55 total of each exercise. You can also modify the run with other movements, such as running backwards, bear crawls, broad jumps etc. Also, can add a toll – some exercise (such as 1-5 burpees) done half-way on the run.General Routine11sNo
1st & 10100 yard field marked at 10 yard increments. Perform 10 Merkins, 1 Burpee (11’s) at the 10, sprint the remaining 90 yards. Recover jog back to the 20. Perform 9 Merkins, 2 Burpees, sprint the remaining 80 yards, recover jog to the 30. Repeat until all 100 yards and 11’s have been completed. Plank/core exercise until remaining PAX complete.CombinationNoFootball field
21sIn unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps 6-21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice.CombinationYeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvSsKaRjcLg
4 x 4sStart with arms raised in a standing position, burpee into plank followed by four Merkins followed by four mountain climbers with each leg. “One” is completed when returning to the standing position with arms raised. Wash, rinse, repeat. Recommended to do OYO while waiting for the 6 or waiting for a partner during a group exercise.Single ExerciseXXXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04ENpl4y1eo
7 of DiamondsPerformed on a large diamond (i.e. a square); Usually the outside of a baseball field, but any large area will work.
For the first round, do 7 reps of the same exercise at each of the 4 corners, with a pre-determined movement (e.g., mosey, sprint, bear crawls) between corners. 2nd round will have a different exercise of 14 reps in each corner. 3rd round 21 reps at each corner, 4th round 28 reps and then going back down to 7 reps on the 7th round.
The specific exercises and movements are Q’s choice. Also, Q can decide if done OYO (waiting for the 6 on the 7th round only) or regroup every round.
General RoutineXNo
Abe VigodaA variation on the Windmill, which is peformed much more slowly and with more stretching (aka “Old Man Style”). Usually peformed in Warm-a-rama.Single ExerciseWindmillNoWarmuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO4YDw_7r1k
AbsolutionAn 8-count cadence exercises that is a combination of a Groiner, Mahktar N’ Diayes, and Chilly Jack. An awesome core and upper body workout that is both the solution to flabby abs, and a reason to beg absolution for your sins. Start in plank position and perform a single Groiner (cadence “1” jump feet forward, “2” jump feet back), then Mahktar N’ Diayes to Chillcut position (cadence “3” & “4” with drop to each elbow), then Chilly Jack (cadence “5” feet out, “6” feet together), and finally Mahktar N’ Diayes to plank starting position (cadence “7” and “ONE, TWO, etc.” with rise on each hand).
Smart Q’s will introduce this with the cadence, but then instruct PAX to do sets of 15-30 OYO (as the Q will suffer too and should avoid giving the impression of weakness to the PAX, lest he suffer insufferable mumble chatter).
Single ExerciseXXXNoBest done in mulch, dirt or at edge of grass and asphalt/concrete so hands/elbows can be on grass while feet have traction.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXUk8NVx-8g
Abyss MerkinPerform merkins on two parallel benches, right hand and foot on one bench, and left hand and foot on the other bench, letting your body lower into the space between the benches as far a possible. Works best if done slowly, holding at the lowest point and imagining a bottomless abyss below you. An alternate setup is to place your feet on a curb or a bench and each hand on a cinder block.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoBench\Ledge, Cinder
Aiken LegsDone in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward). Rinse and Repeated as many times as you can.CombinationNo
Air DramaA continuation of the Johnny Drama, adding an Air (Bodyweight) Squat. Begin from a standing position, move hips back and lower the torso to “sit” as deeply as possible while maintaining an upright position, upon returning to a full standing position, execute a calf raise. Can also be done as a negative calf raise by standing on a stair or curb.Single ExerciseXCalf Raise, SquatNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZN8kPqFAKc
Air SquaredAir chair (People’s Chair without the wall) combined with air claps in cadence.Single ExerciseXOverhead clapsNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPDm1ler5lQ
Al GorePretend to hug a tree from the squat position. Hold until the Q says to stop. Sometimes used to wait for all PAX to complete another exercise instead of planking.Single ExerciseXNo
Alabama Ass-Kickersaka Ass-kickers. Down on all fours, kick each leg individually up and back. 4-count on each leg – 1 up, 2 extend, 3 back to up position, 4 down.Single ExerciseXXAlabama Ass-KickersNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Q5oIaSaRo
ALARMA-L-A-R-M. Stand for Arm, Leg, Abs, ‘R’ Exercise, ‘M’ Exercise. An exercise group of movements performed in successive fashion without rest; generally these are performed in multiples (e.g. ALARM 1 = Shoulder Press, Lunge, LBC, Run, Merkin; ALARM 2 = Shoulder Taps, Squat Jumps, Peter Parkers, Ranger Merkins, Makhtar N’Diayes, ALARM 3 = Burpees, Jump Squat, Mountain Climbers, Rockette Hillbillies, Pattycake Merkins)General RoutineXNo
Alarm ClockA good Burpee modification for PAX with shoulder injuries. Instead of dropping face forward for a merkin, you lay down and then get up. You can use your hands (it’s not a Turkish Get Up). Don’t forget the jump at the end.Single ExerciseNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s61-KcIPW24
Albatross WingsBased on Bat Wings, but much worse. A series of arm exercises done In Candance without lowering hands in between. Forward Arm Circles, Backwards Arm Circles, Seal claps, Overhead claps, Moroccan Night Club, Cherry Pickers, Mike Tyson’s, Chinooks, Front Raises, Overhead Press, Albatross (flapping wings), and finish with 45 degree angle hold.CombinationBat WingsNo
All About The BenjaminsThis is OYO and the Q can use the exercises of choice, but the suggested exercises are with a coupon,. 25 Curls for the Girls, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Squats, 25 Walking Lunges back to your coupon, 25 Overhead Press, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Walking Lunges back. Depending on the mood of the Q, he could make the PAX lunge walk with their coupon or not, but at the end that’s 100 reps on the exercises, and 100 lunges. Hence “the Benjamins”General RoutineNo
Alligator MerkinWalking Merkin. Alternate stepping hands forward on successive merkin reps. You know…like an alligator walks, but with merkins.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scdCilYJh-Y
Alphabet (or ABCs)On your 6 – feet elevated like 6-inch hold – spell out the alphabet with your feet. All capital letters preferred.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Alternating Shoulder TapsFrom the Merkin position, alternate touching your left hand to right shoulder and right hand to left shoulder. IC or OYO.Single ExerciseXXNo
Alternating Side SquatsStart with feet together. Step one leg out to the side and do a squat, returning legs together at the top. Repeat on other side. Usually done in slow cadence so 1 rep is a squat on each side.Single ExerciseXSquatNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXLK1_4wCnQ
American HammersSit on your 6. Legs bent in the air (crossing ankles is easier, uncross them for a harder variation). Hold your fist in the other hand and twist your body to touch the ground on one side, then the other. That’s a 2 count move.
A more appropriate name for the former Russian Twist. Rocky did beat the Russian in the movie. Sounds tougher too…
Single ExerciseXNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz5iZOqQslo
AMRAPAs Many Reps As Possible, usually done with a timer or to failure.General RoutineNo
Angle GrinderStarting in plank position angle your body up (pike position) while touching your hand to the opposite knee perform a merkin then touch the other knee and perform another merkin. This exercise is performed 8 count: 1. Touch knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up MerkinSingle ExerciseXXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz9ZiceqSsU
AnnieThis exercise instructs pax on the art of clean floors, be warned some pax may break out in song and dance. Hold plank and rotate one arm in a circular motion while holding plank with the opposite arm. Q makes the call on time or repetitions.Single ExerciseXXNo
Annie MerkinsSimilar to Annie, but with a merkin. Start at high plank position. 1. make a circle with one hand 2. make a circle with other hand 3. down 4. upSingle ExerciseXXMerkin, AnnieNo
Apollo Creed BurpeeRemember the scene from Rocky 3 with Apollo and Rocky doing one-armed push-ups? That’s right, a one-armed Burpee!Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Apolo Anton Oh No!A speed skater movement (full leg kick behind is encouraged) holding a rock and moving it side to side, done in cadence.Single ExerciseXNoCouponhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tFnPeALL4s
Apolo OhnoSpeed Skater style side hopsSingle ExerciseXApolo OhnoNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2RcpcwLZPQ
Apple TurnoverBest done on a parking lot or a set of cones evenly placed in a row. PAX would do a bear crawl for a certain length, 3 Lines in a parking lot or to the first cone. PAX would then flip to the crab walk for a designated length, 3 more lines or to the 2nd cone, Back to the bear crawl for a distance, flip crab walk for a distance etc… Length is determined by the lines in the parking lot or how many cones the Q has. Great for slowing PAX down that likes to run. Q can make it a Hot Apple Turnover by adding Crawl Bear to the mix.CombinationNo
Ascending Curb CrawlLocate PAX on quite curbed street. Starting position Bear Crawl facing opposite curb. BC to other side, turn & place feet on curb to complete one Derkin, crawl back and complete two Derkins, continue to 13. Jack Webb’s promiscuous cousin.CombinationNoCurb
Ascending TesticlesCousin of Balls to the Wall. Start with feet on wall in 15 degree descending Merkin (Derkin) position. Do 10 Derkins then walk feet up wall to 45 degree Derkin position. 10 more Derkins then walk feet up wall to full Balls to the Wall pose. Can add 10 more Derkins here if you’re tough enough. Or hold in BTTW pose.CombinationNoWall
ATMsAll done in order, with no rest, without leaving plank position. Can be scaled using higher reps. 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches In Cadence (4-count), 10 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on 4), 10 fast Merkins. That’s 1 complete round.CombinationNo
Aussie BurpeesA groiner with a small hop. Popularized by the very-soon-to-be-eclipsed May 8, 2018 Guiness World Record holder for the most burpees done in 60 minutes by a female. “According to the folks at Guinness World Records, the start position is with hands and feet on the ground in a plank; all Elizabeth Llorente, 37, had to do when she got to the jump position was remove her hands and feet from the ground. So the personal trainer gives a little froglike hop rather than standing up and doing a full jump with arms to the sky; she also skips the pushup element.” Can be substituted for 10 counts or stargazers when PAX could use a breatherSingle ExerciseXXBurpeeNo
Austin Ass-kickersSame as Alabama Ass Kicker with one exception: if your left leg is extended also extend your right arm (and if your right leg is extended also extend your left arm).Single ExerciseXXAlabama Ass-KickersNo
Australian Mountain ClimberGet into the BTTW position and do a mountain climber, typically in cadence. Aka Aussie Mountain ClimberSingle ExerciseXXMountain ClimberNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBXs9tJ9fyc
Australian Snow AngelsBegin in the prone position like Superman. With arms and legs extended as far and as high as possible begin “Snow Angel” making motion in a 4 count cadence. A real crowd pleaser, especially in the rain.Single ExerciseXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBzU0Hmu3Y4
AYGAll you got. Usually used for routines, runs or instead of moseying.MovementRunNo
B.O.M.B.S.A combination of 5 exercises – Burpees, Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big boy situps and Sqauts. Can be done individually or as a partner exercises (such as Dora). Exact counts are up to the Q. For example, can be 10 each or 5-10-15-20-25.CombinationNo
Back PlankSame as plank except facing upwards with arms behind the body and on heels.Single ExerciseXNo
BackscrachersLay on your back with knees bent, feet on the ground. Alternate touching your left heel and right heel (moving torso and hands, not legs)Single ExerciseNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpjtxe3h4pw
Backwards Lunge4-count cadence exercise. Bring left foot backwards and bend left knee to almost touch the ground. Bring leg back to place and flapjack with the other legSingle ExerciseXLungeNo
Ballerinas – Toe SquatsIn parallel, raise heels off the floor then slowly squat as low as you can (stop before any knee discomfort). With control, straighten the legs all the way back up to standing while balancing on the toes. Can be completed with arms straight out for balance or with hands clasped behind head. Best performed either in a slow cadence or OYO.Single ExerciseXSquatNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDIOcvLeFpg
Balls to the WallAka BTTW. Standing upside down on your hands with your feet above your head facing any type of structure that will support your body. As close to the wall as you can as the name implies.Single ExerciseXNoWallhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OjiaAzDUi0
Baryshnikov SquatsLegs rotated out to the sides, hips opened, heels raised, then squat.Single ExerciseXSquatNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eV69RUrjJE
Baryshnikovs4-count leg exercise, in which you lunge forward (1), hop straight up on opposite leg (2), lunge backward (3) and hop up straight again on opposite leg (4). Typically do set of, say, left-leg Baryshnikovs followed by set of right-leg Baryshnikovs.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Bat WingsProgression of arm exercises that are deceivingly difficult and named after Austin’s bats. Start with 20 x Forward Arm Circles, hold, 20 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold, 20 x seal claps, hold, 20 x overhead claps. Everything is on a 4-count. Remember to enjoy the pain on the faces of your fellow men.CombinationBat WingsNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFF6dKL9MTk
Bataan Death CrawlA combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Bear Crawl. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax Bear Crawl in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line. Continue until all Pax have performed a set of Burpees, until the Q calls it or a certain distance has been reached.CombinationYes
Bataan Death MarchAKA: Burpee Catch Me If You Can Indian Run…A combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Indian Run. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line. Continue until all Pax have performed a set of Burpees or until the Q calls it.CombinationCatch me if you canYes
Bay City ScissorsAlternating scissor kicks done in an 8-count. On your back start with your legs at a 45-degree angle. Alternate legs for a vertical 4-count scissor; 1-right leg up/ left leg down, 2-left leg up/ right leg down, 3-right leg up/ left leg down, 4-left leg up/ right leg down. Counts 5-8 are parallel to the ground; 5- right leg over left leg, 6- left over right, 7-right over left, 8-left over right. That’s ONE. A real crowd pleaser at the end of your AB workout.Single ExerciseXXFlutter KicksNo
Bear BrawlLike a Football sled during two-a-days, Pax 1 assumes the Bear Crawl position while Pax 2 provides resistance to Pax 1’s shoulders and resists their forward progress for a pre-determined distance. Then FlapJack. Another advantage of this exercise is that P2 can provide encouragement/motivation into P1’s ear directly. MumbleChatter rises as resistance increases reciprocally. As developed in F3Nolensville.Single ExerciseXXBear CrawlYes
Bear CrawlWalk on ground with both hands and feet, like a bear.MovementXBear CrawlNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l12vz6FmZtQ
Bear Crawl 360Perform Bear Crawl while rotating 360 degrees the entire time. Can be performed clockwise or counter-clockwise.Single ExerciseXXBear CrawlNo
Bear Crawl BurpeeAs bad as it sounds. After performing the Merkin portion of the Burpee, Bear Crawl forward 4 steps and then jump back up.Single ExerciseXXXBear Crawl, BurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK8W3uccb8c
Bear Crawl Inch WormPAX lines up head to to feet in plank position. The man in the back of the line bear crawls to front of the line and yells front and next man does the same thing until whole PAX has done it.MovementXBear CrawlYes
Bear Crawl Merkin4ct exercise. Start in bear crawl. 3 count crawl with the 4th being the merkin. Hands should be staggered during merkin and if done correctly will result in each hand being staggered forward on opposing reps.Single ExerciseXXXMerkin, Bear CrawlNo
Bear Crawl Ring of FireCombines exercises we have all come to love/hate. Circle up around shovel flag. Begin by bear crawling around in circle until Q says stop. Upon stopping, first Pax completes 10 merkins while other Pax plank, then next pax in line completes 10 merkins while other pax plank. Keep going around until all pax have completed the 10 merkins. The suck factor greatly increases the more pax you have (longer planks). Do as many rounds as time permits, or really until Q is smoked. Best when combined with a mucho chesto variation. 5 rounds of bear crawls in circle formation, 10x each of merkins, diamond merkins, werkins, stagger left merkin, and stagger right merkins. (ie Round 1 bear crawl in circle, Q halt, first pax does 10 merkins, pax plank until all pax have completed 10 merkins….begin bear crawling again for Round 2, Q halt, first pax does 10 diamond merkins, pax plank until all pax have com pleted 10 diamond merkins….etc.)CombinationYes
Bear Crawl SnakeSimilar to Bear Crawl Inch Worm, but adds a weave. PAX line up head to feet in plank position. The man at the back of the line, bear crawls to front of the line, weaving in and out of planking PAX and yells when at front. Next man does the same thing until all PAX have completed. Repeato as necessary.MovementXXBear CrawlYes
BearpeesThe Bearpees are long lost cousins to the Burpeedans and suck equally. Line up across a field or parking lot. OYO 1 Burpee followed up by 4 count bearcrawl forward. Once PAX get to other side, rinse and repeat adding another Burpee, keeping the 1:4 ratio but only increasing the number of Burpees. This is best achieved when going past 4!CombinationNo
Bears & BlocksGet on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block on the grass between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block across the grass passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the field.MovementXXBear CrawlNoCoupon
Bearway to HeavenA Bear Crawl suicide of seven increasing lengths with decreasing burpees at the end of each length. Ideally the lengths and number of burpees should be such that the entire exercise takes the full 8:01 time of “Stairway to Heaven”.CombinationNo
Beep Test/HighlanderPAX run continuously between two points that are 20 meters apart from side to side. The runs are synchronized with a smart phone application that played beeps at set intervals. At the sound of a beep, the PAX run 20 meters before then next beep sounds As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep decreases, forcing the PAX to increase their speed over the course of the test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording. Should the Pax fail to make the 20 meter distance prior to the sounding of the Beep, then the PAX are eliminated from the test. Any eliminated PAX do exercises previously designated by the “Q” until only 1 PAX remains doing the Beep Test.General RoutineXNo
BelchingPax lays flat on then ground in a line, Q says go. Everyone hops up similar to recovering from a burpee, and sprints 5 – 10 steps, then dives down flat on the ground remaining in line. Essentially, you’re advancing the field without the enemy fire being able to smoke you. Go hard, go quick. After getting to your resting place, complete upper, and core routines, then do a different upper, core routine, then belch back to the starting point, mission accomplished. Best on grassy fields in the gloom with some morning dew, some dives have slides, one must reverse low crawl to get back to the line or forward low crawl to advance to the line.General RoutineXYes
Bench PressOn your back. Hold a cinder block close to your chest and push up, extending arms. Bring back down. That’s 1.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Bend Over RowsWith a coupon, bend down at the waist and keeping your back straight. Arm dangling down with the coupon. Bring coupon close to chest and lower it down. Rinse and repeat.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
BerkinsDoing merkins using bricks, best when including squats and jumpups.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoCoupon
Bernie SandersRunning Backwards. For maximum pain run backwards uphill. You’ll find the quads you never had and all the while feeling the BERN.MovementRunNo
Big BangPAX form small circle, everyone in a plank, shoulder-to-shoulder. Place headlamp in the center. Q calls out a number and exercise. For example, “10 burpees,” means PAX stand up in an explosion of energy, run directly away from center of circle 10 yards/paces and do 10 burpees, then run back to the center and plank for the 6. Each PAX must find their own route away from the center of circle. Obstacles–ditches, trees, pits–are encouraged, but next round can’t start until all PAX accounted for. Generally performed in increasing counts (10 paces/reps, 20 paces/reps, 30 paces/reps, 40 paces/reps, 50 paces/reps) representing the ever-expanding universe.General RoutineXXYes
Big Boy Sit-upA.K.A BBSU. A Standard sit up. Starting on your six with legs bent and hands straight behind you touching the groud. First movement is to sit up, without raising your ass off the ground and hands touching feet (or trying to). Second movement is back down. Can be done in cadance (up-down-up-down) or on Q’s call.Single ExerciseXBig BoyNoMary
Big OSit on the very edge of a bench or a wall, feet together. Make big O’s with your feet. Hands out to the side or gripping ledge.Single ExerciseXNoBench\Ledge
Big SexyAny combination of Pickle Pounders, Boss Tweeds and Monkey Humpers. These can be done single count or in cadence, Q’s choice. Best done by a busy road to try and get a driver to honk at you. Disclaimer must always be given before doing this exercise. “You may never look another PAX member in the eye during this exercise.”CombinationNo
Bill MurrayBased on the Cooper/Sheldon Cooper, but without decreasing reps. 10 laps around track: 1 lap, 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 BBSU, and 10 burpees. After the 3rd or 4th round it should feel like you’re in ‘Groundhog Day.’CombinationNo
Billy MadisonInspired by Billy Madison’s journey through back through school, this routine involves a running loop and exercise per grade. For best effects, perform routine on school grounds. Begin with a loop (ideally single-file line leader style) to simulate the grade, followed by an exercise with 12 reps as the exam. This concludes 1st grade. Run the loop again, followed by the 1st grade exercise x 12 reps plus a new exercise x 12 reps. This concludes 2nd grade. Continue with the loop and adding an exercise each time until you’ve completed one loop and exercise combo for each of the 12 grades. Great for mumble chatter and telling of high school victories. Celebrate graduation with snack packs for all!General RoutineXNo
Birth CanalBig Boy Sit-up done with legs open. In the up position go deep and try to touch the ground between your legsSingle ExerciseXBig BoyNo
BizarroBizzaro is Superman’s Doppelganger (aka the “negative Superman”), from DC comics. The exercise involves pulsing in and out of the Superman position over the lip of a skate bowl/pool (picnic table, ledge, whatever) so that the legs actually go negative.Single ExerciseXSupermanNoBench\Ledgehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zk3-c7wPsI
Black JackSimilar to 11s, but always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK! Pick 2 exercises (for example, Merkins and LBCs) and define a distance (e.g. parking lot or ends of a field). Start with 20 Merkins on one end, run to the other side for 1 LBC. Back for 19 Merkins and other side for 2 LBCs. Continue till 1 and 20. That’s 210 total of each exercise.General RoutineX11sNo
Black SnakeTake an Indian Run, but the last guy has to weave his way through the Pax to the front of the line.MovementXIndian RunYes
BLIMPSA combination of Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks and Squats. Often done as 5 burpees, 10 lunges (each leg)… and 30 Squats, but the exact counts are up to the QCombinationBLIMPSNo
Block WebbsA Jack Webb using a concrete block incline merkin & a block press instead of an air press.CombinationJack WebbsNoCoupon
BlockeeBurpees with cinder blocks. With your cinder block drop down and do a Merkin on the cinder block. Return to the standing position and press the cinder block above your head to complete one rep.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNoCouponhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChWzrJ4BpEQ
BlocktanamoPAX, in a circle, hold standard 8x8x16 concrete blocks straight out in front of them while one PAX sets down his block to run inside the circle pressing down on the others blocks. The next PAX sets his block down as soon as the guy next to him is on the move. Ends when the final PAX completes his lap. Works both clockwise and counterclockwise. A modified version of a PAX favorite, Guantanamo.CombinationGuantanamoYesCoupon
Board of PainA board with a long list of exercises to be done OYO or as a Dora.General RoutineNoBoard of Pain
Boat / CanoeThe Boat position would be while on six with legs pulled up to chest and arms beside body. Canoe is when legs and back are straightened while keeping both off the ground. Q calls out Boat or Canoe.Single ExerciseXNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx5Sr2DaaAQ
Bobby HurleyWhen one does a squat and slaps the ground with both hands like a Duke basketball player, then jumps up and raising arms as if taking a jump shot.Single ExerciseXJump SquatNo
Bodies Hit the FloorThis is done to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool (3:21). Start in plank position. When the song says “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” do a Donkey Kick (26 Total). When the song counts (1, 2, 3, 4) do a Merkin (21 Total). Always plank when not doing Donkey Kicks or Merkins and never let your Bodies Hit The Floor.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04F4xlWSFh0
Body Bag BuildersThis is a 10-count exercise. Perform 8-ct Body Builder but *insert 2-ct (right knee/left knee) Mountain Climber* after 2-ct Plank Jack but before 2-ct Merkin portion…’voila’…”8-ct Body Builder” but worse; hence, the body bag reference.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Body BuildersEssentially this is an 8 count Burpee, with a plank-jack added. (1) Squat down, (2) legs out, (3) down part of Merkin, (4) up part of Merkin, (5) out part of plank-jack, (6) in part of plank-jack, (7) feet to hands, and (8) stand up. Extra credit (and why wouldn’t we?) is to jump and clap overhead.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tchbusf8M1k
Bojangles BiscuitOn a typical 400 meter track, sprint straights and mosey corners, each lap can add 10 blueberries (burpees) if want a blueberry biscuitCombinationNoTrack
Bolt 45sAs in Usain Bolt Olympic runner. The Colt 45s of legs. Begin with 15 squats full standing position down to halfway position and return. Then go from halfway down position to full squat position and return up to halfway position 15x. Finish off with 15 full squats or jump squats.CombinationNo
Bonnie BlairsJumping Lunges. Yes, it’s really that simple.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Boo Boo Bear CrawlSimilar to Bear Crawl but with either leg held off the ground all the time so the back leg has to basically hop forward.MovementXXBear CrawlNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Sz5-Q-V-c
Booyah! Merkin2 pax plank facing each other perform merkin in unison and on up move reach out and tap right hand to partner’s left shoulder, repeat merkin in unison with left hand tap to partner’s shoulder to complete one rep. Each up move accompanied by a spirited BOOYAH!Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
BOPOBurpee, One-Legged Burpee, Plank Jack, One-Legged Burpee (other leg) – call this OYO for 10 reps.CombinationNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mNzUHN4Jos
Bottom FeedersAny set of exercises where the pax travel back and forth and the traveling portion is limited to bear crawls, crab walks or other height-restricted method. (The exercises on either end do not need to be ground-based) – Examples: 7s 11s, 21s, suicides, pyramids, etc…General RoutineNo
Box CutterStarting position is on your six holding feet 6″ above ground. In cadence – 1. bring both legs up, 2. open legs wide (keep them straight!), 3. Bring them down, still separated, 4. Bring back to starting position.
