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Our workouts are held rain or shine and open to men of all ages and abilities.  It may not get easier and you will be challenged to get stronger, but we leave no man behind.


At F3 Alpha, we’re a band of brothers who like to work hard and play hard.  Whether it’s a beer mile, 2nd F gathering, or CSAUP event, there’s a reason our PAX enjoy getting up in the gloom.


Open to everyone regardless of religion or belief, our “faith” is more a matter of challenging each other to live for something greater than ourselves.

5 Core Principles

free of charge

All workouts are free of charge.

All Men

Workouts are open to men of all ages and abilities.


All workouts are held outdoors, rain or gloom.

peer led

Workout participants take turns leading — no training or certification required.


Workouts end with a Circle of Trust.

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