Check your batteries

When: 08/17/2017

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (): TO, Special K, Mayhem, Catfish, Mile High, Cookie, Ha-ha, Peanut, Miller Time, Jackalope, Zima, Locksmith, Meatloaf, Swingline

15 PAX was brave enough to witness the second VQ this week at the Rubicon (with more on the horizon). Lumbergh stepped to the challenge on twitter and away we went.

Mosey to the park flag for:
Imperial Walkers
Cotton Picker

The Thang
School is back in so I have been working on a theme idea for the week. A mosey to the field of dreams where we do an exercise I am deeming the Ramones of Fire. For this morning’s lesson it uses the song Rock’n’Roll High School. With hot feet ¬†going you drop for a burpee when you hear the name of the song. That’s 16-19 burpees in two minutes.
Admittedly, this works better if the speaker you bring with you has fresh batteries so that everyone can hear the song instead of using your phone.

Next up is the 1-2-3 lessons in the way of Dora. (Theme song was queued but spared). Grab a partner and a coupon (again, school of ROCK) and hit the parking lot. 100 rows, 200 curls, 300 skull crushers while the partner runs.

What comes with 1-2-3’s (No, not 4-5-6…did you really want 600 somethings?)
Instead, A-B-C Mary on your own.

Deposit Coupon and hit the pavilion. Much like the radio, QIC batteries are draining and still class time left. Some friendly suggestions bring:
25 Step ups (per foot)
25 Derkins
25 Copperhead Squat IC

Back to the flag for Mary’s with the help of Miller Time
Box Cutter, Freddy Mercury, left/right plank push up (I dunno), J-Lo, and a 1 minute plank set to the theme of Saved by the Bell.

It was a pleasure to lead you guys. Make sure you continue the rock at Avalon 6-8 Friday with Meatloaf.

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