Can also be done in reverse (open, raise, close, lower)
Single ExerciseXNoMary
Box JumpJump up with both feet onto a bench or low wallSingle ExerciseXBox JumpNoBench\Ledge
Breakdancer MerkinBegin in plank and perform the down part of a merkin. On the up, raise the right arm and come into a side plank, kicking your left leg in front of your body. Rotate back to plank and repeat on the other side. Can be done in (slow) cadence: 1) down; 2) right arm up, left leg through; 3) down; 4) left arm up, right leg through.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeP2v2C_oWQ
BrickbarrowIt’s a wheelbarrow with 2 pax except the pax crawling on his hands also has to “walk” with a brick in each hand.MovementXWheelbarrowYesCoupon
BridgeOn your six and propped on your elbows. Bring your hips up and down.Single ExerciseXBridgeNo
Bridge over the NestBoth partners start at the base of a bridge or hill. Partner 1 starts bear crawling over the bridge while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 merkins, and 10 LBCs. Partner 2 then runs to the opposite side of the bridge and then runs back to the bear crawling Partner 1. Partner 2 picks up with the bear crawl while Partner 1 runs to the start to complete the exercises, runs across to the other side, and runs back to Partner 2. Repeato back and forth across the bridge until time runs out or the PAX start a mutiny against the Q for excessive cardio. Swap bear crawls for lunges, crab walks, inch worms, etc. after each round as desired.CombinationYesHill
Bring Sally UpQ plays the song “Flower” by Moby (Gone in 60 seconds soundtrack). Start with your chest on the ground, and enjoy it because your chest shouldn’t touch the ground again until the song is over. When the song says “Bring Sally Up” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican up position, and “Bring Sally Down” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican down position. Pax will hold the down position until the next rep. It’s only 31 little reps in 3:30. Scale this workout to your fitness level: If you are fatigued, modify the ‘mericans by either doing chest to ground at the bottom, or take no shame and use your knees. Here’s a tip to complete it, position hands between shoulders and chest and close to the body, much less stress on the shoulders. This can be modified to about any move; squats, curls, planks or even pull-ups if you are absolutely insane.CombinationMusicalNohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2V9Bu80J4
Broad JumpFrom a standing position simply jump forward as far as you canMovementXNo
Broad Jump BurpeeCombination of burpee with a broad jump forward at end of burpee.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcRrK71KZGc
Broken WheelbarrowSimilar to a wheelbarrow. Partner one walking on ground with hands while partner two is holding only one leg, with the other leg free of held leg. This demands dramatically more core stability. This has been referred to as the Broken Spirit.MovementXWheelbarrowYes
BropeePerforming a burpee with a partner simultaneously so that on your squat jump up you execute a most excellent high ten.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeYes
Bucket BrigadeWorks best with 4 – 8 men. Line up at top of stairs (or large hill). One man on each stair shoulder-to-shoulder. Man on highest stair passes heavy object (i.e. 60lb sandbag, cinderblock, etc) down to next man, who passes it along the line. Once you hand off object, run down stairs to end of the line to receive object again. Once at bottom of stairs, repeat going back up.CombinationYesStairs, Hill, Coupon
Bulgarian ball bustersReverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up. Should be accompanied by a karate sound for maximum effect.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Bulgarian SquatsAKA Bulgarian Split Squats – a version of a single-leg squat where the back leg is elevated such as on a bench or another guy’s backSingle ExerciseXSquatNo
Bunny HumpersThe Bunny Humper is completed by performing a Murder Bunny and while the coupon is between your feet and your hands are still on the coupon, perform a monkey humperSingle ExerciseXXNoCoupon
Burp & GroinLike the Burp & Merk, but do ascending Groiners 1-10 after the merkin part of the burpee.CombinationNo
Burp & MerkBegin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete. Pyramid up to 5 if your a girl or 10 if your a man, pyramid all the way back down to one if your an F3 Man!! Hooah!CombinationNo
Burp Back MountainA punishing full body exercise begins by locating a nice-sized hill. The exercise is then performed by pairing up with one person proceeding to run backward up the hill/forward down the hill 5X while the other person is performing burpees. The individuals continue to alternate running with burpees until 100 total burpees are completed. When finished, pax continue to run hills until entire pax completes.CombinationYesHill
BurpeeA multi-step, full-body exercise in which you move from standing to push-up to squat to jump. Best seen in F3 TV example.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pigxkB5k6io
Burpee DansThis exercise is OYO. Line up across field/parking lot. Perform 1 Burpee : 4 lunges forward until you reach other side of parking lot. Turn around, perform 2 burpees : 4 lunges back to starting position. Rinse and repeat as necessary increasing burpees by 1. Pick up the six or plank until all PAX finish.CombinationNo
Burpee Mile48 burpees, 1 mile run. Done as 12 burpees, run 1/4 mile x 4.CombinationNo
Burp-upsStandard Burpee done (typically under monkey bars) where you do the Burpee, then when you jump you grab the monkey bar and go straight into a pull up. Rinse repeat.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
ButkusConsists of rapid step ups on a curb for at least a minute, then 30 second rest, then another minute, etc. (like a round of boxing…how many rounds the Q wants to bring it)CombinationNoCurb
Butterfly SitupsA BBSU variation where the soles of your feet are touching each other and knees are wide outSingle ExerciseXBig BoyNo
CadenceAka In Cadence. Exercises done on command of the Q, in rhythm. Example is Q shouting “1, 2, 3, 1” as a four-count cadence.General RoutineNo
Calf RaisesBest done on a stair or a curb. PAX may need a pole or handrail for balance. Stand on the ball of your feet and bring your heels up, then back down. Rinse and repeat. Stairs and curb maximize the effect as the heels can go lower.Single ExerciseXCalf RaisesNoStair, Curb
Captain TherkinCaptain Thor modified with 5 merkins between each set. 1:4, 5x merkin, 2:8, 5x merkin, 3:12, 5x merkin, etc.CombinationNo
Captain ThorAn ab exercise done in a 1:4 ratio. 1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers (Russian Twist). Try to get 10:40 before Merlot comes.CombinationNo
CariocaRunning while crossing left foot over right and twisting at the hips, reverse – like the DBs do in the NFL. Often mistaken for Karaoke.MovementXRunNo
Carolina Dry DocksModified push-up. Bend only your elbows, allowing body to drop head toward hands without lowering your six. Also called Stone Mountain in some regionsSingle ExerciseXCarolina Dry DocksNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwJPq0SP9sQ
Catalina Wine MixerStarting in plank position, go down onto each arm into a low plank. Last arm down becomes the first one to go back up into a plank. Then do a merkin. That’s 1. For extra pain start the plank with hands on a bench or low wall.Single ExerciseXNoBench\Ledge
Catch Me If You CanTwo partners. Partner 1 performs 5 Burpees (or 10 Diamond Merkins or X Number of Whatever the Q says), and then sprints to catch the Partner 2, who has been running backwards. Repeato until Q says stop or track lap is complete. Also, instead of running backwards any slow movement will do – bear crawl, lunge walk, rifle carry or farmer carry a heavy coupon, etc.General RoutineXXYes
Catch Us If You CanThree partners. Partner A partner carries Partner B. Partner C performs 5 Burpees (or 10 Diamond Merkins or X Number of Whatever the Q says), and then sprints to catch the pair. Partner C then partner carries Partner A. Partner B performs the called number of the called exercise and then sprints to catch the pair. Partner B then partner carries Partner C. Partner A performs the called number of the called exercise and then sprints to catch the pair. Repeato.General RoutineXXYes
CaterpillarPAX plank in a line, shoulder to shoulder but with 2-3 feet in between. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style. Continue cycling through over a Q-prescribed distance or until toasted.Single ExerciseXXYes
Cherry PickersHold arms wide, palms facing up, thumb and forefinger tapping each other (makes you look like you’re picking cherries of the bush). After the cadence count (1-2-3-4) twitst your hands so that palms are facing down (dropping the cherries to the busket). After the cadence count twist back up and keep alternating up and down.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
Chicken PeckersFeet up on the Wall and hands on the ground. IC lift your hand and touch your opposite shoulder. Basically suckier shoulder taps.Single ExerciseXXNoWall
Chilly JacksA kissing cousin to the Plank Jack. This is a jumping jack while in the low plank positionSingle ExerciseXXPlank JackNo
ChinookOverhead arm circles.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
Chuck Norris MerkinsAKA the “Knerkin”. A tradtional Merkin but performed using the knuckles instead of the open hand.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
ChumbaburpeeTo the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawumba, start with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, “I get knocked down, but i get up again” you do a burpee. While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH. In the end, you will do about 27 burpees. Great for the Warmorama, and to shut down any mumblechatter early in workout, or at any point during the workout.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H5uWRjFsGc
Circle BurpPAX Circle up and start chopping feet or doing high knees. Starting with the Q and going around the circle each PAX, one by one, calls out “down” and everyone drops and does a burpee. The circle burp is complete after each PAX in the circle has called “down”. This is similar to doing Up Downs.CombinationYes
Circle of Pain aka COPA circle formed for group exercises and routines during a workout.General RoutineYes
ClerkinA merkin with a clap, either OYO or with a partner.Single ExerciseXXMerkinNo
Cliff Hanger Arm-upsThink of it as a cliff hanger merkin and step ups getting together and having a baby. Get with a partner and get in cliff hanger position (see cliff hanger merkin) but you want to do it on a bench or picnic table something that has a upper and lower level. Start on lower part of bench or whatever you are using. When Q says go right arm up left arm up right arm down left arm down. You get the picture. Best to do OYO and keep a good grip or this will become a face smasher.Single ExerciseXXYesBench\Ledge
Cliff Hanger MerkinsCliff Hanger Merkins are performed in parking decks all across F3Nation. In order to complete the exercise you will need a partner. P1 will grab ahold of a rail or top of a wall on the perimeter of the parking garage at any level. P2 will hold P1’s legs in the air while P1 completes the required number of Merkins. Nothing more, nothing less. #Disclaimer is always necessary for this exercise.Single ExerciseXMerkinYesWall
CLIMBC = Crab cake…L = Lunge…I = Iron Cross…M = Mountain Climber…B = Burpee. Number each exercise and ladder up through each rotation: round 1= 1C,2L,3I,4M and 5B then 2,4,6,8,10 then 3,6,9,12,15 until exhaustion sets in.CombinationNo
Clock MerkinsFind a hill and line up in plank position at 12 o’clock. 5 Merkins. Move to 3 o’clock, 5 Merkins. Move to 6, 9, or whatever Q calls out and do 5 Merkins in each position.CombinationNoHill
ClowneyNamed after the Univ. of South Carolina football DE standout. A single set is 4 Bonnie Blairs IC followed by 4 Merkins IC. Rinse and repeat for a total 7 sets (per Clowneys’s college jersey number 7).CombinationNo
ClurpeeA burpee, with a clap merkin instead of a regular merkin.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
CoachThe Coach – Partner up into groups of 3. Partner 1 performs a pull up and holds in the up position while partner 2 takes on the role of the Coach. It’s the Coach’s responsibility to encourage P1 to give his best effort, to push through the pain, to do whatever it takes to stay in the up position while P3 sprints around the pickle (parking lot) one time. Upon P3’s arrival P1 comes down from the pull up and gives P2 a high five for being a great coach. P1 will now sprint the pickle while P2, goes up on the bar. P3 is now the coach. This cycle continues until everyone has had a turn at all three positions. Repeat until all pax have lost their voices, arms have fallen off, or the Q is ready to move on.CombinationYesMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Cockroach Resurrection4-count ab exercise done lying down on your six and pulling your knees and arms to your chest, then rapidly extending arms and legs back out, then back in. Preferably done directly after the Dying Cockroach and with at least one extra rep.Single ExerciseNo
Colonel TrautmanPair up and one partner runs 20 yards to the pull up bar and do 3 pull ups while the other partner does either 5 fingertip Merkins or 10 regular Merkins then hold low plank for their partner to tell them to go and do their pull ups. And you do as many sets as you can with in the time frame the Q gives you.CombinationYesMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Colt 4545 Cinder Block Curls. 15 reps go from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point (with your arms at a 90 degree angle and hands at elbow level). 15 reps Go from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl (hands up near shoulder level). 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up.CombinationNoCoupon
Comfy CouchAKA Squatty Potty. Lay a cinder on the ground and sit on it. Lift feet a bit off the ground (to ensure PAX are really sitting on it and not hovering above) and stand up. This is basically a deep sqaut that’s very difficult to cheat on. Rinse and repeat as Q callsSingle ExerciseXSquatNoCoupon
Control Freak MerkinsThe Q has complete control of the merkin. His down and up. This can be as brutal as the Q wants it.Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
Conveyor BeltColumns of 5-6 PAX deep (equal number per team), standing at “stations”. Each station gets an AMRAP exercise, such as Merkins, Squats or Big Boys, except one station (the first or the last) that does a specific number of reps or completes a run and then rotates the PAX between stations.
For example, the PAX at the front run while the other PAX in each column do AMRAPs of something. When the runner returns they go to the end of line to the prescribe ARMRAP for that station and all other PAX moves forward. The PAX that was behind the runner becomes the runner.
Another example – the PAX at the back does 10 Burpees then Bear Crawls forward toward the next PAX and takes over their station. That PAX bear crawls foward and so forth. The PAX who was at the front runs to the back of the line to begin their 10 Burpees.
General RoutineXYes
Cooler / Super Duper CoolerFor the Cooler… start with a side plank, resting on your forearm at 90 degrees. Legs are resting together. The exercise is done in four-count cadence. On 1, the top leg extends upward parallel to the body (as in “right arm high, but it’s your leg”). On 2, you’re back to original position with legs back together. On 3, tuck the top leg toward your chest. There, the need should meet the top hand around shoulder level. On 4, you’re back to original position again. Typically, Q calls out 10 on the right side, then flapjack, and perform 10 on the left. The Super Duper Cooler is the same, except you’re not resting on your forearm… you’re in full extension and supported only by your hand.Single ExerciseXNo
Copperhead LungeIn the same family as the Copperhead Squat, it is a stepped lunge with one leg at a time, go down further each count in a 4 count cadence.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Copperhead SquatRegular squat but lowering body slowly on first 3 counts, then lifting up on 4 count. Good form is keeping hands on back of heads with elbows held back, weight on heels, and back kept straight.Single ExerciseXSquatNoWarmup
Cotton-eyed JoeBest accompanied by playing Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex (3:14).
Start with SSH to music when singing starts. When Banjo solo starts, squat low, then raise and kick leg to the left, squat low, and kick leg to the right. Alternate legs. When music changes and woman sings, switch to merkins.
Rinse & Repeat: Man singing: SSH / Banjo solo: low squat kicks / Woman singing: Merkins
Coyote UglysFind a picnic table and partner up. Starting in a wheel barrow position with partner, PAX will start on the ground and step up to picnic table ‘seat’ with their hands , complete 1 Merkin, step up to top of the ‘table’ , 1 Merkin, step down to the ‘seat’, 1 Merkin, step down to the ground, 1 Merkin. That completes 1 rep. Goal is 5 reps, then switch with Partner.CombinationYes
CPRsCombination of 3 Arm exercises with Cinderblocks. Starting position like doing curls and done all together in a 4-Count cadence: 1 = “C”url, 2 = Overhead “P”ress, 3 = Tricep “R”aise (i.e. extension), 4 = Return to starting position.CombinationNoCoupon
Crab CakesStart from crab walk position, raise right hand and left leg, touch hand to knee. Return to starting position and repeat with opposite hand/leg. In cadence.Single ExerciseXCrab CakeNoMary
Crab JacksJust like plank jacks, but facing the sky. Get into crab walk position, knees bent at 90 degrees and hips towards the sky. Move thighs apart and back together. Decline CJ are when feet are uphill.Single ExerciseXPlank JackNo
Crab vs. Bear SoccerPreferably played on a soccer field with goals, divide into teams, one team has to crab walk while the other has to bear crawl. Once someone scores a goal, then the teams swap roles (bear to crab and crab to bear). Goalies have to plank, and goalies must be swapped out after every goal scored. Play for as long as you want, real men play for at least 20 minutes.CombinationYesGoals
Crab Walk(Aka Jameis Winston in some parts.) Balancing on your hands and feet with your front facing the ceiling and your hips thrust upwards. Walk like a crab.MovementXXNo
Crawl BearSame as Bear Crawl, except backwards. Totally different exercise. Often combined with Bear Crawl, as in, “Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear back.”MovementXXBear CrawlNo
Crawl Bear 360Perform Crawl Bear while rotating 360 degrees the entire time. Can be performed clockwise or counter-clockwise.Single ExerciseXXBear CrawlNo
Crawl, Walk, RunPax meet at the center of a field (soccer or football) and split into groups of 3. From each group one pax runs to one end of the field and begins Bear Crawl toward the center. A second pax from each group runs to the other end of the field and begins Crab Walk toward the center. The third pax of each group runs to one end (doesn’t matter which really) and then proceed to run back and forth between the two PAX who are making their way to the center. When all 3 pax meet, which doesn’t have to be at the very center since it depends on their individual speeds, they shuffle roles and begin again. And then a 3rd time so that each of them will crawl, walk and run once.
Can be done on a long enough hill instead of a field, with bear crawls up and crab walk down, but the Q may find himself excommunicated by other pax.
