New Beginnings

When: 08/30/2017

QIC: MillerTime

PAX (): HaHa, The Body, Olaf, Simba, Cookie, Swiper, I-Beam, Boomer, Sprocket, T.O, Fondue Guy, Moonshine, Gizmo, MillerTime & 9 FNG's

The inaugural launch of the No Longer Bound / Caney Creek AO (yet to be officially named although YHC thinks Caney Creek is a perfectly fine AO name) was almost just a regular F3 beatdown as the clock struck 5:15 and no FNG’s were on site.  As we all looked at each other second guessing the location and day, T.O. got on the horn and confirmed they were indeed on the way.  Moments later the NLB FNG cavalry came in and the energy was high as we did some quick introductions.  These guys looked ready for some action!  After a little more info and explanation from T.O and YHC, we were off on a mosey around a dark parking lot and out onto the field.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers, Copper Head Squats

Going for the classic launch day Thang, each pax was asked to partner up with an FNG for an extended yet very doable Dora Sequence:
50 Burpees
100 Squats
200 Air Presses
300 LBC’s
The running route during the Dora was up the inclined grassy field to the top at the tree.  This proved challenging as the field is not level and it was super dark but fortunately no casualties.

Next, we quickly moved into the Ring of Fire with two pax starting at the same time on opposite sides of the circle – 10 mercans each man while others planked.  Each man did at least 40 mercans

A short mosey to the one building with walls and we partnered up again.  While one partner did 25 donkey kicks, the other did 25 star jumps, each cycle we decreased by 5 until completion (75 of each exercise).   Time was up!

– Unfortunately the NLB men had to rush off so we did a quick count off,  gave our names and a closing prayer.

– Solid group of men showed from NLB today with energy, work ethic and positive attitude
– Next week names will be assigned
– Awesome Support today with Pax from most AO’s.
– Always an honor

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