March On

When: 08/30/2017

QIC: C-4

PAX (): Buckeye, Banjo, Babyface, Westside, The Mole, The Mule, Law Dog, Homeboy, Legionnaire, NattyLight, Misty, Woody, Cricket, Manning, Aquaman

YHC noted earlier in the week how he was low on his weekly step count, largely attributable to long office days, and so there was the need to spark a correction.  What better way than to have the Q for a Kodiak beatdown, albeit where death surely could have no dominion (props to Dylan Thomas).


Parking lots moseying interspersed with

** 20 Happy Jacks

** 10 Cotton Pickers

** 20 Monkey Humpers (Monkey Humper Wednesday)

Head to the football field

The Thang

** King of Hearts – sets of 4 wind sprints/suicides (death) followed by exercises (four or two count depending):  Regular suicide (25 merkins / 2 count); Left Carioca suicide (25 reverse LBCs / 2 count); Right Carioca suicide (25 Mountain climbers / 4 count); Backwards suicide (25 squats / 4 count).  Accelerating men in abundance . . . sprinting out and up from the surrounding gloom.

Regroup to the middle of the field, on the Kodiak Grizzly emblem

** Death Star – Utilizing the six primary posts / corners of the football field (end zone corners and goal posts), spring to each, 30 merkins, return to the center Grizzly on the nose, and head onto the next, in whichever order suited each HIM.  180 total merkins.  The river styx could not have kept this PAX bound.

Exit the football field, in search of more steps, for the modified . . .

** Bataan Death March – Indian run whereby the last man drops to conduct 10 monkey humpers and then hustle/sprint to catch up to the head of the in-line PAX run.  Upon completing the monkey humper portion, the Q converted it to 3 burpees, at the end of which a final living sprint to the flag was in order.

Time.  Total miles completed just under 3, over 6,000 steps.


** Prayers for Buckeyes family as they care for the health of a member

** Prayers for all those impacted by the Houston natural disaster


** Camel hump this weekend, final opportunity to pick up shirts or donate to Hire Heroes.

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