Creature MerkinsStart in an incline merkin position with feet together on the ground hand up on seat\bench. Using feet as a pivot and keeping your body straight, move your body with your hands to the right then down to the ground to perform a merkin. Then, using hands, bring yourself back up on the seat\bench and over to the left side to perform a merkin. Note: Merkins are done on the ground, not on the bench. Q’s call on how many merkins to perform on each side.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoBench\Ledgehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRiq3cH3tIQ
Crowd PleaserEssentially a Merkin followed by a Groiner, but done as a pyramid. For regular men, going from 1:1 (1 Merkin and 1 Groiner) to 4:4 (4 Merkins followed by 4 Groiners) and back down to 1:1 may be a challenge, but average F3 men should go from 1:1 up to 5:5 and back down to 1:1 to truly enjoy the moment (at total of 25 reps of each). Working up to a 6:6 pyramid is an admirable goal for the Sugar Rays in the PAX… going any higher is not advised unless you have good disability insurance.CombinationNo
Crucible MerkinStart in a wide merkin stance with hands much further out than shoulder-width. Rotate hands 90 degrees outward until they are facing away from the body. Perform a merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwfBMHOD-gM
Crunchy FrogDone in cadence, in a V-like sitting position, first wrap your legs with your arms. Quickly open yourself up by moving your arms out to your sides and extending your legs out in front of you. Bring them back in. Repeato. Video here.Single ExerciseXNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6jHqPGUshM
Cupid ShuffleQ plays Cupid Shuffle (3:52 minute song). Do as they command from Plank Position. Right=Extend right hand like you’re shoving someone to the side; Left=Same with left arm; kick=kick, alternate legs; Do the Walk=Plank Jack; Down=Merkin. EXTRA: Mountain Climbers when not doing movementCombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h24_zoqu4_Q
Curb AlbertPax in push up position alongside curb, and walk hands up and down the the curb as if they are drumming like the legendary Herb Alpert.Single ExerciseXNoCurb
CurlsStand upright (knees should be very slightly bent) holding a coupon close to your chest. Without bending your back, lower your arms all the way down so that coupon is at waist level, then bend elbows and bring it back up toward upper chest. Rinse and repeatSingle ExerciseXNoCoupon
CusakExercises completed while holding/carrying a CMU or block overhead, usually in conjuction with running or walking. A la John Cusak’s character in the popular 1980s movie “Say Anything.”. Sometimes called Rifle CarryGeneral RoutineNoCoupon
Cut A FlipAlternating between 5 Merkins and 5 Big Boy Sit-ups, flipping between the 2 exercises over and over, no rest. Can be performed until a specific number is reached, ex. 100 Merkins and 100 Big Boys; or can be used in an AMRAP scenario that is timed such as 1 Minute or waiting for partner to complete a movement.CombinationNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6M7yhzIM80
Daft PunkLunge exercise performed in cadence with a cadence count that you cycle through three times (12 count move). Also sometimes know as the “around the world lunge” hence the F3 Moniker after Daft Punk’s classic “Around the World.” Right leg lunge forward (step back to center after each) / Right leg lunge sideways / Right leg lunge back / Left leg lunge back / Left leg lunge sideways / Left leg lunge forward. This completes one full Daft Punk.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Dancing BearsHands and feet on the ground, lift left leg and right arm to an uncomfortable height, then back on ground. Lift right leg and left arm to an uncomfortable height, return to the ground. Works great with a 4 count.Single ExerciseXNo
Dancing ChilcuttLow Plank (aka Chilcutt) w/alternating leg lifts in cadence. Great for the back, not so much for the elbows.Single ExerciseXXNo
Daniel-SonKarate Kid crane kick position. Alternate legs in quick succession. “If do right, none can defend.”Single ExerciseXNo
Dark WebbsA series of Webb routines, meaning 1:4 till 10:40 combinations.
-Merkins and air presses (the classic Jack Webb)
-Squats and Lunges (Lt. Dan)
-Big Boy situps and American Hammers (Captain Thor)
-Burpees and SSH (Voldemort)
All done without recovery in between.
Dead LiftSquat done with a coupon held low, so it’s touching the ground on the down position and about waist level at the up position. Keep back straight.Single ExerciseXSquatNoCoupon
Deck of DeathA routine done with a shuffled deck of playing cards. It can either be done with F3’s “official” deck of cards, where every card comes built-in with an exercise or with a regular deck and Q assigns each suite an exercise. For example – Spades, Ace to 10 are Merkins; Clubs Squats; Diamonds BBSU; Hearts Flatter Kicks; All Jacks are 15 Burpees; All Queens are Runs; All Kings are 25 SSH; Jokers – PAX gets to call 25 of something.
For extra suck, surprise the PAX with a deck that contains only faces.
General RoutineNoCards
Deconstructed BurpeesThe perfect exercise, broken down into pieces: Jump Squats, Merkins and Groiners. For example, start with 1 of each then 2 of each all the way to 10 of each. Or – 10 of each and then 10 full Burpees.CombinationNo
Deep Sea DiverHip Slapper variation. Best used on steps. Plank with hands on the ground and feet on first step. Perform a pre-determined number of Hip Slappers. Go slightly back and bring your feet to the second step, repeating the Hip Slapper. Then again. Goal is to do Hip Slappers on the 5th step and then go down the pyramid back to the 1st one. Looks like a deep sea diver swimming down down down.CombinationNoBench\Ledge, Stairs
DerkinDecline merkin. Legs raised or elevated so that the push-up accents the arms.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoBench\Ledge, Stairshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3UWiiUXH1E
Derkin N’DiayesThe other end of the rainbow of the Makhtar N’Diayes movements: From Derkin position (feet up), a 6-count exercise in which you put each foot to the ground and back into regular Derkin position, and then complete a Derkin. Increase the incline to really burn your core.Single ExerciseXNoBench\Ledge, Stairs
Diamond MerkinsMerkin while positioning both hands directly beneath head with thumbs and forefingers touching forming what might look like a diamond between your hands.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPQ77OizZoA
DipsDone on elevated survace such as benches, low walls, or even curbs. Whille in facing upward with hands on surface and legs laying on heels, lower body to work back of arms, shoulders and core.Single ExerciseXDipsNoBench\Ledge
Dirty HandshakePlank near a bench, low wall or steps. 4 count movement in which you’re bringing your right hand up, then your left hand up (you should be in Erkin position) and now bring your hands back down one by one. That’s ‘1’.Single ExerciseXDirty HandshakeNoBench\Ledge
Dirty HarryCrab walk forwards or backwards. Every time a step is taken, stepping leg is extended parallel to ground before being placed back on ground. Best if done over a long distance.MovementXXCrab WalkNo
Dirty HookupPerformed as 4 count exercise. Pax plank up, facing a wall with eyes on wall. “1” Right hand raised to press against the wall, “2” Left hand raised to the wall (now in horizontal plank), “3” Right hand down to ground, “4” Left hand down (back to plank position). AKA London Bridge.Single ExerciseXDirty HandshakeNoWall
Dirty Man MakerWith a ruck, perform a man maker. Burpee with squat thruster. Except at bottom, 3 hand release merkins, at the top, 3 squat thrusters. Do not warn PAX you plan to do these, as they may incite a mutiny.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNoCoupon
DirtyMacDeuce4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 4-count reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. After each set of three exercises, you run a lap of a track or whatever else is handy (parking lot, etc.)General RoutineNo
Dive BombersStart at a Downward Dog position (similar to Carolina Dry Dock) and in a smooth movement go down and bring your head forward and up, to an Upward Dog position (your hands, which didn’t move, are now at your sides). Go back to starting positionSingle ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxRB-bE_d68
DMCBest on a football field but can be done with any designated points or posts. From the goal line Duck walk to the 10 yard line, 5 merkins, reverse bearcrawl back to goal line. Repeat to the 20, 30, 40 and 50 yardlines increasing # of merkins by 5. Duckwalk-Merkin-Reverse Bearcrawl.CombinationNo
Do-ah-diddyForming a single file formation in Indian run fashion, the PAX begins in a forward mosey pace. The Front Man Peels off performing a set amount of pre-determined movement (Squat, Merkin, Burpee, ect.) and Holds Plank until entirety of PAX has passed him, At which point he falls in rank taking the 6 position and announces LOUD & PROUD “6”. Front man on hearing the “6” call then continues the cycle until the Q is satisfied with the distance covered. Q can increase the “6” call from the beginning to shorten the periods between front men dropping. Be sure to not leave anyone behind and always pick up your 6!General RoutineXYes
Dodo birdWith two bricks assume the People’s Chair, brick in each hand and at rest down your sides is the default position. In cadence or OYO, (1) side shoulder raise [arms straight and lifted to the sides to shoulder height], (2) back to default, (3) front shoulder raise [arms straight and lifted in front of you to shoulder height], (4) back to default. After doing these you’ll find out why the Dodo is extinct. First, never flap your wings in front of you. Second, never try to fly while holding bricks. This can be combined with the Wonder Bra to perform the Wonder Dodo. Follow 1, 2, 3 above, then (4) bring arms in to the chest, (5) shoulder press above your head, (6) bring arms back to the chest, (7) front shoulder raise, (8) back to default described above.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
DollyAb exercise done laying on back, legs raised about six inches from ground. Keeping legs parallel to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Donkey Burpee WebbFind a wall. Perform exercise like a Jack Webb but do 1 Burpee to 2 Donkey kicks, if you make it to 10 rounds you are a beast.CombinationNoWall
Donkey Kick-offsBefore the initial circle of pain, find the nearest wall and do 5 donkey kicks. On the 5th donkey kick hold feet to the wall for 5 seconds. Then up the number to 10 donkey kicks and 10 second hold. Continue adding by 5’s until the PAX is dead donkey tired. Great way to start off a workout!CombinationNoWall
Donkey KicksWhile planking near a wall with your feet facing the wall, kick both feet up on wall above your body.Single ExerciseXXNoWall
Dora 1-2-3Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals, usually of 100, 200, and 300 reps. Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 runs a pre-defined distance. Flapjack until team goal is reached. A common Dora would be 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats, but the Q can change the numbers, the exercises and even the mode of movement (e.g., PAX 2 Bear crawls a short distance and sprints back).General RoutineXXDoraYes
Dr. WDr. W is a sufferable 8-count ab exercise that combines Dolly, Rosalita, and the W; often within the 6MOM. Always a #CrowdPleaser. 1 is legs apart like a Low Dolly, 2 is legs together, 3 is raise the legs to Rosalita position (45-60 degrees-ish), 4 is spread ‘em, 5 is The W (hands together and stretching forward between your legs), 6 is the return to your back (legs still up), 7 is legs together, 8 is legs down. 5-8 Dr. W’s is a good start to get the pax coordinated with the counting. 10 is a magic # that most build up to 15 is just dumb and torture #FetalPositionMaker Qtip – We always emphasize that the W is on the 5 count. Kinda breaks down the motions and gives a 2nd starting point.Single ExerciseXNo
Dragon WalkLike the Peter Parker except you are moving forward. Resembles a Komodo Dragon walking.MovementXXXPeter ParkerNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj5BHzR6zUA
Dragon WingA modified Bat Wings where cinder are used in each handCombinationBat WingsNoCoupon
Drill InstructorsOn the Q’s command, rapidly transition through any combination of standing (“On your feet!”), holding 6″ (“On your six!”), high plank (“On your face!”), and Merkins (“Down/Up”). Speed, order, and duration are completely at the Q’s discretion, with the goal being to test the pax’s reaction time and/or keep them in an uncomfortable position (esp. 6 inches or down part of Merkin). Inspired by a certain Marine at the Spring 2016 F3 Mud Run and best executed with a gruff, barking orders style. Example: “On your face! On your six! On your face! On your six! On your feet! On your face! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! [painful delay] Up!”General RoutineYes
Dry Dock CrabsA wrestling drill aka hip heists that needed a cool F3 name. Start in Carolina Dry Dock position, bring left hand and right leg to touch each other (under the body, instead of above as done in normal crab cakes), back to starting position, flapjack. Done in cadence.Single ExerciseXNo
DubyaGrab the bar for a pull up variation. The first ‘up’ is toward your left hand, the second ‘up’ is a regular pull up to the middle, the third ‘up’ is toward your right hand. Your chin traces a Dubya (W), aye?Single ExerciseXPull UpNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Duck and WeavePax line up as if doing an Indian Run, except this offers more pain. The Pax start duck walking and the six runs to the front by weaving in between each Pax member. Then he joins the rest of the Pax duck walking until everyone has weaved to the front at least once or until the Q’s legs burn out.MovementXIndian RunYes
Duck WalkThe duck walk is an exercise done by squatting and walking slowly, while relying on your hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles for support.MovementXNo
DumbeesEvil distant cousin of the classic burpee. Hold a 15 pound dumbbell in each hand while performing the classic burpee. The dumbells serve as bars for deeper merkins at the bottom and the added weight is a shoulder burner at the top. Any more than 15lbs is cruel and unusual punishment. 10 OYO should cause all mumblechatter to cease immediately due to oxygen depravity. If no dumbbells are available, hand sized rocks work well & add a stability factor.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNoCoupon
Dutch SkateHalf way squat with hands behind the back. Jump forward- right (45 degrees) landing on right foot, pull left foot behind right lower leg, Lh shin kisses rh calf. Left foot should not touch the ground. Jump forward-left (45 degrees), land on left foot, pull rh foot behind lh such that chin hits calf. Repeat in cadence, best done in single file. Q provides cadence. Should look like speed skaters on land.Single ExerciseXNo
Dwight HowardStanding facing a wall, jump from rest with both hands and touch as high up on the wall as possible (like Dwight Howard slapping a sticker on the backboard while dunking).Single ExerciseXNoWall
Dying Cockroach4-count ab exercise done lying down that involves touching hand to opposite leg, back down, then other hand to opposite leg. Form can vary wildly.Single ExerciseXNoMary
E2Kaka Pretzel Crunch. On your six. Right ankle over the left knee, bring your left elbow to your right knee. Switch. Aka the oblique crunch if you take the right foot and put that on the ground.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Eagle WingsA modified Bat Wings where bricks are used in each handCombinationBat WingsNo
El CapitanEl Capitan is a deep walking lunge going up a small hill. The lunge has the back leg straight out behind you, your front leg at 90 degrees or less – both hands go fully on the ground in merkin position on the inside of your front leg. Return to a standing position and repeat the lunge until you reach the top of the hill. Named El Capitan because it looks like you are scaling a sheer rock face.MovementXLungeNoHill
Elf on the ShelfThis exercise is done with one concrete block. Start with the block on the ground beside you. Grab the block and lift it from the ground across your body reaching up as high as you can. Like putting it on a shelf. After a set from right to left then do left to right. Named after some Elf on the Shelf mumble chatter at a workout around Christmas time.Single ExerciseXNoCouponhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUpFN7WQMCg
EMOMShort for Every Minute On the Minute. Perform a given set of reps of an exercise in 1 minute. Finish quickly and you get to rest. When a new minute starts, repeat. A crowd pleaser is 10 Burpees EMOM for 10 Minutes (for the total of 100). Q selects the exercise and number of reps. Can even change the timing for shorter or longer intervals.General RoutineEMOMNoTimer
Empty WheelbarrowAn belly up plank walk with someone holding your feet. Essentially a crabwalk with partner holding feet.MovementXWheelbarrowYes
EscalatorA set of exercises, Q’s choice, where the number of reps goes up. For example: 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 ig Boys, 40… 50…General RoutineXNo
EverestFind a set of stairs or a hill. Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat, repeato to top. Works best with many steps or sizable hill.CombinationNoStairs, Hill
Failure to LaunchHold Al Gore while Q counts down from 10. At Lift-Off, explode up into a tuck jump, immediately returning to Al Gore upon landing. Repeat until unable to leave the ground (usually around rep 8 or 9, depending on count speed)CombinationNo
Fairy JackVery quick Side Straddle Hop, where your feet only hit the ground in the middle. Usually done OYO.Single ExerciseSSHNo
Farmer’s CarryPAX holding a coupon in each hand (usually a cinder or a rucksack) and walks forward for a given distanceMovementXNoCoupon
FebrezeOn your six, do 2 Big Boy Situps. Remain upright after last BB and lift feet up 6″. Do 10 Air Presses. Back down for 4 BB followed by 20 Air Presses with legs held 6″. Repeat using increments of 2:10 ratio. (2:10, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40, 10:50, etc…). Named after “The Febreze”CombinationNo
Fiddler CrabPerform a crab walk movement except in a sideways direction.Single ExerciseXCrab WalkNo
Field of DreamsCreated on a baseball diamond, but can be done in a field with cones. Start out by counting off by fours. 1s start at First Base (1st cone) do AMRAP Squats until relieved. 2s at Second Base (2nd cone) do AMRAP Mercans until relieved. 3s at Third Base (3rd cone) do AMRAP LBC’s until relieved. 4s at Home Plate (4th cone) will perform 15 Burpees then run to First, relieving the Pax there. Continue until all Pax have done the Burpees. Q’s choice exact exercises and counts.General RoutineRing of FireYes
Finger-tip MerkinJust like a Merkin or a Knerkin, except you perform these on your finger-tips. Great for grip strength and preparing for obstacle races.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Finkle SwingsMeet the Finkle Swing, named for the infamous kicker “Ray Finkle” it is said that this was the stretch that lost him the big game. Pax swings one leg at a time back and forth to warm up those hips.Single ExerciseXNoWarmup
Fire DrillPAX in a circle, chopping feet or high knees. Each PAX calls out “Fire” all PAX hits the ground rolls right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up chopping. Go around the circle with the “stop, drop and roll” until all PAX have called “Fire”.CombinationYes
Fireman CarryTeam up and try ot match sizes. One partner carries the other on his shoulders (Fireman style) for a certain distance, then switch.MovementXPartner CarryYeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI3I683Z8M0
Flat TirePartner 1 gets into wheelbarrow and takes 4 steps then does 1 derkin, takes 8 steps and does 2 derkins. Continue this 1:4 progression until each partner gets to 40:10, switching partners as needed. This gets it name because, you will look like a wheelbarrow with a flat tire.CombinationYes
Flip FlopsIn basic terms, the PAX will flip a large tire, then drop down for a burpee. If solo, he will rinse and repeat. In a team, the Flip Flop can be performed like a reverse Indian Run: Flip (flip tire), Flop (burpee), then move to the back of the line, with each man taking a turn.Single ExerciseXXXNoTire
Floyd MayweatherFrom a basic plank position, raise one hand off the ground and punch across, behind and under the opposite arm, keeping the core stabilized. Complete in cadence and switch to other arm. Add a small dumbbell or brick for an extra challenge. Can also be completed from a Knerkin Plank position.Single ExerciseXNo
Flutter KicksOn your six with hands under your back. Streight legs starting 6 inch above ground. Alternate raising legs in a scissor-like motion. Try to keep legs streight for good form.Single ExerciseXFlutter KicksNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB3f8Bh__Pg
Flying NunLunge walk with little baby arm circlesMovementXXLungeNo
Flying SquirrelBurpee done where the move from standing to pushup skips the raised push-up position. Usually done with arms and legs spread out like name of exercise.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans)Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans). Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Count in cadence just like sun gods. Forward on one leg, then switch legs and reverse.Single ExerciseXSun GodsNo
Forest to the SeaConducted on any field, parking lot or basketball court that has a halfway point. You bear crawl to the middle and crab walk the rest. The bear represents your forest and the the crab is the sea. You can throw some burpees in at the half way point to help countdown (5,4,3,2,1) and to make the exercise harder. The length is up to the Q.CombinationNo
Four CornersUsually done on a football field or area with four corners. Run to first corner, do 10 reps. Run to 2nd, 10 more reps. Run to 3rd, 10 more. Run back to start, 10 final reps.General RoutineXFour CornersNo
Four Corners EscalatorCombination of Four Corners and an Escalator. Four exercises. 10 reps, run to next corner, 10 reps+20 reps next exercise, run, 10, 20, 30 reps, run, 10, 20, 30, 40 reps, run to start. Can go back down escalator: 40, 30, 20, 10, run, 30, 20, 10, run, 20, 10, run, 10.General RoutineXFour CornersNo
Foxhole2 for 1 value exercise! Its a WWI Sit-up, roll to the side into a Merken. Repeato.Single ExerciseXXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt-DhHojpHU
FrankenSteinlThe Steinl, only the routine is performed while wearing a Ruck sack or vest.CombinationSteinlNoRuck
FrankensteinsStand with Arms straight out. As you walk forward, raise each leg as high as you can toward corresponding arm. Knees slightly bent. Looks like Frankenstein.Single ExerciseXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0ABsSU–DM
Freddie MercuryAka the bicycle sit-up. Alternate extending legs and arms in a bicycling motion during the sit-up.Single ExerciseXFreddy MercuryNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63MXleq8xo4
Frozen FreddiesFreddy Mercury with a hold. On your 6 with legs stretched out in front of you and held above the ground. Quickly bring your right elbow to left knee, hold for 4, then flapjack.Single ExerciseXNo
Gas PumperStart in the LBC position and straighten your legs to the Dolly position and then back to the LBC position. Electric car owners are not exempt.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Get LowPerformed to the song Get Low by DJ Snake, hold the people’s chair while the song says Get Low over and over again. When the Beat Drops do squats up and down in Cadence with the beat. The song will repeat and you can either repeat this or you can drop to a low plank. Hold the low point of a merkin while the song says Get Low for what seems like a ridiculously Long Time. When the Beat Drops do merkins, if you can. Good warm up to a ridiculous songCombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12CeaxLiMgE
Get Lucky or not so muchListen to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and hold plank. Every time they say “up all night to get lucky” do a merkin (or Hand Release Merkin for more luck!). All other “up all night”s do a shoulder tap. Hold plank in between.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NV6Rdv1a3I
Global WarmingPAX in circle of pain. Hold Al Gore while slowly shuffling in a circle. Q shouts out exercise and amount (10 merkins, 20 Bobby Hurleys, 10 burpees, etc.) PAX recover and continue Al Gore shuffle in opposite direction. Rinse, repeat, and continue until Q is smoked.General RoutineXYes
Goblet SquatSquat done with a coupon held under the chinSingle ExerciseXSquatNoCoupon
