Stars and Stripes

When: 08/18/2017

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Thumper, Turbine, Flop, Chelsea, Bear, Hat Trick, TP, Doublenaught, Doogie, Bird Dog, Booter, Smackdown, Switch, Sprocket, Crablegs, Toothpick

17 Pax showed for the inaugural Friday WO at The Wreck.  The numbers felt small, but right.  YHC didn’t have a plan for this morning, so it was going to be constant movement and hard work.

0530 and we moseyed down the trail to Old Glory at the pond.  On the way YHC called for one burpee at every light pole. Thumper wasn’t surprised.

Once under Old Glory and circled up YHC called the first exercise…


  • SSH – IC 50 count
  • Burpees – OYO 13 count
  • LBCs – IC 50 count
  • Imperial Walkers – IC 13 count
  • Flutter Kicks – IC 50 count
  • Merkins – IC 13 count

While running around the pond doing burpees I watched the flag the entire time.  There is just something about that flag to me that I admire.  I admire the founding fathers that stood up to tyranny and gave us the Constitution, great men with inherent flaws. I admire the symbolism of the colors, Red for hardiness and valor, White for purity and innocents, and Blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice, which we can all strive better to be.  I admire the flag so much so that my 3 year old points out every American flag he sees and knows how many stars and how many stripes are on that flag.  As time goes on he will learn the meaning of those stars and stripes and why we have that flag.  My father fought for what this flag stands for and I will forever be grateful and I hope a day does not go by that I don’t think about the sacrifice that he and so many others have made to make this the greatest nation in the world and continue to give us the rights to make our own decisions and speak our minds without consequence.  So every time that the American flag is raised with a contradiction of what it stands for or is used to disrespect the nation itself that fights for your right to protest, my blood boils, because I do pledge my allegiance to that flag and to the Republic for which it stands as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  As all of this rushes through my head I knew then what my rep counts would be and out of Respect and Honor for that flag YHC beat the pax with a 50/13 IC count.

Stepping down from my soap box…

After we finished our 13 count Merkins, we moseyed continuing the burpee street lamp fun to the gridiron.

The Thang:

A quick 4 corners

  • 10 LBCs
  • previous plus 20 Crunchy Frogs
  • previous plus 30 Flutter Kicks
  • previous plus 40 American Hammers

Doublenaught finished strong and lead some plank moves until the 6 was in.

Quick mosey to the next stop… Planning in my head…  Long run to the last baseball field.  I’m sure the pax thought they would run that mountain. Instead… Jack Webbs

1:4 Merkins to Shoulder Presses all the way to 10:40

The Pax finished quick and strong so we had plenty of time for Mary.


Round and round we went..

Doublenaught, TP, Hattrick, Turbine, Doogie were all called on and lead the pax

Hattrick thought “recover” was a good one, but decided to introduce some more of the pax to the infamous monkey humper

Smackdown got more than he bargained for when YHC removed grass from my face along with sweat and spit.  Cobains.


  • We prayed for all the Ms and 2.0s that will arrive for the busy month of September.
  • We prayed for our country and should have mentioned Barcelona


  • Friday night ruck beatdown for those that want to join at Waller park @ 1900 (7pm)
  • 3rd F study opportunity on Thursday’s at Crazy Love starting after Labor Day lead up by Sprocket and Thumper.
  • Lots of chatter about different races guys are competing in.  Get on Slack and join the conversation.

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