Another great prep for the Camel Hump

When: 08/24/2017

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Babyface, Mufasa, Senior Blart, Lawdog, Woody, Cricket, & Aquaman

We were blessed with a beautiful morning to get up in the Gloom and stroll through the newly christened Veterans Memorial park.  We had a nice Pre-Ruck starting at 0510 with Mufasa, Babyface, & Bloodhound, filled with tales of the GoRuck that Mufasa and some of the PAX took part in.  It sounded fun (or maybe not so much) but it did get me excited to see what we as a team of F3 faithful can do in November at the GrowRuck event on November the 18th.  We made it around the first lap with just enough time to pick up the rest of the crew to start our full on Ruck at which time Bloodhound put on the afterburners and dusted the rest of the group.  But for the next 45 minutes we sacked up and made our 2 loops of fun around the park.



  • 3rd F @ Homboys Barn
  • 2nd F @ Naty Lites this Friday night
  • 1 more week until the Camel Hump get those sign ups and donations in.  Also I order a few extra shirts so if you did not order one let me know if you still want one, first come first serve.

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