Gorilla ComplexWith a cinder block or other coupon of Q’s choosing, PAX perform the following OYO without stop: 8 Curls For Girls, 8 High Pulls (bring coupon to chin level in front of you), 8 Overhead Presses, 8 Skull Crushers (Tricep Extensions), then drop coupon for 8 Merkins. Follow this up by a quick mosey for a brief upper body recovery, typically no more than 50 yards. Rinse and Repeat 8 Times.CombinationNoCoupon
Gorilla HumpersLike Monkey Humpers, only bigger! Stand with feet much wider than shoulder width, half-squat performed while grabbing the inside of your ankles. Still gets all of the burn, but it’s significantly different than your normal monkey hump.Single ExerciseXMonkey HumperNo
Grady CornIt is a shoulder warm up that can become a full-on exercise with enough reps. Here is its description: Four-count exercise that begins in a standing position with your arms together, straight out in front of you. Swing your arms back to a “T” formation, then over your head to form a triangle, then back down to a “T”, and then back to the starting position. 25 reps makes for a good shoulder warm up. At 50 reps the mumblechatter starts to dwindle. Groans of pain begin at about rep 75, which should be taken by the Q as encouragement to keep going to 100. In memory of Grady Pitstick, aka “Quikrete”, who passed awaySingle ExerciseXNo
Grave DiggersCoupon exercise. Start standing with feet shoulder width apart and straddling a coupon. Bend over and grab coupon and lift it up and over the right shoulder until the coupon is by your right ear. Then return the coupon between your feet. Repeat on left side. This is easily completed as a 4-count exercise.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Greta 1-2-3Dora’s Icelandic Cousin…she’s frigid. It’s like Dora 1-2-3 but performed with each exercise using a 30lb cinderblock (YHC used Kettle bell swings, squat to overhead press, and block burpees) . Also, while one of the pair is running, the runner is carrying another cinderblock to leave at the top of the run for the other to carry back. All the while the runner has to hurdle over three obstacles (hay bales). It’s terrible and horrible combined.General RoutineXXDoraYesCoupon
GriffRun 800m; Run 400m backwards; Run 800m; Run 400m backwards. Griff is a Crossfit Hero.CombinationNo
GrindersA 3-PAX partner workout. Q chooses 2 exercises (or two sets). 1st PAX from each group does the first exercise. 2nd PAX stands a distance and does the second exercise. 3rd PAX starts from where the 2nd goes to and runs to replace the 1st PAX, taking over that exercise. The 1st PAX runs to replace the 2nd that runs to replace the 3rd. If doing sets you can switch after each round (each PAX went through each section), timed or Dora style (counting reps till a given number).General RoutineYes
GrizzcalatorMerkins Crawls up the stairs: Ascend the stairs one at a time in plank position. Perform a merkin on each stair.CombinationNoStairs
GroinersStarting from a pushup/merkin position, thrust your feet forward, landing outside of each hand. Thrust backwards to original position. Repeato.Single ExerciseXXNo
Ground PounderStarting position – holding large rock up near chest. On 1: Lift Rock over head, On 2: bring rock back to chest, On 3: bring rock down to pound the ground in a deep squat then return to starting position.Single ExerciseXXNoCoupon
Growing PainsAn abs routine that consists of three exercises done with iterations of 30 in cadence or on the Q’s count, each getting more “mature.” Start off with 30 LBCs (preferably 4-count, in cadence), immediately move into 30 Big Boys, then immediately into the Superman position while the Q counts off 30 seconds (can be done in a 4 count with the PAX). Developed for Marvel’s 30th Birthday Q.CombinationNo
GuantanamoPax in a circle on their backs heels up. First pax jumps up and pushes the feet down around the circle fighting to keep legs off the ground. Followed by next pax in line then hit the ground legs up when back to your start position until last man finishes the circle.CombinationGuantanamoYes
GunnersThe PAX completes a set of exercises in succession of the process of the firing of a gun. Hammer, to explosion, to barrel path. PAX lines up in a across an open field on their Six to complete a number of American Hammers and explosive exercise (eg. Burpees, Jump Squats) as set by the Q, followed by AYG Sprint to a point set by the Q. Repeat Exercise pattern again.CombinationNo
Gut BustersEveryone starts in and holds a plank during the Ghostbusters song. Every time they say “Ghost Busters” you complete a burpee. In the “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” sections do plank jacks in rhythm. Bustin’ makes everyone feel good!!!!CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe93CLbHjxQ
GwerkinModified “Squerkin.” Instead of holding partner’s legs at side, hold partner’s feet together in “goblet squat” position, or put partner’s feet on your shoulders. One PAX does a Derkin and then the other does a squat.Single ExerciseXXMerkinYes
Hail MaryPartner up, near picnic table or other such object. First man planking on ground, second man with his legs on first back doing dips with his hands on picnic table. flapjack after each set.Single ExerciseXDipsYes
Hair BurnersTo push weight plates (10s, 25s, 35s or 45s) or a Cinder Block across the ground in a parking lot or around a track for a given time or distance. Can get noisy and may scratch the asphalt, so beware of doing that in middle of a neighborhoodMovementXNoCoupon
Hairy RockettesOften called the alternating toe touch, PAX will start by standing with feet at shoulder width with arms extended out to sides. With a four count cadence, exercise will start by bringing right foot up to left hand for count 1 with leg kept as straight as possible. Return right foot to ground for count 2, followed by left foot to right hand for count 3. Return left foot to ground to complete count.Single ExerciseXNoWarmup
HallelujahsHave hands raised during any or all exercises…(creates a Major Burn..). Good for Hallelujah runs, squats and lunges. Not so great for merkins.General RoutineNo
Hand Release MerkinStart at a regular plank position. Go down all the way (chest on the ground) and slightly lift both hands off the ground, then push yourself back up. Watch your form – don’t arch your back.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Hand Release Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees aka HRPCMBsSame as PCMBs except the Merkins are replaced with Hand Release Merkins. Drop to Plank, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring your right knee in and back, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring your left knee in and back, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring both feet in and jump up = 1 HRPCMB complete. You think PCMBs are bad? Wait until you try these.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Hand Release Release MerkinStart at a regular plank position. Go down all the way (chest on the ground) and slightly lift both hands off the ground, then push yourself back up. At the up position lift one hand up and bring it down. Then repeat the steps, lifting the other arm at the top.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Hands of TimeClose COP with PAX on their 6’s, heads in the center with legs out. (as though forming a clock). Q starts the PAX, legs up at 90 degrees, hands under your rear. One PAX at a time in a wave like motion- Each PAX counts off aloud as they drop and hold 1,2,3, etc around the circle until finished (suggested 60,120,180,240). Drop straightened legs to 10 degrees and hold until a full revolution has been made (as the second hands would move around a clock) then return to 90 degrees and repeat until smoked!CombinationYes
Hanging Toe TouchHanging from monkey bars facing crossways of bars. Normally hanging from a bar in each hand. Swing feet up to touch opposite side of monkey bars.Single ExerciseXNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
HangoversStatic hamstring stretch. While standing, cross one leg over the other and touch your toes (or – hang your hams).Single ExerciseXNoWarmup
Happy JacksDo 5 side straddle hops in cadence then after the 5th one everyone does two jump squats. Like this… Side Straddle Hops IC: One, two, three, ONE! One, two, three, TWO! One, two, three, THREE! One, two, three, FOUR! One, two, three, FIVE! Quickly followed by two jump squats. Repeat 4x or until no one can breathe.CombinationNo
Harley Quinn’sHarley Quinn’s, Margot Robbie’s character in Suicide Squad, are a spin-off of classic suicides and performed on a football field or any field with set distances or cones. Two exercises are needed each round, Exercise A is performed on yardage that starts with odd number and Exercise B on yardage that starts with even number). Rounds consist of PAX starting on the end line, PAX run to the 10yd line, perform 10 reps of Exercise A, run back to baseline, Run to 20yd line and perform 20 reps of Exercise B, run back to baseline, 30yd= 30reps Ex A and so forth. (Yardage marker equals number of reps performed. Can do this down whole field or to set distance and back. (ie. 10,20,30,40,30,20,10) *For full football field, the opposite goal line = 10reps to ensure even count between the two exercises. Exercises can change after complete set is done. (ie. only going 40yd out and back). Harley Quinn’s are best performed with a group!General RoutineXNo
Hatching ButterflyFrom the seated position place the bottom of your feet together as you would do if performing the butterfly stretch. Raise hands directly over your head, lay back as if performing a WWII sit-up and return to the starting position with hands over your head.Single ExerciseXBig BoyNo
Head, Shoulders, Knees & ToesStart with coupon on ground in front of you, feet shoulder width apart. 1) Deadlift coupon to thighs 2) Front Lateral Raise coupon, straight arms 3) Pull coupon, laterally, to chest 4) Press coupon overhead 5) Lower coupon behind your head, elbows pointing up 6) Extend coupon back over your head, keep elbows up 7) Lower coupon to chest 8) Extend coupon out laterally from chest, until arms straight 9) Lower coupon to thighs, arms straight 10) Lower coupon to ground, via reverse deadlift. That’s 1 rep. 15’ll hurt so make’em do 20! Can be done in a group with a 10-count cadence or OYO. The PAX will never listen to the kid’s classic the same again.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Heartbreak 1, 2, 3sHeartbreak 1, 2, 3’s are modified Dora 1, 2, 3’s with a heartbreaking hill in place of the 100 meter sprint–a la the final soul-crushing hill in the Boston Marathon. Hill should be just steep enough that standing at the bottom looking up is enough to induce heartbreak when making that final run to the top. If you live in the flatlands, a very steep bridge abutment works just as well.General RoutineXXDoraYesHill
Heavy FreddiesFreddy Mercuries holding a rock/block 6 inches from the ground.Single ExerciseXXFreddy MercuryNoCoupon
Heels to HeavenA traditional Mary exercise performed on the back. Begin with heels up at 90 degrees. Count cadence lowering the heels down to 6 inches, then thrust them back up to 90 degrees bringing your 6 off the pavement, thus shooting your heels to heaven.Single ExerciseXNoMaryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj-DNK8Lwy0
HillbilliesSimilar to Imperial Walkers but knee comes up to elbow on same side of body as side that knee is raised.Single ExerciseXHillbilliesNoWarmup
Hillbilly SquatsBoth hands behind your head, elbows out. Legs/feet set as in a sumo-squat ready position (feet slightly wider apart and pointed more outward than a normal LSS ready position). Initiate movement with a deep sumo squat, then transition to a hillbilly walker – after you thrust up you lift one knee up and side crunch the same side elbow down to where they both almost or lightly touch. Then place foot back down and straighten up from the side crunch. That’s one rep. Repeat, alternating L-R sides as you go. Could be called Sumo Hillbilly as well.Single ExerciseXHillbilliesNoWarmuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNWUyh-OCQM
Hindenburg BLIMPSModified version of BLIMPS. Done on a field. Perform exercise at corner #1, sprint to corner #2, perform exercise. Sprint to corner #3 perform exercise. Then to corner #4, exercise and then back to corner #1. Plank it up until all have finished. Thats one round. Round 1 – 10 Burpees; Round 2 – 20 Lunges; Round 3 – 30 Imperial Walkers; Round 4- 40 Merkins; Round 5 – 50 Plank Jacks; Round 6 – 60 SquatsCombinationBLIMPSNo
Hip SlapperHands on the ground, feet on the wall, head and justifier facing the wall. Raise one hand and slap same side hip while balancing on other hand. Flapjack.Single ExerciseXXHip SlapperNoWall
Homer to Marge to Mr. BurnsHomer position – laying on your back and holding your feet 6 inches off the ground with your hands under your posterior.
Marge – bring heels up 90 degrees and back down to 6 inch
Mr. Burns – spread hands out to the side, take your legs left and turn your head right then flapjack.
Bring hands back under back to complete 1 set
Single ExerciseXNo
Hot PotatoPair up. Face each other. On your bums and lock ankles. Starting man grabs a paver or sandbag, tosses it over the head of his partner, then stays at 45 degrees. Partner catches the weight, falling to his back, touches the ground over his head with the weight , then performs a sit-up motion, tossing the weight back. Starting man performs the sit-up. Hit potato – get rid of that weight! / Perform for 90 seconds or as long as the Q has gas. Cinder block isn’t recommended.Single ExerciseXXYesSandbag
Howling MonkeysIn a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion (or Gorilla Humper, for the fearless) . The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles! Depending on the number of PAX, two rounds seems to result in Howling Monkeys. This will definitely not be a crowd pleaser, and it might be better to not be seen by light of day in a public space.CombinationYes
HRBsHand-release Burpees, aka Cross-fit Burpee.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
HundredsExcercise position…on your 6. legs straight and at a 45 deg angle off the ground. head and shoulders off ground. arms straight and down by your side with palms facing ground. do quick 6 inch pulses with arms/hands until you reach 100.Single ExerciseXNo
Hurricane HoedownFlutter kick circuit performed in cadence: 7 IC Seated Flutter Kicks with hands raised in Hallelujahs. Move immediately to hands behind you. 7 IC slightly reclined flutterkicks. Move immediately to 7 IC normal flutter kicks. Move immediately to 7 IC LBC Flutter kicks. Rinse and repeat as needed. The real crowd pleaser is to work your way down the cadence ladder 7,6,5…CombinationNo
Hydraulic HumperAdded to a monkey humper or gorilla humper to increase the intensity of the burn in the legs. While at the nadir of the humper go down to the right knee, then the left knee, then back up in reverse, then complete the bumper.Single ExerciseXMonkey HumperNo
Hydraulic SquatBegin by doing a squat, once in the squat position put your right knee on the ground followed by your left knee, next bring your right knee up followed by your left knee then stand up.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
Imperial Squat WalkerCruel cousin of the Imperial Walker. This 4-count exercise starts with hands clasp on head. Count 1 = a squat. Count 2 = stand up and bring one knee up to the opposite elbow. Count 3 = a squat. Count 4 = stand up, other knee to other elbow. Q should be mindful to count at a pace that allows/encourages a nice, deep squat. Rushing the count produces girly squats.Single ExercisexImperial WalkerNoWarmuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCunrlg2YQY
Imperial StormkickersStarts the same with arms behind the head. Bring the knees up and then extend for a front kick and back down. Then the other leg for a predetermined rep count. Basic front kick to be instructed but nothing too technical.Single ExerciseXImperial WalkerWarmuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmCzQAwUXUE
Imperial WalkerStanding, hands on head as if you’re doing a sit-up. Lift your knee to the opposite arm’s elbow. Flapjack.Single ExerciseXImperial WalkerNoWarmup
Inch WormAll PAX line up in a good form plank, inch hands forward as far possible, when you can’t extend any further, inch feet forward until you are back in a standard plank, and repeat until all PAX have moved across field/parking lot.Single ExerciseXXNo
Inch-Worm N’DiayesProceed with a standard inch-worm but when you get completely stretch out in plank, perform a Makhtar N’Diayes before completing the remainder of the inch-worm. It adds a little extra burn to the core and few extra grunts from the pax!Single ExerciseXXXNo
Indian Bear CrawlLine up head to toe in plank, guy at the end bear crawls to the front, then the next guy etc. What makes it different from Bear Crawl Inch Warm is that while waiting PAX are doing Merkins.CombinationYes
Indian Crab WalkWhile lined up on your six, the guy in the back crabwalks to the front, then next guy, etc. Guys on 6 are doing LBCs while waiting.MovementXYes
Indian RunSingle-file line of runners in which the last guy runs to the front. Rinse, repeat. Also known as Swedish Mile, Geese Run.MovementXRunYes
Indian Run 11sStandard Elevens with PAX in Indian run formation. All PAX complete 1st exercise together and then run in formation to perform 2nd excercise at next location approximately 400-500 yards apart.General RoutineXYes
Individual MedleySwimming has the individual medley (IM), swim all 4 strokes in one event. The F3 IM is 4 favorite F3 exercises done for a specific number of reps on a time interval. Exercises are Burpees, Merkins, Flutterkick, SSH. Start with 5 reps of each exercise. 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 2 count flutter kicks, 5 SSH, start a new set every 1:30, add a rep until you get to 10 of each. If you’re fast you get loads of rest. If it takes you 89 seconds to complete the set you have 1 second to recover. When you miss a set, sit that one out and jump in the next number. If the group has beast and beastest pax the beastest guys can start at 8 and go up while the regular beasts of F3 start at 5. Variations, reduce time or go for the highest number you can hold for 10 sets. Swimmers will get this right away…CombinationEMOMNoTimer
Iron CrossOn your 6 with hands spread wide (90 degrees from your body). Lift right leg streight up (90 degrees up), then bring it down and to the left side, keeping it parallel to your left hand. Bring it back up and then to starting position. Repeat with left leg go up and to the right and then back.Single ExerciseXIron CrossNo
Iron SquatSquat thruster but with arm movement. In 4 count cadence or oyo. 1: down squat with arms down. 2: arms raised to parallel. 3: arms down. 4: stand from squat.Single ExerciseXSquatNoWarmup
Island HoppersUtilize three concrete planters or similar. Starting from the ground in a plank position, bear crawl up onto the first planter/”Island” and continue to bear crawl across the wall to the mid-point of the first planter. Stop and do a predetermined number of Merkins. Continue to the next “Island,” and do another set of Merkins. Then proceed to the final “Island,” and do another set of Merkins. These planters are of varying heights and widths making your Merkins vary from diamond to regular while challenging you to stay on the walls. Two PAX can start at the same time, thus making the workout truly intense and challenging. Increase or decrease the level of WO by increasing/decreasing the distance on the initial bear crawl before getting on the “Island” or by increasing/decreasing the number of Merkins done at each “Island.”General RoutineNoWall
Jack Jack WebbsA Jack Webb with a Plank Jack following the Merkin. Example of a 2 count would be DOWN (Merkin), JACK (Plank Jack), “ONE” DOWN (Merkin), JACK (Plank Jack), “TWO”, then onto your knees for the count of shoulder presses or over the head claps (2 COUNT). Ascending count to 10.CombinationJack WebbsNo
Jack WebbsA merkin then 4 air press combination initiated on the Q’s command, with an ascending rep count of each, usually up to 10 merkins and 40 air presses. Can also sub overhead claps for the air presses if you really want some complaining.CombinationJack WebbsNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j5IG0CuzLk
JackAss MerkinPerform a merkin straight into a double-leg donkey kick. Rinse. Repeat.Single ExerciseXXMerkinNoWall
Jacked UpA series of different types of jumping jack exercises performed with a descending count in cadence. . . A typical Jacked Up would go as follows:. SSH x 50 IC. Seal Jacks x 40 IC. Plank Jacks x 30 IC. Smurf Jacks x 20. Chilcut Jacks x10 IC. Alternatively, the Q can keep the count all the same.CombinationNo
JackeesBurpee Variation with SSH at the top instead of just a jumpSingle ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
JackhammerThe starting position is the squat position just above 90 degrees (thighs parallel with ground) while keeping the body quiet, jump as quickly as possible with just using the lower body repeat this as many times in the set time (30 seconds suggested)Single ExerciseXNo
Jacob’s LadderSeven times up the hill, with an increasing number of burpees at the top each trip up.CombinationNoHill
James BondsOn your 6 in seated row position (leaning back with legs about 10 inches off the ground) hold your hands in front of you like your holding a gun. Hold for 10 count and then slowly point your finger gun to the right for 10 count. Swing finger gun all the way to the left for 10 count and then back to the middle for hold as long as you want.Single ExerciseXNo
Jane FondaSide plank, arm extended (on elbow to modify), lift upper leg in Jane Fonda motion, switch sides and repeat. Done in candence… with enthusiasm…Single ExerciseXJane FondaNo
Jerry RiceFind the biggest hill and sprint up!MovementXRunNoHill
Jim BraddockEver see the movie Cinderella Man? This one is named after the heavy weight champion during the Great Depression in the 1930’s who eventually went on to fight in WWII. You start with a WWII sit up, and up top throw a RH hook and a RH uppercut then go back down. Come back up and do the same with the left side. Rinse & repeat to the Q’s desire.Single ExerciseXBig BoyNo
J-LosFrom low-plank position, touch right hip to ground, then back to center. Touch left hip to ground, back to center. Done in four-count cadence.Single ExerciseXNoMary
J-Los wanna beCalled so because the original J-Los description had two options. Starting position on all 4’s (hands & knees) with one knee close to chest. Exercise is done to slowish pace 4-count and then repeated for the other leg. First, extend leg straight out to the rear, parallel to spine; second, swing leg out as wide as possible; third, bring leg back to straight behind, parallel with spine; fourth, bring knee back to chest. Enough of these will have abs & glutes feeling the burn.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Joe DerkJoe Hendricks with Derkins. Crawl Bear an incline and do a Derkin with every step.Single ExerciseXBear CrawlNoStairs, Hill
Joe HendricksBackward bear crawl up an incline–the steeper and longer the better. Named after guy who leads free workouts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver.MovementXXBear CrawlNoStairs, Hill
Joe Louis4 count exercise starting from a boxers stance (dominant hand side foot leading: right-handers lead with right foot). Count 1: Punch with the dominant hand. Count 2: Punch with the non-dominant hand. Count 3: Duck down to just above the waist level as if avoiding a punch. Count 4: Recover to the boxer stance. For extra credit add small coupons in each hand.Single ExerciseXXNo
Johnny CashCircle up in plank position or on your 6 for ab exercises. PAX hold plank/six while one man does reps of exercise (e.g. 10 LBCs). When he finishes the next man does reps until all in circle have done it. “It burns, burns, burns, that Ring of Fire”General RoutineYes
Johnny DramaStand with your toes on a stair. One hand on the handrail to the side. Drop your heels below the stair, and then do a calf raise (Technically a Negative Calf Raise). Johnny Drama wanted Calf implants because his calves were not big enough – get them bigger using this. Will smoke the PAX when multiple sets of 25+ are done in workout and folks start running funny.Single ExerciseXCalf RaiseNoStair
JuggernautOne PAX straps on a ruck (30 or 45 lb.) and carries two kettlebells (each in one hand; 30 or 45 lb.) while doing lunges to and from a certain point and back (typically 50 yards round trip). 30 lb. kettlebells and ruck weight for the regular Juggernaut; 45 lb. kettlebells for Super Juggernaut. Pax can carry kettlebells as farmer carries or lifted above the head for Ultra Juggernaut status.MovementXXLungeNoRuck, Coupon
