M’s Challenge

When: 08/12/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Zima, Sneakers, Ha-Ha, Zohan, Locksmith, Saban, Cookie, Moonshine, Dosido, Devito

Today is M’s birthday. She’s a cross fitter so her gym will typically let folks design a Bday WOD. When she told me her plan, I thought it looked like a smoker … perfect for a F3 BD. Only problem was it used medicine balls and kettle bells which are in plentiful supply at the gym … not so much at Widowmaker. Enter Bulgarian bags from Ha-Ha. Pain ensued …

Alpha Ruck

4 PAX gathered in the gloom of the cul de sac to set out under load at 0600. We explored the neighborhood off Fox Rd, the Widowmaker hill and park trails. Dosido recounted some stories from the recent Go-Ruck weekend. Good chatter throughout. Ran a bit short on time so had to step up pace in the last 10 minutes to make it in time for the BD start.


Everyone picked a girlfriend (AKA Bulgarian bag) for the morning. At 0700 we ran around to the top lot with girlfriends on our shoulders. Drop the bags. IC SSH, cotton pickers, copperhead squats and hill billies. Grab the girlfriends and mosey around and onto the soccer field.

The Thang

M’s Bday workout was a deck of pain. Hearts were burpees. Clubs were bag sit-ups with the bag touching ground over head and between your legs. Diamonds were Russian bag swings up to eye level and spades were goblet squats. For the jokers were ran across the field and back with girlfriends on our shoulders. Pain was definitely felt when we got ace and king of hearts back to back for 28 burpees. We finished with about 12 minutes remaining so we dropped the bags back in Ha-Ha’s truck and took off on an Indian trail run around down by the creek. This is when I started to lose folks. After the 3rd dropped back we modified, regrouped and ran back to the flag. Got back in time for a 1 minute elbow plank, then called it a wrap.

COT / Moleskin

– Prayers for the start of a job search

– New AO / 3rd F opp starts soon with No Longer Bound. Great way to give back and give away.

– Great to see Zohan and Saban sticking with us.

– I’d used this deck for a BD before and it stayed in my truck so I didn’t think a lot of shuffling was needed. As went went through the BD, we kept getting groups of numbers together (5 of hearts, 5 of spades, 5 of diamonds, etc). Couldn’t figure that out. After the BD I tossed the deck on the backseat floor of my truck. Later as I was taking one daughter to an activity, I found her playing with the cards when it was time to get out of the car. “Look Daddy. I organized your cards for you so all the numbers are together.”  Mystery solved!

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