When: 08/19/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Flo, El Matador, Crack, Locksmith, Saban, Zohan, Swiper, Hot Sauce, Saint2O, Special K, Foghorn, Devito


2 PAX posted for the ruck this morning. Mufasa was there to ensure someone had the lead and to send us off. Calf muscle issues still keeping him sidelined. 3.3 miles around the trails of the park, neighboring roads and down/up the widowmaker hill.


YHC was having quite the challenge coming up with a BD sequence for this morning. Had a couple ideas but didn’t really like them. Inspiration hit 5 min before arriving to Widowmaker.

Promptly at 0700 we took off on a mosey up to the entrance circle. Hot Sauce pulled in on his new bike just then so we told him to meet us up there.  Warmup consisted of IC SSH, mountain climbers, Merkins and hill billies.  Still no Hot Sauce … what’s taking so long?  After warm-ups we headed back to the soccer field. As we round the corner into the park, behold there’s Hot Sauce … and he’d picked up Crack along the way.

The Thang

We gathered in the middle of the field for a couple rounds of starburst.  Run from the middle to a field corner, perform an exercise, run back to the middle and perform the center field toll exercise. Repeat for all 4 corners.  Round 1 was 10 dry docks at each corner and 5 burpees for the center field toll. Round 2, 20 merkins at corners and 10 Freddy mercury in the center. Round 3 30 corner squats and 20 SSH. Round 4 40 LBC’s and 10 lunges. 1 minute water break. Round 5 50 ski jumpers and 15 mountain climbers.  Next we headed over to the rock pile and each grabbed a mid-size coupon. OYO curls, shoulder presses and skull crushers, 25 each. Repeat rounds at 20 reps, 15, 10, and 5. Drop the coupons and head to the flag for round robin Mary with exercises from Swiper, Crack and Saint2O.


– Prayers for some pending layoffs at PAX companies and the families impacted.


During our rock pile work Crack made the comment that Widowmaker was a big park and all he’d seen was the soccer field. While I think Crack has just missed our BD’s touring the park, I’m also one to take constructive critism for what it’s worth. I’m out of town the next 2 weeks, so the Saturday crew will get a break from YHC anyway. I’ll be back at Q 9/9 and we will tour the park. Come join us.

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