Jump Over BurpeesPlace a coupon on the ground. Perform a Burpee and then jump over the coupon. Rinse and repeat. Variations include: Cinder is before you and you jump forward above it (turning around afterwards) or Cinder is besides you and you jump sideways (burpee, jump right, burpee, jump left). Also, increase difficulty by having the cinder standing tall instead of laying down.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNoCoupon
Jump Squat HoldsAs a group, perform jump squats counting down from 10 to 1. Then hold an Al Gore counting down from 10 to 1. Repeat starting at 9 then 8, etc… Surprise the group by holding the last Al Gore for 10 seconds. Its sure to bring out the mumbles.CombinationNo
Jump SquatsExactly as it sounds. Go down to a squat and jump up.Single ExerciseXJump SquatNo
Jumping Jack Burpee FlashStart with 10 jumpin jacks (Side Straddle Hops) then quickly follow with 10 burpees. AMRAP. If doing 4 or more sets can break it in half and do 20 LBCs.CombinationNo
Jumping SpiderMerkin with a bounce on the up (getting feet & hands off the ground).Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Kettlebell SwingBest down with a Cinder. With straight arms (elbows locked), start at a wide stance squat position with coupon between legs and the stand up while bringing arms forward (elbows still locked) till coupon is at eye level, then squat back to starting position. Make sure to control the movement of the coupon as it goes down.Single ExerciseXXNoCoupon
Killer BeesThe Killer B’s are Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Burpees. PAX Bear crawl roughly 100ft or distance specified by Q, then Broad jump back to start, every 5 broad jumps, PAX performs 3 Burpees. Specified # of Sets or timed AMRAP works well.CombinationNo
KnalpSame as plank except facing upwards with arms behind the body and on heels. As in the top movement of Pickle Pointer. (Knalp = plank spelled backwards)Single ExerciseXNo
Kraken BurpeeA Burpee that is performed with 3 hand-release Merkins at the bottom… As in “Release the Kraken”. Originated in Lake Wylie (hence the nautical theme), hated by all.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV2FZUY-THE
Ladder JacksTwo jacks each of SSH, Seal Jack, Smurf Jack, Plank jack, and Low Plank jack. Down and back up is one rep.CombinationNo
Laney Lu Plank and MerkFrom your six, get in the V-up (Laney Lu) position….hold 10x IC, then roll right or left to low plank, hold 10x IC, then perform 1x merkin. Thats 1 Laney Lu Plank and Merk. After merkin, back to Laney Lu hold. Repeato 5x for a burn….10x for a man burn. (cred to RepoMan on the Laney Lu, his 2.0 showed him the V-up move).CombinationNo
Lazy DoraA Dora without running. One PAX does the exercise while the other holds a static position – air chair, balls to the wall, 6 inches or low plank. PAX decide how often to switch among themselves. For example, every 25 reps or until failure.General RoutineDoraYesWall
LBCsThe “Little Baby Crunch.” Aka a crunch/sit-up.Single ExerciseXLBCsNoMary
LBFCsAka Little Baby Flutter Crunch. On your 6, feet do flutter kick while upper body does crunch. Ignore number of times your legs move, only count crunches.Single ExerciseXLBCsNoMary
Leg WreckerSplit pax into 2 groups. Separate groups at a distance as determined by Q (20-25 yards is a start). Group 1 does Lt. Dan’s until they reach Group 2. Group 2 holds Al Gore. Upon arrival, Group 1 holds Al Gore while Group 2 Lt. Dan’s back. Rinse and Repeat with Sumo Squats (and/or other leg exercises) instead of Lt. Dan’s.CombinationYes
Lindsays aka FortiesLindsays are a high-rep variation of Elevens. You start with 30 reps of one exercise and 10 reps of another exercise OYO, then subtract 5 reps from the first exercise and add five reps from the second. Repeat OYO until you have 10 reps of the first exercise and 30 reps of the second. The sum must always add up to 40. Example: Lindsays with Dips and Merkins starts you with 30 Dips and 10 Merkins, then 25 Dips and 15 Merkins, then 20 Dips and 20 Merkins, then 15 Dips and 25 Merkins, then 10 Dips and 30 Merkins.General RoutineXNo
Lint RollerShould be done on a field with grass. Lie down with a cinder block next to you. Pass the cinder above you to the other side. Roll over the cinder until you again lie next to it. Rinse and repeat for a pre-defined distanceSingle ExerciseXNoCoupon
Little Merkin BoyPlay the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby. Hold plank and complete one Merkin every time you here “Pa rum pum pum pum”. That is 3 minutes of plank and 21 Merkins. This is a great way to finish a Beatdown during the Christmas season.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio-vc
LL Cool JPax performs Alternating Lunges (R-L), then a standard Burpee & finish with a Jump Squat = LL Cool J. The “Cool” part is the burpee.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
LouganisWith a coupon, hold the coupon overhead at full arm extension and do a big boy sit-up, keeping the coupon overhead during the entire motion. Don’t drop the coupon on your face!Single ExerciseXXBig BoyNoCoupon
Low Country Crap BoilStarting in crab position, grab left foot with right hand and hold (1), while holding foot dip using left arm (2), press back up (3), release back to crab (4). Repeat, alternating left hand grabbing/holding right foot.Single ExerciseXCrab CakeNo
Low High FivesPAX line up in Air Chair position. Last PAX Bear Crawls to the start of the line, giving High Fives along the way. Then the next PAX till everybody got their turn. Add Crawl Bears and side shuffles to make it worseCombinationYes
Low Plank Peter ParkersWhile holding a low plank, alternate bringing each leg up towards your arms (see Peter Parkers).Single ExerciseXXPeter ParkerNo
Lt. Dan (Taylor)Punishing leg exercise that is a cousin (of sorts) to Jack Webb. Named after Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, it combines 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio till 10:40). It will leave the PAX feeling like “they ain’t got no legs”.CombinationLt. DanNo
Lt. DangerLt. Dans plus a merkin. The sequence goes lunge-lunge-squat-merkin.CombinationLt. DanNo
LugeFrom flat on your back, raise both your head and upper back and feet off the ground. From here, bring your knees and chest together, then return to the starting position.Single ExerciseXNo
Lunge4-count cadence exercise. Bring left foot forward and bend right knee to almost touch the ground. Pull back and flapjack with the other legSingle ExerciseXLungeNo
M.C.EscherQ leads the PAX in a run up and down a set of stairs, without caling how many rounds upfront. PAX will feel they are in one of M.C.Escher’s endless flight of stairs paintingsMovementXYesStairs
Makhtar N’DiayesFrom plank position, a 4-count exercise in which you put each elbow to the ground and then back into regular plank. Named for late ’90s Sengalese basketball player at UNC notorious for his elbows. Pronunciation: MAC-tar JIE – rhymes with “sky”.Single ExerciseXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZopmQiM3zI
ManateeWhile in the default Superman position, with left hand twist left and back to grab right foot, return to default, then take right hand and twist right and back to grab left foot. Bend at the knee as needed. A nice stretch on that lower back while working your core. If you were in the water you’d probably look as pretty as a Manatee, sometimes referred to as The Sea Cow.Single ExerciseXNo
MarioDouble Box jumps on picnic tables (or stairs)… Jump to seat, jump to tabletop, stand up, walk down. Named Marios for what we think are obvious reasons.Single ExerciseXBox JumpNoBench\Ledge
MarionettesStarting on your six laying flat. Big Boy Sit Up and touch the ground to the left of your legs then return to starting position laying flat. Big Boy Sit Up and touch the ground between your legs then return to starting position laying flat. Big Boy Sit Up and touch the ground to the right of your legs then return to starting position laying flat. This is a 3 count exercise best done OYO so you can embrace the mumble chatter.Single ExerciseXBig BoyNo
Me Gustan MerkinsDone to the song Me Gustas Tu, by Manu Chao. 1 Merkin every time the song says “Me Gusta” (54 times). Plank in between. The end of the song has about 1.5 minutes of instrumental only, recommended to go down to low plank.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs6Y4kZ8qtw
Mega ManDone to the Mega Man video game theme song, approximately 4 minutes. Routine starts with 4 full squats… on last squat, stay in low squat position drop to hand and then push your self back into squat position (Squat Merkin) x 4. Once squat merkins are completed, from low squat jump up and complete high knee tuck touch jumps x 4 reps. Repeato until song is complete. Everyone knows Mega Man has mad hops!CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhadwBP-_lA&list=PLAs1Kha_R9dLKib2_jC-HrRTH3iRKUbw4
MerkinA push-up, American Military Style. ‘Merica. Keep your back streight and don’t google the word Merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5SAuR5ntvo
Merkin JaxMuch like Captain Thor, this routine follows a 1:4 ratio. Exercises are Merkins and plank Jacks. Routine: 1 Merkin. 4 plank Jacks. 2 Merkins. 8 plank jacks. Up to 5/20 and back down the mountain.CombinationNo
Merkin ManiaDo all exercises without rest OYO: 5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Merkins, 5 Wide Arm Merkins, 5 Crucible Merkins, 5 Staggered Merkins 1 way, 5 Staggered Merkins the other way, 5 Tempo Merkins, 5 Hand Release Merkins.CombinationNo
Merkin MileComplete 100 Merkins over a course of 1 mile run. Can be 10 Merkins every 0.1 mile or 25 Merkins every 0.25 milesCombinationNo
Merkin MountainCoined by F3 Gator of jugtown; start in an incline Merkin at the base of any stadium bleacher. Perform one merkin and climb (preferably bear crawl) until your feet are where your hands started. Perform 2 Merkins and repeat adding one Merkin for every level you go up until you reach the pinnacle.CombinationNoStairs, Bleachers
Merkin RollStart at a regular plank position. Go down like in a regular Merkin, but instead of going immediately up roll to the right and then push yourself up. Repeat with a roll to the left and back to starting position. That’s 1.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Merkin SlidersHigh plank with coupon (cinders are great) laying to your right side. Perform a Merkin. Reach under your body with your left hand and drag the coupon to the opposite side of your body. Flap Jack. Repeato.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoCoupon
Merkin WipesLike a merkin but with a wipe affect while in the down position (not touching ground). Can be done IC. Go down like a normal merkin. While in down position but not touching the ground, touch nose to left hand then touch nose to right hand, return to center position, then back up…that is one. NOTE: hands do not move, take your nose to your hands, thus “wiping” your nose across the ground. Enjoy!Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Mexican Jumping (Bean) Pull-upsPerform squat, jump to the pull up, complete pull up.Single ExerciseXXNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Mickey Mouse MerkinIn plank position, perform Wide Arm Merkin, Diamond Merkin, Wide Arm Merkin, then return to your feet. That’s one. Wide, Diamond, Wide (WDW – like Walt Disney World). That’s the Mickey Mouse connection. Do enough of them and it won’t be the happiest place on Earth…Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Mike TysonPlace your feet against a curb or wall while in a plank position. Contract the legs for a horizontal squat. (1) Extend legs (2) Perform a Merkin (3) Return to starting position (4) or one rep. 10 reps is a nice starter. Also good with 7’s or 11’s on a narrow street. Mike Tyson’s in combination with Bear Crawl’s is a killer.Single ExerciseXXNoCurbhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rXWA2GbtCQ
Mile of 50sAt a standard 400-m track, the PAX jog 50 meters then Sprint 50 meters for 4 laps. This was a favorite training exercise of a former US Olympic 400-meter runner. If a PAX can do it under 6 minutes, they have Olympic potential!CombinationNoTrack
MillenialGoal is a total count of 2000 as a team. The full pax does 100 reps each of a called exercise, then runs a 100m lap back to a point where they gather again for the next called exercise. There will be 10 cycles, which get you to your number. Teamwork matters. The first nine cycles end when the FIRST person gets to 100, which keeps the pax together. The last cycle, which is always burpees, is done together and usually with someone Q-ing or rotating the Q through the 100 burpees. A sample set of cycles: 1) SSH; 2) Lunges; 3) Merkins; 4) LBCs; 5) Mtn. Climbers; 6) Flutters; 7) Arm Raises; 8) Squats; 9) Oblique Crunches – 50 per side; 10) BurpeesGeneral RoutineXYes
Mini ChestoHalf the reps of a Mucho Chesto.CombinationMucho ChestoNo
Mini-Hair BurnersIn regular plank position with weights or coupons close at hand, push weight or coupon forward with one hand across concrete and pull it back in cadence times x reps. Rinse and repeat with the other arm.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Monkey ArmsIn an alternating swinging motion, move one arm at a time up over your head and collapse your hand to the back of your head…like a monkeySingle ExerciseXNoWarmup
Monkey DrillSideways lunge (defensive basketball slide) palms to ground as you extend. Done in two sets, once each direction as part of parking lot fun. Thanks Coach McCoy.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Monkey HumpersA half-squat performed while grabbing the inside of one’s ankles. This restricts movement to a half-squat type exercise but increasing the burn.Single ExerciseXMonkey HumperNoMary
Monkey Humping Goblet SquatWhen you need to go ape…with a kettle bell or cinder, no better way than with the MHGS. Grab your KB ready for a goblet squat, begin going down to the squat position bending knees / pivoting at hips / keeping back straight and hold, keeping KB in hand transition using only knees and hips to pivot your rear out in a monkey humper then return to squat, rise up to finish the squat and count it as 1. Great as a ladder 10 to 1 or 1 to 10 combined with an upper body exercise (like a bicep curl chest press combo).Single ExerciseXSquatNoCoupon
Monkey JumpersStart with a half-squat while grabbing the inside of your ankles. Go down and up then let go of the ankles and jump.Single ExerciseXJump SquatNo
Monkey RollsBreak out into groups of 3 and start from the standing position in a line shoulder to shoulder with 4’ spacing between PAX. The PAX in the center dives to the ground toward the right hands first and finishes with a complete roll. While the first PAX is rolling toward the PAX on the right, the PAX on the right dives hands first over the PAX rolling toward him, finishing by in a complete roll toward the PAX who started on the left. The PAX on the left dives over the PAX rolling toward him and does a complete roll. Once each PAX finishes their complete roll, stand back up and get ready to dive over the next PAX rolling toward you. Repeat to failure or time defined by QCombinationYes
Monkey SquatsA quick shift from a high plank to a low squat and back. Starting position: high plank. Hands should be shoulder width apart. Step 1: Then, jump your feet forward and to the outside of your hands, ending in a low squat position, keeping your butt down as much as possible. Step 2: Push into your hands and jump your legs back into the starting plank position.Single ExerciseXNo
Moon GodsThese are sun god’s southern cousins! Start in side plank on elbow and edge of lower foot. Bring top foot into the air as high as comfortable and move in circular pattern. Switch sides and repeat! Best done on grass and IC.Single ExerciseXNo
Morning CallAll but one PAX get into push-up position and hold the up position while one guy counts off doing 5 pull-ups. Every time a pull-up is called out, the PAX does a merkin. After 5 pull-ups, he joins the PAX and the next guy gets up and calls out his 5 pull-ups. The cycle continues until all have performed 5 pull-ups. No one leaves the push-up position unless it’s his turn to call out pull-ups or until all calls have been made.CombinationYesMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Moroccan NightclubIn standing position, holds arms straight out to the sides at shoulder height, rotate hands from palms up to palms down. Do about 50 in cadence (200 total) for a good shoulder burn.Single ExerciseXNoWarmup
MoseySlow run from one location to another.MovementXRunNo
Mountain Climber Merkin8 count exercise. 4 counts are Mountain Climbers (left-right-left-right), followed by 4 counts Merkins (down-up-down-up)Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ1-3rZ_Vko
Mountain ClimbersDone from push-up position, run in place.Single ExerciseXNo
Mountain GoatsLike Mountain Climbers but with an added goat kick (where both legs leave the ground simultaneously) – exercise is done on a four count … three mountain climbers (1 – 2 – 3) and the 4 is the goat kick. Get those legs up high to 45 degrees! Repeato until you’ve had enough.Single ExerciseXXNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfGdHkPxlxw
Mountain Man PoopersThis legendary exercise created deep in the wilderness of the Smoky Mountains resembles the aftermath of eating a helping of Grandma’s squirrel gravy. This is a 4 Count Exercise often performed during warm-up. Step 1: From a standing position, bend over to touch toes. Step 2: Squat low, put arms straight out front. Step 3: Back to touching toes position from Step 1. Step 4: Stand Up with a single clap. Repeat until effects of squirrel gravy have subsided. Aka Tennessee Rocking ChairSingle ExerciseXNoWarmuphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y3C8oZ8jhI
Mucho ChestoChest blaster exercise intended to build mucho chesto. 10 x Merkin / 10 x Wide Merkin / 10 x Diamonds / 10 Stagger Merkin Left / 10 Stagger Merkin Right. Rinse and repeat for a total 100 Merkins. Time yourself and try to improve for a bonus.CombinationMucho ChestoNo
Mucho Leg-o1) Narrow squat (feet together), 2) regular-stance squat, 3) wide squat, 4) bonnie blair (jumping lunge) with left foot forward, 5) bonnie blair with right foot forward (then back to narrow stance). Repeato until you look like a baby giraffe stumbling across the Savannah.CombinationNo
Murder BunniesPlace a cinder between your feet, squat down and grab with both hands. Left the cinder off the ground and place it somewhat ahead of you, then – without releasing your hold of the coupon – hop forward so that the cinder is again between your feet. Repeat for a number of hops or to complete a given length. Created by F3 Greenwood during IronPax.MovementXNoCouponhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py4ciNE80rQ
Murder HornetTake on the Killer B’s Routine from Iron Pax ’19 but with a cinderblock coupon. Pax line up at the start. Murder Bunny 10 yards then: 10 Man Makers, 10 Lunges w/coupon, 10 BBS w/coupon. Repeat til 30 yard line. Once complete: Bear Crawl + Coupon Drag back to starting line. Rinse and Repeat the whole thing.CombinationNoCinder
Musical DoraMusical Dora is Dora’s fun and sinister sides put together. Partner up just like a Dora. Partner 1 does the selected exercise while partner 2 runs either a hill or circuit and back then flapjack. During this time you have your favorite play list going. All exercises are done for the time period of a song. Sandbags or kettle bells are good here for the exercises. Tailor your playlist and exercises to the length of time you want to take.General RoutineXYes
NEMOsStart on your 6 with a cinder on the ground above your head. First movement is to bring the cinder over your chest and do a chest press. Then put the cinder to your side and roll to an Erkin position (incline merkin), followed by an Erkin. Third movement is to pick up the coupon and do a Shoulder Press. 4th movement is to perform another Erkin, 5th to do another chest Press and finally return to starting position. This is 1. Courtesy of Honker, F3 PoolerSingle ExerciseXNoCoupon
Newton’s CradleJust like your boss’s favorite desk decoration. Get in plank position (with or without coupons) and extend your left arm perpendicular to your body until it is parallel to the ground. Return and repeat with the right arm to complete the four count cadence.Single ExerciseXNo
Ninnie KnockersSitting on picnic table, leaning back on elbows, toes pointed to the floor so that entire body is a straight line. The “1” count is bring knees as close to your chest as you can, “2” is to extend with your toes pointing straight to the floor, “3 and 4” is repeat. In 4-count cadence.Single ExerciseXXNoBench\Ledge
Nipple Scraper MerkinA Merkin performed on the curb (so basically an Erkin). When on the down position twist your torso so that one nipple touches the curb, then the other and then go up.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
No Cheat Superman MerkinHand Release Merkin with 2 modifications – at the bottom it’s not enough to slightly raise your hands. Instead get to a Superman position, with both hands forward and legs stretched and off the ground. Then at the top perform one alternating shoulder tap, one tap each shoulder. That’s one.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
No Mercy MileDone on a standard track, starting at the beginning of a straight stretch. Bear Crawl until you reach the turn (100m), mosey the half circle. Stop for 25 Merkins. Lunge until you reach the turn (100m), mosey the half circle. Do 25 Squats. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.CombinationNoTrack
No SurrenderBegin the no-surrender in the standing position with your hands locked behind your head and elbows pointing outward.4 count: 1.Go down on left knee, then 2. down on the right knee so now you’re on both knees. 3.Then stand back up on left leg then 4. up with the right leg. After half the desired reps, switch the starting leg so that you don’t favor one side.Single ExerciseXNo
No Surrender Fire PlankAll PAX (in a line or in a circle) hold high plank while one PAX performs 5 No Surrenders. When he finishes everyone hold a low plank until the next PAX finishes 5 No Surrenders, then continue to alternate high and low planks till everyone are done.CombinationYes
Nolan RyanStart in a side plank position with your ungrounded arm extended. Complete a punching motion as if someone, namely Robin Ventura, were under your other arm.Single ExerciseXXNo
Noodling for CatfishStart in a plank position on an incline (bench, table, steps) do a merkin but when in down position, hold with one arm while other reaches down under bench, table, steps etc like your feeling for something for 3 seconds and then hand back to bench and finish the merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoBench\Ledge
NoonanRunning up stadium stairs with a ruck on. Any form of weighted ruck or coupon up and down stairs. In Honor of F3 Naperville’s Steve Keough (F3 Noonan) who suddenly passed away while rucking.MovementXRunNoStairs, Coupon
Not-So Lazy BoysOn your six sitting upright with your legs straight out in front of you. Cross your arms and grab your sides, leaning back in your “Lazy Boy” as far as you can without your feet coming off the ground. Hold and engage your core for 10-15 seconds and rotate to your right, dropping your right elbow towards the ground (not letting it touch the ground), back to the middle (hold for 10-15 seconds, core still engaged) and then rotate over to your left, dropping your left elbow towards the ground (not letting it touch the ground). Do this for as long as you’d like..on the Q’s lead and count!Single ExerciseXNo
NutcrackerWith a brick in each hand held overhead, perform a lunge. At the same time, lower the arms and bring the bricks together between the legs. Return to the standing position, raising the bricks back overhead.Single ExerciseXLungeNoCoupon
O.P.P.Partner up. Partner 1 does Overhead Claps while in People’s Chair (O.P.). Meanwhile Partner 2 does a set number of Plank Jacks (P.) Switch. Can do multiple rounds, swapping out the Plank Jacks for Peter Parkers or Parker Peters or any exercise that starts with P.CombinationYes
ObamaIn honor of the 44th POTUS, this traveling exercise consists primarily of a Bear Crawl, but after every 4 hand moves PAX must stop and perform 4 Merkins. (The 4 and 4 for the 44th, in case you needed that explained to you…)CombinationNo
Old Flame Drill (OFD)Find a location that has a wall and some benches. These 4 runner specific excercises done in sequence. Runner’s Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, Bulgarian Split Squats and One-legged Bridges. All excercises done single leg 10 per leg (or more) and then flapjack.CombinationNoWall, Bench\Ledgees, Stairs
Old Town Pain TrainEvery time you hear the train whistle, 10 burpees. Named for the AO in Rock Hill closest to the RR tracks.General RoutineNo
One CallsThis is an 8-count IC exercise developed with a PAX name OneCall to improve Merkin form.
Start in Merkin/Plank position. 1 – Down; 2 – Hand Release; 3 – Up and hold; 4 – Floyd Mayweather Punch Right arm; 5 – Right arm down; 6 – Floyd Mayweather Punch Left arm; 7 – Left arm down; 8 (which would be the PAX count of 1, 2, 3, etc) – Full plank.
Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
One-legged BridgeOn your six and propped on your elbows. Raise one leg up and keep it strait. Bring your hips up and down. After some reps flapjack with the other leg.Single ExerciseXBridgeNo
One-legged BurpeeNot enough exercises start with “O” so… the one-legged burpee is like a regular burpee, but with one leg that stays off the ground through the entire set. Best to do two balanced sets or one split set so you don’t look like a #Yepremian.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
OutlawSitting in the position for flutter kicks, keep your feet together and make a big “O” with them. 10 reps to the right and 10 reps to the left or as many reps as the Q deems necessary.Single ExerciseXNo
OYOOn Your Own, as opposed to together (in cadence). Q calls out an exercise, or a set of, with exact number of reps to complete or based on time.General RoutineNo
Pamela AndersonBurpee with a nipple scraper merkin. Performance in slow motion while in a bathing suit is purely optional!Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
PanseyConduct pull up. While up, lift the legs to the 90 degree position or beyond. lower legs to perpendicular to the ground. Lower body to the down position. Repeat.Single ExerciseXPull UpNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Panther Pound BurpeeIn honor of Carolina’s SB 50 appearance, an integrated football/OCR drill. Begin football ‘chop’ on toes in defensive position until Q yells “Burpee!” Hit the deck for a merkin, roll on the ground right, get up quickly into a jump. Immediately resume football chop as long as Q desires. Alternate direction of roll to remain in fixed position. Extra jump before merkin can be added.CombinationBurpeeNo
Parker PeterA variation of Peter Parker. Start in high plank position and bring knee to opposite elbow, then flapjack.Single ExerciseXXPeter ParkerNoMary
Parking Space TracerFor those participating in an AO with a parking lot, PAX starts at one point on a parking space line. PAX runs/sidesteps/runs backward while tracing the lines on the parking lot. Even better when double sided / open spaces.MovementXRunNo
Partner CarryTeam up and try ot match sizes. One partner carries the other on his back (piggy back style) for a certain distance, then switch.MovementXPartner CarryYes
Partner DerkinMerkin performed with your feet up on your planking partner’s back.Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
Partner Plank CurlsPartner up. One partner gets in plank position. The other partner stands directly behind him and grabs planked partner’s ankles and does bicep curls. Make sure partner in plank position keeps legs together.Single ExerciseXYes
Partner ShrugPartner #1 assumes the plank position. Partner #2 grabs partner #1 by the ankles and commences shoulder shrug exercise using Partner #1 as weight. Flapjack and repeat.Single ExerciseXYeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZh7zkMDXGU
Pass the DutchieBased on the song by Musical Youth. PAX circle up and Q is the only one with a coupon. Q calls an exercise that can be done with and without a coupon. Burpees are obvious. Squats and American Hammers also work. Everyone gets into position. Q calls “down” (if Burpees) or calls candence, 1-2-3-4. Then Q passes the coupon to the PAX on the left. Now it’s that PAX’s turn to call “down” or candence. Continue till everyone had at leasy one turn, depending on the size of the circle. Possibly changing exercises every round.General RoutineYesCoupon
Pattycake MerkinTwo partners face each other in plank position and perform merkin together. On up movement, partners touch right hands in the middle. Repeat merkin and switch hands.Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
Paula AbdulAny set in which you take 2 steps forward and then 1 step back and continue to do so until you reach a defined endpoint. For example: run up 2 ramps of a parking deck, perform an exercise, run down 1 ramp, perform an exercise, continue until you reach the top. Also works well with parking lot lines, speed bumps, light posts, flights of stairs, etc. Note: The original song has 2 steps forward and 2 steps back, but then you don’t get anywhere!General RoutineNo
Peeping LipstickA combination of a Turkish Getup and Star Jump. PAX performs the Turkish Getup and then immediately performs 1 Star Jump. The transition between TG and SJ should be done fluidly. This exercise name comes from the combination of 2 PAX names, “Peeping Tom” (who loves Turkish Getups) and “Lipstick” (who loves Star Jumps), who were once working out together as Co-Qs and decided to combine the two movements. The name Turkish Getup Star Jumps is just way too long to say.Single ExerciseXXNo
People’s Air PressesWhile squatting in the People’s Chair, perform overhead air presses.Single ExerciseXXNo
People’s ChairSitting against a wall with knees bent at a 90-degree angle for a period of time TBD by the workout leader.Single ExerciseXNoWall
People’s Chair ModificationThings to distract your mind while in the Peoples Chair – Overhead presses, holding arms horizontal, left and right punches, left or right leg off the ground, and wall/thigh/chest slaps.General RoutineNoWall
Peter ParkerIn plank position move left knee toward left elbow with foot flared out.. then flapjack. You should look like Spider-Man climbing a wall.Single ExerciseXXPeter ParkerNoMary
Peter Parker MerkinSimilar to Peter Parker, but you perform a merkin while bringing knee to elbowSingle ExerciseXXXPeter Parker, MerkinNo
Peter Parker PeterDone just like a Peter-Parker or Parker-Peter, but you do both on one leg before switching to other leg. On count 1, Right Leg goes up into Peter-Parker, 2 it comes back, then same leg goes into Parker-Peter on 3, then back on the count, then do the same with left leg.Single ExerciseXXXPeter ParkerNoMary
Pickle PointerStating from a crab walk position (hands pushing back away from the ground). Thrust your hips up and down. As with the Pickle Pounder, the Pointer is best performed in front of store windows or in quiet neighborhoods.Single ExerciseXBridgeNo
Pickle PounderBegin in an elbow plank then alternate hip flexion and extension in cadence. Best performed in front of store windows or in quiet neighborhoods.Single ExerciseXNo
PinocchioPax circle up, get on their 6 with heads facing toward the circle, shoulder to shoulder. Q passes out two 40lbs sandbags on opposite sides of circle and instructs the Pax starts passing the bags…Pax reacts gleefully saying, “Is that it?”…then Q institutes a Low Slow Flutter AMRAP, then Freddy Mercury…Pax call Q a liar, just like Pinocchio.CombinationYesCoupon
Pistol SquatsOne legged squats. Extend right leg out front. Lower and keep right leg extended out, then raise back up. Flapjack. Takes balance. Can be done in front of a pole for balance help.Single ExerciseXSquatNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tqKpdY7_vE
PistonStarting in standing position and a Block/Coupon on the ground at your feet, squat and pick up block and return to standing position with it. Then perform a squat and place the block to it’s original position and return to original standing position w/out the block.Single ExerciseXSquatNoCoupon
Plank CompassFrom plank position, Q calls out direction such as 90 degrees right or 180 degrees left. Pax rotates accordingly, walking hand over hand to the location designated by the Q (staying in plank), with toes acting as the center of the compass (stationary), and hands and head moving around the arc of the circle. Mix in Merkins at each stop. Do as many rotations as you like.General RoutineNo
Plank DestroyerAll the fun you can have with a Plank, mashed up into one exercise. Begin in Plank position, perform a Makhtar N’Diaye ending back in Plank position, perform a Merkin, perform alternating Shoulder Taps, perform a Plank Jack. That’s one rep. Ideal entry in a sequence of low-rep exercises.Single ExerciseXXNo
Plank HurdlesDone on a football field. In small groups of 5-6, everyone starts in the plank position in the end zone. 1st man from each group sprints to the 10 and planks, 2nd sprints, hurdles him, planks on the 20, 3rd man hurdles each, planks on the 30, etc. At the end of the group, 1st man sprints, hurdles everyone, etc. Everyone should finish in a plank in the opposite end zone.CombinationYes
Plank JackLike a jumping jack but in a high plank positionSingle ExerciseXPlank JackNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-079mPgNccE
PlankoramaA routine; any kind of plank strung together until TBQ. For example, alternating holding plank with one arm up or one leg up for a few seconds.General RoutineXNo
Plankorama-mamaThis is a series of exercises that alternate between plank position and seated position with no rest between. Ex. Hydraulics x 20 IC/LBCs x 20 IC/Shoulder taps x 20….etc. The name derives from a couple of AOs that have begun to shorten 6 minutes of mary to 6mom and then into momma.General RoutineXNo
Play it CoolThis is meant for those 5:30 AM workouts where there aren’t many cars driving by (but some). Anytime some sees a car drive by, they shout “Play it cool!” and you stop what you’re doing and hold a squat while pretending to read the paper. Once the car leaves, you resume what you were doing.General RoutineNo
Power MerkinSimilar to Partner Derkin – One pax planks and the other planks with feet on the first PAX. The difference is that here the first man is doing the Merkins, with his partner’s legs on his shouldersSingle ExerciseXMerkinYeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq9xWC0-i7c
Press OutHold a coupon close to chest, then extend arms forward parallel to the groundSingle ExerciseXNoCouponhttps://youtu.be/VQOo8itnNrI
Pretzel StickSimilar to the pretzel crunch (aka E2K), but more painful. This time start on your six with legs straight out and cross one foot onto the opposite knee. Upper body same as pretzel crunch. When you lift for the crunch move, raise both upper and lower body so that you are again trying to bring one elbow to the opposite knee. Flapjack and repeato. This one hurts!Single ExerciseXNo
Prime Time MerkinStandard merkin position EXCEPT one leg up, toe off the ground. As PAX are pushing up, switch legs on each rep (in a plyometric fashion). Named after Neon Deion Sanders, and his celebratory shuffle to the end zone on breakaway runs.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Princess Tea PartyPAX grab a partner and form two rows with partners facing each other in plank position. Partners do Pattycake Merkins for set number of reps, followed by a Partner People’s Chair (Back to back wall sit) for set time. Rinse and repeat as necessary.CombinationYes
Prisoner Indian RunStandard Indian Run, but with your hands behind your head and elbows out in the “peacock position”. Great mumble chatter reducer!MovementXRunYes
Prisoner’s SquatBody-weight squat performed with hands on your head or laced behind your head.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
ProtractorWhile on six, Q calls out various angles to hold legs at, such as 10, 30, 45, 90 degrees. Regular way is to hold legs together but Q may call split or 3 dimensional where legs are held at the angle called but apart.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Proud MaryPerformed to “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Perform Big Boy Situps until “Rolling”, switch to Gas Pumps for each “Rolling”, then to Flutter kick after “Rolling”, then back to Gas Pumps during “Rolling”, then back to Big Boy Situps. Repeat til song ends.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfyEpmQM7bw
Pseudo Planche MerkinsStart in standard push-up position turning you hands until your fingers point to the toes. Perform your Merkins.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-SML6xnVkI
Pull-up SquatsDo one pull-up. Drop down, squat once, then repeat. (Thanks Tiny Dancer in Swamp Rabbit.)Single ExerciseXXPull UpNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Pump JackPax pair up and get in plank position. The Q chooses a number of merkins (we use 5) per set. Pax 1 does 5 merkins while pax 2 planks, then switch. Continue alternating merkins and planking until one pax in the pair reaches merkin failure. After failure each pair gets up and lunge walks in circles around the other pax pairs until the last team reaches failure. The pairs must encourage and push each other and then encourage others while lunge walking. Last team to fail wins. Named pump jack because all the pax going up and down during merkins looks like a field full of oil wells with pump jacks, and you are pumped when it is over. Proper merkin form must be used by all. With an uneven number of pax the Q does merkins on his own.CombinationYes
Punch-up MerkinIn typical Merkin postion go down and back up, then punch straight out, to the side, or up (for a real burn) 10 times with right arm. Do another merkin and repeat with left arm. Best done OYO or during a circuit routine.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Pure BURNFace a wall, fence….anything that you can hold onto. Stand on your tip toes and get into a 3/4 of a squat position and hold on for balance. Pulse down 10 times, going from 3/4 of a squat to half a squat and back. then pulse 10 times from half a squat to a full squat. Rinse and repeat until PAX complains… it wont take long.CombinationNoWall
PyramidA single exercise or a combination of exercises done in rounds. Every round the number of reps increases (either of that one exercises or by layering a second and a third). After reaching the highest number of reps the numbers start to go down. For example, Q decides on 5 exercises. Do 10 reps of one and complete a loop. Then do 2 of them, 10 reps each, and complete a loop. Round 5 will include all 5 exercises and a loop. Round 6 goes down to 4. Continue till back to 1 exercise.General RoutineNo
QuadraphiliaFind a steep hill (Hill of pain). Set a timer, i.e. 4 minutes. Run forward down the hill and run backwards up the hill repeato until the timer runs out.MovementXRunNo
Quarter PounderDone on a Football field or a large parking lot. Sprint to the 25 yards and Do 25 merkins, Run backwards to Goal And Sprint to the 50 and do 50 squats, Backwards to Goal Line sprint to the 75 and do 75 Mountain Climbers, Run backwards to the goal line and sprint to the hundred and do 100 SSH. mix and match exercises for the reps. Rinse and repeat for a Double Quarter Pounder.CombinationNo
Quarter Pounder with CheeseA Quarter Punder done with a coupon (cinder, ruck, etc.)CombinationNoCoupon
Racoon CrawlNarrow-grip crawl done along the top of a short wall or stadium bench.Single ExerciseXNoBench\Ledge
Railroad TracksThe twisted sister of the Indian Run. Pax start in single file line. First pax drops to low plank, second pax jumps over first pax runs 5 yards and gets in low plank. Third pax jumps over both pax runs 5 yards and gets in low plank. After all pax have gone, the first pax jumps over all the pax and returns to low plank. This is continued until the destination is reached. The name derived from the pax looking like Railroad ties as you continuously hop over one another.CombinationYes
RampagePerformed at nearest hill or stairs. Starting at top, perform exercise of choice with X amount of reps. Once complete, bear crawl down the hill/stairs. At bottom, perform exercise of choice with X amount of reps. Once complete, crawl bear up the hill/stairs to the top. Down/up = 1 round. No limits on Q’s choice of rounds.General RoutineXNoStairs, hill
Ranger MerkinsMerkin position – however, your hands should be placed back more in line with your rib cage instead of your shoulders.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Rapid Fire Rock SetGrab a coupon. Exercises done in cadence to a predetermined number (15 or 20 is good). No rest between sets. Example is curl, tri extension, overhead press done twice. Can follow press with overhead hold.General RoutineXYesCoupon
Red BarchettaDesigned to get the heart rate up, much like the song by Rush of the same name. To be completed on a football field or an area of similar length: 100 Yard Dash then 100 SSHs, run back to start point to plank/wait for six; 75 yard dash then 75 mountain climbers, run back to start point to plank/wait for six; 50 yard dash then 50 LBCs, run back to start point to plank/wait for six; 25 yard dash then 25 Merkins, run back to start point to plank/wait for six; 10 yard dash then 10 burpees, run back to start point and plank/wait for six.CombinationNo
Red Bull Smurf JackSame as the standard smurf jack, except high-tempo cadence at 2 or 3 times the speed of a normal cadence. Always done in cadence, no less than 20. 20 is challenging, 30 will take your breath away, and 40 would be a very high level of achievement. Heart rate spikes, so be mindful of what the PAX can handle.Single ExerciseXSSHNo
RedrumMurder Bunny up a hill, 10 Blockees at top, Rifle Carry downCombinationNoCinder
Reverse Crunchaka Reverse LBCs. Same position as LBC. Head and back stay on the ground. Bring knees to chest to work lower abs.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Reverse Indian RunPAX in front runs facing forward to ensure safety. Rear PAX, 1 by 1, runs in reverse to front of line. Once in front, lead PAX faces forward. 2nd from front all the way to the back faces rear and continues the run. Repeat until all have completed rotation or for funsies, rinse and repeat.MovementXIndian RunYes
Richard SimmonsSimilar to Jane Fona (lay on your side and bring one leg up and down), but instead of straigt legs your legs should be bent backwards.Single ExerciseXJane FondaNo
Ring of FireIn a large area you have 8-10 different exercise stations set up in a circle. Split groups evenly into each station. Group spends one minute at the station doing the exercise (as many as they can) and then rotate around the circle of fire to the next exercise (All groups rotate at the same time). Go 3 complete rotations around the Circle of Fire. Exercise examples- 1. Burpees 2. Hill Run 3. Box Jump 4. Flutter Kicks 5. Jump Rope 6. Mercins 7. Shuttle Run 8. Squats 9. BBS 10. Lunges.
Possible variation – instead of a 1 minute timer, one groups runs a distance and everyone rotate when they are back.
General RoutineXRing of FireYes
RochamburpeesChoose a partner. Both in chillcut plank position. Play Rochambeau (rock, paper, scissors) while in chillcut. Round 1: loser does 1 Burpee, winner does 1 Merkin. Stay in chillcut and play 10 total rounds, adding an additional Burpee/Merkin every round. EC: every tie, both do a Merkin.CombinationYes
Rock-a-bye BabyPeople’s chair with a rock, block or any other heavy object. Chair position, starting with the heavy object over your head, bring down to chest, push object straight out (chest high) and then left to right (1 each) for russian twist, bring back to starting position over head. Repeat until QIC sees fit.Single ExerciseXNoWall, Coupon
Rockette Dipsaka Russian Dips. Perform dips with alternating leg kick at the nadir of the dip.Single ExerciseXDipsNo
Rockette HillbilliesAs in Hillbillies, bring a knee up to elbow on same side of body (e.g. left knee to left elbow), set the foot down, then follow it by a high kick with the same leg. Repeat with the next leg.Single ExerciseXHillbilliesNoWarmup
Rocks Up – Rocks upOn back with feet flat on ground raise hips so that only feet and shoulders are touching the ground. In unison, raise hips and the rock to overhead position [through tricep extension from ground position to overhead]. All rocks are then lowered back towards ground. Repeat.Single ExerciseXXNoCoupon
Rocky BalboaAKA curb kick or Riverdance. Start near a curb or other raised element, and with a barely rhythmic motion, alternately tap the toe from each foot on the curb. Best in cadence, as in the extensive exercise scene between Rocky and Drago in Rocky IV.Single ExerciseXNoCurb
Rollercoaster TracksPAX plank in a line, shoulder to shoulder but with 2-3 feet in between and alternating high planks and low plank. The PAX in the back crawls under high plank and jumps over low planks, then assumes his position at the end – if he crawled under a high plank then he’ll high plank and if he jumped over a low plank then he low plank. Whenever a planking PAX has some going over him he alternates to a high plank and when someone goes under him he changes to a low plank. As in an Indian run, the last person gets up and makes his way forward alternting crawls and jumps till everyone had their turn or till the Q calls it.CombinationYes
RosalitaAb exercise done laying on back, legs raised to 90 degrees. Keeping legs perpendicular to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Rosalita WipAb exercise from Rosalita position. Legs together at 90°. Cadence count. Out for 1, together for 2, legs down to 6 inches for 3, back to 90° for count. Burns more when done slow.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Route 66Made infamous along Water Oak Road in Charlotte, an exercise in which you start with 1 rep at a predefined stopping point, then add one additional rep at intervals until you hit 11 stops. Example: Route 66 along the light posts starts you with 1 exercise, like a burpee, at the first light pole. Then do 2 at the next, 3 at the third, etc. until you reach 11 light posts / 11 burpees. The sum total of all reps is 66.General RoutineXNo
RoxanneDone while listening to the song Roxanne by the Police. While staying in the plank position for the entire song, a Merkin is done at every “Roxanne” and a Plank Jack at every ‘red light’ sung. Alternatively, while running in place at a high cadence for the entire song, a burpee is done at every “Roxanne.”CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T1c7GkzRQQ
Runner’s SquatA one-legged squat done next to a well. Stand with your right hip touching the wall, bring your right knee up and press your hip to the wall. Perform a one-legged squat with your left foot. By keeping pressure against the wall you are not relying only on the thigh but also on the glute. Q’s call number of reps, then face the other way and repeat with the other leg.Single ExerciseXSquatNoWallhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYBxMNxXIG4
Santa’s LadderPick a spot in the distance. Run from your starting point to that spot and do 10 Burpees. Return to start. Turnaround, run back to your spot, now do 9 Burpees. Continue this running and rep routine, downward counting through to completing 6 burpees. Then, as you hit the 5-1 count reps, do Merkins instead of Burpees. After the entire 10-1 set is over, pause. Make it appear you’re done. Then announce that you’re reversing the order. In this new set, now you start with Merkins as your 10-6 set and finish with Burpees as 5-1.CombinationNo
Scissor LiftsA Merkin done with your hands crossed in front of you. Once fully extended your arms look like the beams of a Scissor Lift when it is fully extended.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Scorpion Dry DockA Carolina Dry Dock with one leg hoisted in the air higher than your 6 (see Carolina Dry Dock).Single ExerciseXCarolina Dry DocksNo
Scout RunSame basic idea as an apache or Indian run. Pax form a line and set a decent to slow pace. The front man takes off forward in a sprint to a self decided time or landmark and then turns around and sprints back to rejoin the pax at the back of the line.MovementXIndian RunYes
Seal JacksSide-straddle hop but with arms in front instead of overhead.Single ExerciseXSSHNo
SheHateMe10 Lunges (each leg), 10 Groiners and 10 Pushups. No rest, as many sets as you can, for as long as the QIC deems necessary.CombinationNo
Shoulder Blaster SpecialSet of shoulder exercises done without rest, in cadence, and reps are at Q’s discretion. Exercises are as follows in this order: Baby Arm Circles, Reverse Baby Arm Circles, Moroccan Night Club, Bent Arm Moroccan Night Club, Chinooks, Shoulder Press, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps, Albatross (wing flaps), Cherry Pickers, and Cherry on Top (Hold at 45 Degree Angle in cadence.CombinationBat WingsNo
Shoulder PressStand upright (knees should be very slightly bent) holding a coupon with both hands close to your chest. Lift both hands straight above your head. Your head should be between you hands and elbows locked. Bring coupon back under your chin. Rinse and repeatSingle ExerciseXNoCoupon
Side to Side MerkinsPlace a Cinder in front of you and plank with right hand on the ground and left hand on the Cinder. In this position do a Merkin, then shift to the other side with your right hand on the cinder and the left on the ground for another merkin. Continue Merkins and changing sides for a given number of reps.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoCoupon
Side-straddle HopsWhat your kids call a Jumping Jack. SSH for shortSingle ExerciseXSSHNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr3c7NEX14Y
Singlet Merkin6-count merkin. 4 counts are a Makhtar N’diaye. The other 2 are a standard merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Six Minutes Of Mary aka 6MOMAn abdominal #Routine of no specific composition as long as it promotes #TBQ (Total Bowel Quiver). Inspired by psycho-killer with the 7-minute ab workout in Something About Mary.General RoutineNo
Six Minutes of UncleA cousin of Six minutes of Mary. A pull up #Routine of no specific composition that like it’s cousin will promote #TBQ. Some goods ones include: pull-ups, chin-ups, Panseys, hanging leg lifts, and Mexican Jumping Beans. By the end of six minutes the PAX will be crying UNCLE to the QIC.General RoutineNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Six PackA Pyramid of pull-ups and Merkins. Start with 1 pull-up and 5 merkins, then 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, 5-1 and then go back down to 1-5.CombinationNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
Sixty Second Arm Circles aka SSACsStart in T Plank with left arm up for a count of 15 IC (no movement). Roll to your 6 for 15 IC LBCs. Roll to a T Plank with right arm up and count 15 IC again. Roll to regular plank for 15 IC Merkins. More than 60 seconds but catchy nameCombinationNo
Skull CrushersTricept extensions. Stand upright (knees should be very slightly bent) holding a coupon with both hands behind your head. Bring coupon over your head and then back down behind. Rinse and Repeat.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Slaughter Starter20 burpees OYO in the AO parking lot before any other exercises or running is completed.CombinationNo
Sleep Walkers 1233 part Routine. Start with 1 Squat, 2 Toe Touches (each leg 1), 3 Lunges. Then increase in the same ratio (2 squats, 4 toe touches, 6 lunges, etc.) upward to 10 squats, or number of your choosing.CombinationNo
Sleeping HillbilliesLay on either your right or left side – do unilateral Hillbillies with one arm and one leg … one hand behind your head and same side knee comes up to elbow. Flapjack.Single ExerciseXHillbilliesNo
Slowjangles BiscuitSimilar to the Bojangles Biscuit, but instead of running around the (biscuit-shaped) circle, lunge around the circle. Throw in some blueberries (burpees) for fun each lap.CombinationNoTrack
SluggerRun DMC’s: Run a series of laps. After the first lap, do 20 Diamond Merkins (D); after the second lap, do 20 Merkins (M); after the third lap do 20 Carolina Dry Docks (C) to complete a round. Rinse and Repeat as desired.CombinationNo
Smurf JacksSide straddle hop performed in the squat position. Can be done in cadence or OYO.Single ExerciseXSSHNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPHGIIjbZK0
SnapshotGrab a sandbag (pavers or other beefy coupon possible, but only with wide separation between pax and done on a forgiving surface). Pax line up shoulder to shoulder with generous spacing between. Squat and shot put the weight with both hands. Broad jump forward. Lunge. Pick up sandbag and repeato for 50-100 yards. / Hit your neighbor with the sandbag? 10 burpees OYO then continue. Hit the Q? 20 burpees OYO. The same with a paver? Dial 911. / Named after a submariner’s “oh, damn!” act of knee-jerk launching a torpedo without looking where it’s going.CombinationNoCoupon
Sneaky GorillaFacing the side, drop to a low squat and put knuckles on ground. Kick one leg out to the side in the direction you will be traveling (you’ll be in a low lateral lunge). Slide across to a lateral lunge with the other leg straight, keeping knuckles on the ground as you slide. Now spin around 180 degrees, kick the new front leg out to a lateral lunge, slide across, spin, etc. The longer the distance to travel, the greater the burn. Resembles a gorilla trying to tip-toe/sneak into a room.Single ExerciseXNo
Snowflake PlankA variation of the high plank. Start in high plank with back straight, but bend knees to 90 degree angle, keeping them as close to the ground as possible without touching the ground. Hold for as long as Q deems necessary. Great for obliques. Named Snowflake, because they’re “special”, and for an M named Snowflake that suggested them.Single ExerciseXXNo
Snowman ShuffleMosey while shaking and extending arms down by your side. Move improves blood flow past unbent elbows. Excellent for recovery between pain stations of repeated arm exercises.MovementXRunNo
SnuffyNamed in honor of our dear Snuffalofagus. While performing a Chinook, the Pax will also simultaneously perform a standing Pickle Pounder (hip thrusters).Single ExerciseXNo
Sobriety StyleDoing an exercise balancing on one foot for the length of the exercise. “Sun gods Sobriety Style” gives a bit more to the exercise. Typically switch feet for reverse exercise.General RoutineNo
SpartanPAX line up and sprint 100 yrds, do 10 merkins at the finish and walk back to the start all together. Q starts each sprint race with a verbal call. Continue until you have done 30 x100 yrd sprints and 10×30 = 300 Merks. PAX will be nursing home walking for several days.CombinationNo
Speed Humpers60 seconds straight of Monkey Humpers, as fast as possible. Preferably done in an area with multiple Speed Humps and with signs pointing out said Speed Humps as this is the perfect place to do them.CombinationNo
Sphinx MerkinStart in a low plank with your elbows on the ground, looking like the Sphinx. Push your self up using your triceps only. Your hands should never leave the ground. The merkin is complete when your elbows are locked. Then return to the starting position with your elbows on the ground once agin not moving your hands and using your triceps.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Spiced Rum SquatRaise one leg and place on a surface 18-24 inches off the ground (e.g., facing a bench). Think Captain Morgan stance; then perform a squat. Alternate between left and right leg being raised.Single ExerciseXSquatNoBench\Ledge
Spiderman CrawlA low crawl similar to the way Spiderman climbs a wall. Think of Peter Parkers meets Bear Crawls.MovementXXBear CrawlNo
Spiderman MerkinStarting position in high plank, bring right knee to right elbow and hold. Perform Q’s desired number of merkins either IC or OYO. Switch to left side and bring left knee to left elbow and hold. Perform Q’s desired number of merkins either IC or OYO.Single ExerciseXXXPeter Parker, MerkinNo
Split JackA jump lunge, not as deep as Bonnie Blair, with one arm (alternating) raisedSingle ExerciseXBonnie BlairNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83cVgok6KrI
SprinklerExtend arms straight out in front of the body. Twist arms to one side of the body while raising and twisting the knee and hip the opposite direction. Can be done IC or OYO. Repeat both sides until the Q halts. Like a pretzel, twisting, sprinkler head thingy. Good back and hip stretch. Sound effects optional.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
SquatA basic exercise. Plant your feet and get your hips down, preferably to knee level. Keep your back streight by looking forward. Don’t bend it.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
Squat PotatoHot potato in squat position. PAX form a circle with everyone facing out. PAX then pass a heavy object around the outside of the circle while in squat position until the Q says halt. Add more objects in depending on the size of the circle.CombinationNoCoupon
Squat ThrustBegin from a standing position. Move hips back and lower the torso to “sit” as deeply as possible while maintaining an upright position. Return to a full standing position while also mimicking arms pressing upward as if to thrust weight over your head.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
Squat Walking RocketteStart in a parallel squat with arms in front and kick your left leg toward your right hand, squat back down, kick your right leg toward your left hand, squat back down and repeat.Single ExerciseXNo
Squeaky Bed DollyLay on your six with legs above ground and open (Dolly position). perform crunch by pushing hands down thru open legs.Single ExerciseXLBCsNo
Squeaky Bed RosalitaLay on your six with legs 90 degrees up and open (Rosalita position). perform crunch by pushing hands down thru open legs.Single ExerciseXLBCsNo
SquerkinTwo man teams. First man in merkin position with second man behind holding first mans legs at his waist. First man does one merkin with his legs elevated. Second man perfroms one squat using the body weight of the first mans legs. Begin again for # of reps called by Q.Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
Stagger MerkinsMerkins but with one arm positioned up and away from the body while the other hand is in its regular position.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
StairBarrowsWheelbarrow position – up one flight of stairs. Space permitting the down partner then does 10 Derkins (partner holding legs). Flap Jack if another flight up. If not same partner return down the stairs and flap jack at bottom for another round.MovementXWheelbarrowYesStairs
Stairway to SevenObvious derivative of the Robert Plant…At a stadium, wide stairwell or amphitheater, start with 1 Burpee at bottom, 1 incline push-up on first step, run to top, 1 squat on top step, then run back down. Repeat 7 times up increasing reps of each exercise by 1 each time, so you finish with 7 burpees, 7 incline push-ups, run to top, 7 squats at top. Other exercises ascending from 1-7 can be added or substituted, such as supine pull-ups if you have the apparatus available, like a stadium railing.General RoutineXNoStairs
Starfish CrunchThe PAX lay spread eagle on their backs, feet just above ground. On count of 1, the PAX crunch at the core bringing the left leg and right arm together, On 2, return to start. On 3, crunch bringing the right leg and left arm together, on 4, return to start. Rinse and repeat many, many times.Single ExerciseXFreddy MercuryNo
SteinlQ leads the following combination: 1) Hold plank for 30 sec 2) Hold slower plank for 30 secs 3) 10 merkins IC 4) Keep left leg on the ground and with the right leg perform a peter parker (knee to elbow), a mountain climber (knee to chest) and a parker peter (knee to opposite elbow). Repeat sequence 10 times IC 5) 10 merkins IC 6) Repeat step 4 but with left leg moving 7) 10 merkins IC. That’s 1 full setCombinationSteinlNo
Step into the CirclePerformed to the song Move by Thousand Foot Krutch, Pax plank up in a circle. Every time the song says move take one plank walk to the left then to the right the next time it says move. Whenever it says Circle the Pax spin in a circle. The progression goes: plank walk right one step, spin in a circle, plank walk left one step. For all the studs out there you can do merkins or plank jacks waiting on the verses, but for most 3 + minutes of plank-walking and spinning in circles is plenty. Great warm-up and will get the sweat dripping and the shoulders burning to start off the workout.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8s5G0nSvco
Step upsOn a low wall, raise each leg one at a time up on the wall. Sometimes the second leg can be brought up to the chest before placing on wall. Often times done in a ladder along with another exercise.Single ExerciseXNoBench\Ledge, Stairs
Sugar CookieWorks best on a baseball field with wet grass and a dirt infield. Do a called number of Supermans while kicking legs in cadence, as though you are swimming in the grass. Sprint to dirt infield and do called hand-release merkins followed by big boys. Rinse and repeat 3 rounds. Replicates a Navy punishment where you have to jump in the ocean followed by exercises on the beach. You get covered by sand and look like a sugar cookie.CombinationNoBaseball field or other area with dirt and wet grass
Suicide LadderA shuttle run with an exercise set after each return to the starting line. After each full shuttle run the exercise count goes up by five reps. Repeat until out of time or until no one can take it anymore.General RoutineXNo
Suicide SquatsDone in a cadence. 1- baby squat, in which pax go down only half way and back up. 2 – regular squat and back up. 3 – deep squat, similar to monkey humper position. 4 – back up. Great towards the end of a warm-up to transition into the meat of the beatdown.Single ExerciseXSquatNoWarmup
SuicidesA series of runs increasing in length. On a parking lot, football field, soccer field or any stretch you can mark distance with cones. Sprint to the first point/cone/line, mosey back to start. Sprint to the second point/cone/line, mosey back to start…General RoutineNo
Suitcase CarryPAX holding a coupon in one hand (usually a cinder or a rucksack) and walks forward for a given distance. Q’s choice if PAX are allowed to alternate hands or not, though modify as necessaryMovementXNoCoupon
Sumo SquatFeet in wide stance (like a sumo wrestler), squat down and touch ground with both hands. For added fun can add sumo sounds and sumo leg lift between each rep. Also done by some groups as a jump squat with the same touch of the ground.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
Sun GodsThis exercise is perhaps common among F3 nation, but is deserving of an actual description other than shoulder rolls or arm circles. Sun Gods is the rotating of shoulders through act of moving outstretched arms (with purpose and intensity) forward or backward in circular motion – Options for little Sun Gods and/or Big Sun Gods for desired effect. **Highly recommended with bricks.Single ExerciseXSun GodsNoWarmup
Super 21Super 21: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 merkins / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps (total of 231 merkins and 231 situps). Insert other exercises in between to allow for recovery (i.e. – Super 21 #1 – #10, Monkey Humpers x 21, Super 21 #11-#13, Mountain Climbers x 21, Super 21 #14-#15, etc.).General RoutineXNo
SupermanLie prone on the ground with arms, legs, and head held up as high as possible. Hold position to tolerance.Single ExerciseXSupermanNo
Superman MerkinPlank starting position. Combine a merkin with the superman move. Go down, superman (release hands, feet and hands up off the ground, move hands from over your head to beside you with arms bent at an angle), hands back under you and push up.Single ExerciseXXMerkin, SupermanNo
Superman Yellow Sun (and Red Sun)While in Superman position, perform sun gods. Yellow sun going forward, red sun going reverse. Usually done in cadence. Best when ground is wet or frozen to ellicit maximum mumble chatter.CombinationNo
SupinesA sit-up executed from flat on your back until touching your toes.Single ExerciseXBig BoyNo
Suzanne SomersOde to the “Thigh Master” infomercial from everyone’s favorite girl on “Three’s Company.” Regular squat but pointing your toes outward. Great exercise for inner thigh. Good form is keeping your stance wide, weight on heels, and back kept straight.Single ExerciseXSquatNo
Sweat AngelsOn your six do a double dolly (arms and legs at 6″ off the ground) like your making a snow angel.Single ExerciseXNo
SwerkinsPushup with feet in in a playground swing. As you complete the pushup, bring your knees into your chest and back out.Single ExerciseXMerkinNoSwingshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHkGVmxX4Ps
Swingset OrangutansJump up and grab the top of the swingset or monkey bars, going sideways and walk your walk hand over hand to the other end.Single ExerciseXNoSwingset or Monkey Bars
SwirleyOne Pax holds the other’s legs while they do push-ups in handstand position (like they are getting a swirly).Single ExerciseXMerkinYes
T PlankA plank with one hand on the ground, streight elbow, and the other hand is in the air. Makes you look like a half standing T. Hold position for some time and switch to the other side.Single ExerciseXNo
TABATAA high intensity timed workout, built on predetermined intervals of work and rest. A classic TABATA is 20 second work and 10 second rest, repeated for several minutes. The Q is free to choose the extact times, as well as integrating several work intervals before a rest is given. The choice of exercises is also Q’s choice.
An example can be: 25 second merkins, 25 seconds LBCs, 25 seconds jump squats, 15 seconds rest. Done 4 times. Then repeat with 3 different exercises.
General RoutineNoTABATA timer required. There are free TABATA timers online, but investing one time in a cheap TABATA app can be useful for saving routines and more options for customization
Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette’s country song hit, “Stand By Your Man” is the inspiration here. Partner up. Q calls two exercises, one done ‘on the ground’ (such as Merkins or LBCs) and the other ‘on your feet’ (such as Squats). Q also calls a number of reps, same both exercises. For example, 100 Merkins and Squats. One PAX does a set of Merkins while the other a set of Squats, then switch. Keeping switching until each PAX did the full count of each exercise.General RoutineXYes
T-BombStart in a crab position, feet together under your 6, hands and feet on the ground. IC feet go: 1) Legs straight, feet together. 2) Legs straight and spread. 3) Feet back together and legs straight. Feet together and back under your 6. Don’t let your 6 touch the ground!Single ExerciseXNoMary
Tempo MerkinMerkin, in cadence, with 3 count down, 1 count up.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Tennessee IditarodLike the Iditarod race only no snow, huskies, or sleds. Wrap a climbing rope around PAX One’s waist. PAX Two holds the rope, like reigns, behind PAX One. PAX Two gives resistance while PAX One pulls “the sled”. Works best with a AYG sprint and maximum resistant.Single ExerciseXYesClimbing Ropes
The Bruce and the CaitThis is a very simple Merkin that adds elements of balance and core. The Bruce start in regular Merican Pose with one leg crossed over the other at the ankle. When you come back up on the Merkin switch legs. The Cait is very similar but you switch at the bottom of the Merkin, and not the top.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
The BUT KISThe name of Rocky’s dog and the exercise is like the Rocky Balboa with toe tapping fast at curbside. You use the curb as a step and alternate stepping as rapid as you are able for one minute, rest one minute, continue one minute. Completed in THREE ROUNDS..(hopefully, without a TKO).CombinationNoCurb
The Cooper1 lap around track. 10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around track. Then 9,9,9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5.CombinationNo
The CycleFrom home plate, bear crawl to 1st base, 3 burpees, crawl bear back to home. From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to 2nd base, 6 burpees, crawl bear back to home. From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to third base, 9 burpees, crawl bear back to home. From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to home plate.CombinationNoBaseball field
The Dab10 burpees per minute for 5 minutes, run 1/4 mile, rinse and repeat x 4.CombinationNo
The Devil’s AnusNamed during Angus’s Q. This is a bear crawl ring of fire variation. All PAX Bear Crawl in a circle. Q is the first to shout ‘down’ and everyone does 3 Merkins then resume Bear Crawl. After the Q the PAX take turn shouting Down, much like in a Burpee circle. The more PAX the longer the Bear Crawl and more Merkins.CombinationYes
The ElwoodLike High Knees or Chopping feet but keep your arms in sync and symmetrical with your feet. Right hand and right knee are up while the left hand and left knee are Down and vice versa. Pax can settle into a steady driving quarter note 4/4 rhythm on this. It’s a great way to bring in the 6 while keeping heart rates elevated.Single ExerciseRunNo
The GrossThe beauty of this is you can crank it up or ratchet it down depending on what kind of pain you want to inflict. Pick 12 exercises, do 12 reps of each. 12×12=144 which is a Gross. Done to highlight the exercises we hate the most – all in one workout. Breeds fantastic mumble chatter.General RoutineNo
The HightowerAs the Nation knows, F3GrandStrand lost Jacob “Hightower” Hancher this past weekend as he was serving as a Myrtle Beach Police Officer. EOW: 10/03/20. We did a full workout to honor him. This is a part of the workout based on a very apropos Bible Verse: Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. So – 5 Exercises – 9 reps each. 1) Burpees 2)Bodybuilders – burpee with Plank jack 3)Triple Merkin Burpees – burpee with 3 hand release merkins 4)Triple Jump Squat Burpees – burpee with 3 jump squats 5)Putting them all together – Triple Merkin Triple Jump Squat Bodybuilders – burpee with 3 hand release merkins, plank jack, and 3 jump squatsCombinationNo
The HodorInspired by Hodor of Game of Thrones and his only purpose in life to carry a crippled boy. With a cinder block held in front of you, squat until the block touches the ground, stand, rotate the block over your head to a triceps extension, squat, stand, rotate the block back in front. That’s 1. Repeat x 30 followed by 1 lap around a 1/4 mile track – with block.CombinationNoCoupon
The Lion KingStart with a coupon tight to your chest. Move into the low squat position and lower the coupon between your knees. Coming up out of the squat raise the coupon high above your head thrusting it upward so that it is weightless for a fraction of second. Think Simba being presented in the Lion King.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
The MurphLT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial CSAUP. 1 mile run, 100 Pull ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats and another mile run. A common variation is to break the Reps to 20 rounds of 5-10-15. The stronger PAX can do all this with a 20lb vest or ruck.CombinationNoMonkey\Pull Up Bars
The Sheldon CooperSame as the Cooper just add big boy sit ups. 1 lap around track. 10 burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins and 10 BBSU. Lap around track. Then 9,9,9,9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5.CombinationNo
The SketchStart face down raised up on hands and feet with knees bent. Pick up opposite hand and foot and pass foot under your body and through until you can touch your butt to the ground and your leg is stretched (about 90 degrees compared to the hand that stayed on the ground), then back to where you started. Repeat on other side. That’s “one”.Single ExerciseXNo
The SwimmerUsing bricks in each hand the PAX performs the freestyle stroke. Not intended to be done in the water.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
The W.A.S.H.50 Werkins (preferably hand-release), 100 American Hammers. 150 Step-Ups, 200 Hip Thrusts (aka Pickle Punders). Done OYO or in pairs (with one partner running – either laps or designated sprints – while the other does exercise, then switch as needed until exercises completed).CombinationYesBench\Ledge
The WolverineA big-boy burpee fit for a super-hero: From standing position, drop to plank, one merkin, left knee tuck to the chest, another merkin, right knee tuck to the chest, yet another merkin, stand, jump, overhead clap. That’s one. Rinse and Repeat. AKA Seal Burpees, Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees and PCMBs.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZEA1iAvINc
Thigh MasterStarting position – In forward lunge with knees slightly bent. Perform standard lunge movement bending with back knee touching ground and then return to starting position. Done in cadence (all with same leg), count 1 down, 2 up, 3 down, 4 up =1. Continue with set # then switch legs and repeat. Can be performed slow (with knee reaching ground) or fast ultimately resulting in excessive “burn” in the thighs.Single ExerciseXLungeNo
Three AmigosThree members of Pax assume air chair position, but back-to-back-to-back, leaning on each other. Hold position as with wall sits, drop lower and hold, or begin to walk as a group in direction of your choosing. Failure to reach destination means all three must do 10 burpees.Single ExerciseXXYes
ThrustersSquat Thrust with an actual coupon.Single ExerciseXXSquatNoCoupon
ThunderstruckQ plays “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. PAX complete 1 standard Merkin for every “thunder!” that is heard in the song. Plank during the rest of the song. Awesome way to end a workout and just make sure any juice that’s left is burned away.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2AC41dglnM
T-MerkinsA variation of Hand Release Merkins. On the down position, instead of just lifting your hand of the ground you stretch your arms to the side, forming a T with the rest of your body. Then bring your hands back and complete the Up portion of the Merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Toe TouchesSimilar to Weed Pickers, but instead of aiming to between your legs you try to touch your toes (left, right, left, right – that’s 1)Single ExerciseXNoWarmup
Tony Hawk BurpeeA normal burpee but when you jump, do a 360 degree spin in the air each time.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Tooth FairyWith feet at the bottom of a staircase (or other steep incline) and hands on the 3rd or 4th step (depending on PAX height and step size). Do an incline merkin and at elbow extension do a little hop with hands and feet up to the next steps (so for example you move from steps 0 & 3 to 1 & 4). The longer the staircase the better the burn. (Name comes from PAX stating “if you don’t do this right you might lose your teeth” and because the hop looks a little fairy-ish).CombinationNoStairs
Top GunPerform 10 reps each of 5 standing coupon exercises (Ex: Curls, Rows, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Squats, Lunges) for 10 minutes. The 5 coupon exercises are repeated for the entire 10 minutes. The Danger Zone happens every minute on the minute when PAX drops coupon and perform 3 Burpees, then pick up where they left off on the coupon exercises. Dial up the suffering by extending the time, increasing the number of burpees, or increasing the reps of exercises. Acapella versions of Kenny Loggins’ classic tune Danger Zone are welcomed.General RoutineXNoCoupon
Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S.Buddy up with one rucksack between each pair. Partner #1 puts on rucksack and starts walking. Partner #2 does first exercise on the list and then chases down Partner #1. When he catches his partner, they swap: Partner #2 takes the rucksack while Partner #1 does the same exercise. Repeat until all exercises have been done 5 times BY EACH partner.. -5 Burpees (50 per pair). -10 Outlaws (100 per pair). -15 Merkins (150 per pair). -20 Big Boy Sit-ups (200 per pair). -25 Squats (250 per pair)CombinationYesRuck
Traveling Side Shuffle HopSSH but keep moving to your left or to your right (instead of staying in place). Shift sides as you go based on Q’s callMovementSSHNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XbT5mFhFCU
Travolta MerkinsPicture Saturday Night Fever while doing Merkins. Start in plank. First move is a Merkin. 2nd move is right arm high. 3rd move is to reach under and across your body as far as you can. 4th move is to reach high again. 5th move is back to the Merkin. Flapjack with the left and then flapjack until you’re sick of singing “staying alive, staying alive”Single ExerciseXXMerkinNo
TravoltasIn the normal right/left arm up plank position, raised arm is lowered and reaches as far as possible underneath and behind your body, and then back up. Think Stayin’ Alive in the side plank position. Extra credit for actually using a pointed finger.Single ExerciseXNo
Triple CheckTeams of three. First man in a peoples chair, second man in front of him in plank, third man sprints 100 yards and back, rinse and repeat times three.CombinationYeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv-saMRTCbY
Triple NickelFind a hill. Start at bottom, run to top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on flat surface with launch point and target point.General RoutineXNo
Tuck JumpJump high and bring your knees close to your chest. Simple.Single ExerciseXNo
Tunnel of LoveWhile Pax plank side by side, one by one someone crawls under the tunnel of planking pax. Best done with a ruck on, in the snow, or anywhere there is accumulated mud.Single ExerciseXXYes
Turk n BurpA Combination Move of a Turkish Get Up and a Burpee: Complete a Turkish Get Up, flipping forward into the squat thrust of the Burpee, push up, complete Burpee with a jump, and come back down to the ground to start your next rep with the Turkish Get Up. I mean, you’ve really just gotta see it and get your own rhythm. Be the ball…Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Turkish Get UpLaying on your back, use only your legs to “get up.”Single ExerciseXNo
Turn and BounceSimilar to Iron Cross, but adding a bounce. Start on your back, arms extended palms up. Twist at torso and bring both legs to the left and bounce in 1-2-3 cadence, returning back to center for the 4 count, this is ONE. Flap-jack and twist torso to the right bounce 1,2,3, then back to center for the 4 count this is TWO.Single ExerciseXIron CrossNo
Twelve Days of ChrismasUsually done near the holiday season, until PAX across region are tired of it. Q selects 12 exercises. First round – 1 rep of first exercise (often a run). Second round – 2 reps of the second exercise and 1 rep of the first. Going all the way to 12th day doing 12 reps of the last exercise, 11, 10, 9…1.General RoutineNo
Twin Tower of TrustEach pax member will hold a brick in each hand (or a two handed cinder block), facing another Pax member ( say there is 20 guys total, 10 line up facing each other maybe 3-4 feet apart). When the Q says exercise, they will hold the bricks straight out eye level “ no touching bricks OR partners bricks”. The person on the end will “bear crawl” (while pushing the cinder or holding the bricks) under everyone holding their bricks (that is where the trust comes in) AND when he gets to the end he will pick a side and hold his bricks up. Then the next guy goes etc. etc. This will continue for 25-50 yards depending on what the Q says.CombinationYesCoupon
Twinkle ToesThis is an Al Gore (holding a squat with your arms & hands out in front of you) while doing calf raises.Single ExerciseXCalf RaisesNo
Two Handed ManmakerDumbell Merkin followed by right arm and left arm rows. Jump feet in then bring the weights up to shoulders while squatting. Similar to a dead lift. When coming out the squat shoulder press at the top.Single ExerciseXBurpeeNoCoupon
UHaulWith a coupon, perform one Press Out (extend arms forward) and one Upper Chest Press (extend arms 45 degrees up).Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
UnderdogA supine pull-up hanging below a swing. Lying horizontally on the ground, arms extended hanging below a swing, lift chest up to the swing (a supine pull-up). Can also be performed on a fence, bench, bars, etc.Single ExerciseXPull UpNoSwing, Low Bar
Up downsChop your feet or high knees. On Q’s signal chest hits the dirt and bounce back up and resume chopping or high knees.Single ExerciseXNo
Up Straddle HopSSH done jumping up and down on one leg.Single ExerciseSSHNo
Upper Chest PressHold a coupon close to chest, then extend arms 45 degrees upSingle ExerciseXNoCouponhttps://youtu.be/DNd1SP4mhnU
Upright RowHold a coupon at waist level and bring up to your chin. Minimal shoulder movement. On the up position your elbows should be out and at shoulder levelSingle ExerciseXNoCoupon
Uptown 5010 cones with the following movements written on them: Burpee Broad Jump, Crab Walk, Partner Carry (P1), Partner Carry (P2), Alligator Crawl, Wheelbarrow (P1), Wheelbarrow (P2), Nur\Bernie Sandaers (Run Backwards), AYG (Sprint), and Bear Crawl. Cones are placed at end zone and at 50 yard line. Pax partner up and line up on the goal line. Do 10 burpees, then travel to the 50 in the method on the cone. When you get to the 50, do 10 burpees and travel back by the next method. Repeat until you’ve traveled by all methods on cones (and have done your 100 burpees).CombinationYesCones
Vacuum CleanersPartner work done in wheelbarrow position, ideally in a parking lot or lined field. Beginning at first line, wheelbarrow to second line and perform five Derkins. Reverse wheelbarrow to first line for one rep. Flapjack after agreed upon reps have been completed.CombinationYes
Van GoghdaThink lying down Abe Vigoda. On your 6, leg spread. Sit up while reaching as high as possible with one hand. Once the peak is reached, lower hand reaching forward and crossing over to touch opposite foot, reverso motion back down. Flip-flop and repeato other side. Harder variation: cross legs.Single ExerciseXNo
VertigosRun across a field or other stretch of road or earth – but with each step you rotate so that you are always spinning as you move forward (clockwise or counter-clockwise, your choice). If this doesn’t make you dizzy, then not much will.MovementXRunNo
Vicious circlePAX travel single file around the bases of a baseball field. Last man (or last 2 men in larger groups) peels off, runs to pitcher mound and performs 5 of an exercise, then rejoins PAX at the front. Repeato for all PAX. Change Mode of travel and exercises accordingly. Eg1: PAX Bear crawl bases. Last Man moseys to pitcher mound for 5 Merkins & returns to front of PAX. Eg2: PAX lunge walks bases. Last man moseys to pitcher mound for 5 jump squats, returns to front.General RoutineYes
VoldemortNo PAX wants to hear this named called outloud! Start with 1 Burpee and 4 SSH, then increase to 2 Burpees and 8 SSH and so forth till 10 and 40.CombinationNo
V-UpLay on your 6 with arms straight behind your back and feet straight together. Bring your legs up, try to keep them straight, and at the same time crunch and bring your hands forward. Your hands should touch your legs above your midsection. Bring hands and feet down. Keep your legs 6″ above ground at all times for better form and to make it more challenging.Single ExerciseXV-UpNoMary
V-Up Roll UpStart laying flat arms above head. 4 cadence move: 1. Do a full sit-up and touch your toes. 2. As you are returning, when mid back hits the ground, raise the legs to 45° and hold the legs in position. 3. Crunch up and touch the toes, like in Dying Cockroach. 4. Back down, laying flatSingle ExerciseXBig BoyNo
Walk Like An EgyptianPax line up, single-file about an arm-length apart. In unison, entire Pax lunge forward with their right leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front of the line. The entire Pax then recover and lunge forward with their left leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front. Process continues until all Pax have cycled through at least once. To sneak in some additional core work, have the Pax rotate into the lunge (i.e. rotate chest right on right leg) and hold throughout.CombinationYes
Walking LungeLunges done while moving forward, instead of standing in placeMovementXLungeNo
Wall ConveyorAll pax against wall of a building in balls to the wall (BTTW) position. First pax at 1 end of line drops down from BTTW and runs to end of the line then gets back into BTTW position. Next pax follows and this repeats until Q says to stop or run out of wall.CombinationYesWall
Wall WormsStart in the Balls to the Wall position, inch your way to the left or right using your hands on the ground and feet on the wall. Alternately, you can inch your hands out out from and feet down the wall into a more horizontal position and back up.Single ExerciseXXNoWall
Walls of JerichoIts Biblical and it will hurt… OK just as Joshua was instructed to do. WOJ usually is performed around a large building, pick 7 different exercises and complete 7 reps of each and run one lap around the building. Complete for 7 laps. For extra you can always have PAX shout on the last set to give reverence to the story.General RoutineXNo
Walmart BurpeeThe burpee’s discount store brother, where the fun gets rolled back. Drop down to a squat like a normal burpee, but go all the way to your six and roll back to your shoulder blades. Roll forward, and when your feet hit the ground, put your hands in front and jump back to a plank. The rest is like a normal burpee, with merkin, thruster, and jump (hands over head).Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Water WheelDone in SLOW cadence. Stand with feet wide, toes forward. (1) bend the right leg (left stays straight) and lean down to touch the right foot. (2) Press rt. leg straight to original position. (3) bend left leg (rt. stays straight) and lean down to touch left foot. (4) Press left leg straight to original position. A good compliment to Windmills.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
Wave of MerkinsCircle up, get into plank position, first person does one merkin, then the next person to the right does a merkin, should look like a wave flowing around the circle, until you get back to the first person who then performs 2 merkins, repeat all the way up to 10 and back down. Stay in plank position the entire time.CombinationYes
Weekend at Bernie’sThis is a partner drag exercise where one partner is a “causality” and the other partner has to get him down the field. Any type of drag can be used for this exercise – by the ankles or by holding their midsection from behind and going backwardsMovementXXPartner CarryYes
Welcome PartyInvite PAX to show up 15 min. prior to a workout, any PAX can “host”-promise coffee/donuts/safespace/etc BUT instead, deliver pre-workout pain. Example includes rounds of BURPEES for 10 minutes. Try to fit in at least 100, add burpee variations if desired… also bring agressive music to do burpees to.General RoutineYes
Welsh DragonsRemain in plank position the whole time. Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the BACK of each shoulder 1 time. Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time – bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 sets of back of shoulder taps… etc. Go until you get to 10 reps each, you’ve covered 30-50 feet, or until your arms fall off – whichever comes first.CombinationNo
We’re Not Worthy PraisesEveryone remembers Wayne & Garth from Wayne’s World. “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.” With arms extended outward, lower and raise arms. Ok, ok, it’s a front raise. But this is F3! Extremely effective when mixed in with other arm exercises, or by adding bricks or concrete block.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
WerewolfStart in the Downward facing dog position (high plank) transition to a low plank then to upward facing dog and back to down dog in one smooth motion. It kind of looks like you are going from down dog to howling at the moon and the first time the Smokehouse men did it there was a full moon over Batesburg-Leesville. On the return to the downward facing dog the pax should push through the shoulders to really feel the burn.Single ExerciseXXNo
WerkinWerkin is a Merkin with hands more than sholder width apart. Also known as the Wide-Arm Merkin.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l3Rj4kFInA
Whamo lunge walksOne pax throws a frisbee. All pax sprint in that direction until frisbee lands. When it lands, all PAX stop and then lunge-walk until they get to the frisbee. Can be modified with duck walk, crab walk, whatever.General RoutineYes
Wheel of Animal WalkEssentially a Wheel of Merkin with Animal Walks between each stage. Find a parking lot 40-60 yds. across, preferably with an incline (the steeper the better). Begin at bottom of incline. Frog Hop across, do 10 Merkins w/ both hands on curb. Bear Crawl across, do 10 Merkins w/ left hand on curb. Duck Walk across, do 10 Merkins w/ feet on curb. Crab Walk across, do 10 Merkins w/ right hand on curb. North Augusta Pax LOVE this one.General RoutineNoCurb
Wheel of MerkinSimilar to Clock Merkins, but with a Curb. Grab a piece of curb, and perform a number of incline merkins. Staying in the plank position, rotate 90 degrees clockwise until your body is parallel to the curb with left hand on the curb and right hand off it. Repeat the same number of merkins. Rotate 90 degrees more and perform the same number of decline merkins. Rotate 90 degrees more. Repeat with right hand on the curb and left hand off it.CombinationNoCurb
Whole Lotta RosieWhole Lotta Rosie (inspired by the AC/DC song of the same name about a women whose measurements are 42-39-56): 30 Mountain Climbers / 42 LBCs / 30 Mountain Climbers / 39 American Hammers (alpha count) / 30 Mountain Climbers / 56 Flutters is one set. Rinse and Repeat.CombinationNo
Widening MerkinsStart in a Diamond Merkin position and do one push-up, then move your hands farther a part. Rinse and repeat 10 times, which should finish in a wide merkin position.Single ExerciseXMerkinNo
Willie Hayes MaysSide launges. When done in cadance on a call of 1 step to side with left foot and bend left knee. Hold position on 2 and 3. Return to starting position on 4. Next cadance call do the other leg.Single ExerciseXLungeNoWarmup
Wilt Chamberlains4 corners of 100 lbcs, 100 squats, 100 flutter kicks(each leg) and 100 lunges(50 each leg). Nice ab and lower body routine. Named for Wilts NBA record 100 pt game.CombinationNo
WindmillAn important stretching exercise. Begin standing with feet wider than your shoulders and arms straight out form your sides. With your legs kept straight, touch your opposite toe with your hand. Also called Toy Soldier.Single ExerciseNoWarmup
Windshield WipersOn your six with legs together at 90 degree angle. First, move both legs together to the left, till they are 6 inches from the ground. Then go to the right till they are six inches from the ground all the way to the right. Rinse and Repeat.Single ExerciseXNoMary
Wing NutSitting on picnic table, feet under bench, leaned back to approx. 15 degrees with back and neck straight, fists touching in front of chest so that elbows point parallel with shoulders, rotate waist so that each elbow touches the table top. Complete in 4-count cadence.Single ExerciseXNoBench
WMDWide-arm merkin, (Standard) Merkin, Diamond Merkin. AKA Worst Merkin Ever.Single ExerciseXMerkinNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZotGWsn1kkU
WMD CrawlA Bear Crawl executed by doing 5 Werkins and crawling 10 steps with hands set out wide followed by 5 Merkins and crawling 10 steps with hands at normal position followed by 5 Diamond Merkins and crawling 10 steps with hands set in close. Rinse and repeat until the desired distance has been traveled.CombinationNo
WonderbraWith a coupon, perform one Press Out (extend arms forward) and one Shouldr Press (extend arms up).Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Wood ChopperGrab a sandbag (preferably, for the instability) or a paver. Start in a crouch, twisted to the left, sandbag outside your left shin (1). Swing the sandbag up across the body to the right to a standing press position with weight outside your right shoulder (2). Swing back down to the left to the starting position (3). Back up (4). You should swing vigorously enough to be forced to decelerate the weight at both top and bottom – really swing it, as if you were chopping wood. / 20 count in cadence. Switch sides to start on the right. Repeato. / Intersperse with another exercise for recovery, and complete 3 sets for a true #CrowdPleaser. Misery and soreness from hips to armpits sure to result. / Disclaimer: Maintain good form – straight backs! Bad backs or unfit FNGs should modify to jumpies with the weight.Single ExerciseXNoCoupon
Wooly WormPlace feet on swing seat while in a plank position. Bring knees to chest pulling swing with feet for a suspended reverse crunch (inch worm movement). It’s a Swerkin without the Merkin. Introduced at SVU day of Wooly Worm Festival.Single ExerciseXNoSwing
World War I sit-upStarting on your six with arms fully extended above your head and legs straight, raise your upper body keeping your arms straight above your head until you are upright then bring your arms as far forward trying to touch your toes. Then return to starting position flat on ground. (Thanks Carrier in CLT Metro.)Single ExerciseXBig BoyNo
Wounded Bear CrawlUsing a curb, crawl along it with one arm and one leg on the curb and the other on the asphalt / concrete next to it. You feel like a wounded animal…MovementXXBear CrawlNoCurb
X-Cross Sit-upDone in (slow) cadence … Starting position: Lie on your back, legs & arms extended out in an “X” position … on the 1-count, simultaneously lift your left leg and right arm together to meet above your core, trying to keep both straight as possible as you touch your right arm to your left leg and then returning to the starting “X” position … on 2-count, flap-jack with your right leg and left arm, again trying to keep both straight as possible as you touch your left arm to your right leg above your core and before returning to the starting “X” position … on 3-count, execute a knee-up, lifting your shoulders and legs off the ground and touching your toes as you bring your knees up with just your six touching the ground … on 4-count, extend arms and legs and return back to the starting “X” position. That is one rep.Single ExerciseXV-UpNo
X-FactorLay on your 6 with your arms and legs spread out to resemble a X. Start the move with a V up with right arm touching left shin, down then V up again with left arm touching right shin. The opposite arm and leg stay down. That’s one rep. Bonus: raise arms and legs 6″ off the ground and start the move from there, keeping down arm and leg at 6″ while performing the V up.Single ExerciseXV-UpNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqM86WOmEbA
Xs and OsStarting position — On your back with legs and arms extended in an X position (all six inches off the ground). When QIC calls out “O” the Pax will move into a seated V position with arms and legs tucked into the body. Hold the position until the QIC calls “X”. PAX resume the X position with legs and arms 6 inches from the ground. Repeat as QIC calls the varying X and O position until halt.Single ExerciseXNo
XYs4 count hybrid of Rosalita- Flutter Kick. Start with legs at 45 degree angle. Count 1 and 2 are the Rosalita with Counts 3 and 4 going directly into the flutter kick.Single ExerciseXNo
YeahDone while listening to the song Yeah by Joe Nichols. While staying in the plank position for the entire song, a Plankjack is done at every “Yeah” and a Mountain Climber at every “she” sang.CombinationMusicalNohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwvZemXJhF4
Yoke WalkMany different variations with this one, but you’ll need something heavy to carry across your shoulders and behind your neck. Can involve a heavy bar for a single pax member or pax can team up with heavy objects like logs.MovementXNoCoupon
Yul BrynnerMagnificent Seven Merkins. Progress through 7 different types of merkins without stopping/holding plank between each one: Carolina Dry Dock to Wide Merkin to Merkin to Ranger Merkin to Diamond Merkin to Crucible Merkin to Chuck Norris Merkin. Rinse and repeat on Q’s call.CombinationNoCoupon
YurpeeBurpee Variation in honor of the Ruskie (Yuri Verkhoshansky) who developed Plyometrics to train Olympians. Merkin at bottom of burpee is a clap-merkin and on up portion there are 2 tuck jumps per burpee. Basically a Clurpee with 2 tuck-jumps.Single ExerciseXXXBurpeeNo
Zebra Butt-KicksEver seen a zebra launch another savannah beast in the sky? If so, it was with that butt kick that they do so perfectly. Virtually no exercises wear out our glutes in F3. The zebra kick is gluteus maximus. From plank, bend that knee to 90 and kick skyward. High reps, imagine your heel busting up the chops of some lioness.Single ExerciseXNo
Zig-Zag HopsFind a beam, log, or other object, even a pax member or two (who has signed a disclaimer) to jump over. Start on one side and hop over in a zig-zag fashion from from end to the other. Added because we need something that begins with a Z.MovementXXNoLog\Beam
Zombie CrawlStart in a plank position and crawl with both legs dragging behind. For an added challenge try a Zombie Crawl on an incline. AKA Seal CrawlMovementXBear CrawlNo
Zombie CrunchLBC with both legs bent/laid to one side (like a dead zombie). Then repeat for other side.Single ExerciseXLBCsNo