Bears vs Crabs

When: 08/16/2017

QIC: Smackdown

PAX (): TP, Carter aka Idol (FNG), Bill Nye, Fondue Guy, Sprocket, Crablegs, Bird Dog, Polaroid, Aflac, Grease Monkey, Nomad, Bayside, Matlock, Jackalope, Patch, Merlot, Chelsea, Garfield, Circus, Squeegee, 7 Up, Doogie, Virginia Slim, DD, Caffeine, Bronco, Gear Head, Thumper, 8 Mile, I-Beam, Booter, Double Knot, Tooth Pick, Bear

Thirty-five gents, one FNG, ventured into the gloom this morning for a sophomore Q beatdown with YHC. 05:30 AM hits and we go.

Warm Up (all IC):
Imperial Walkers
Cotton Pickers
Ray Finkles
Mosey to the still yet to be named BA hill

The Thang:
Simple Sevens: kind of like elevens, but not as many

  • Start with one burpee, run up the hill for six big boy sit ups then back down BA hill
  • Two burpees, up the hill for five big boy sit ups then back down
  • Continue pattern to six burpees at the bottom / one big boy sit up at the top
  • Thanks to I-Beam for leading Mary while the six comes in
  • Mosey to ball field 3 for a lil friendly competition

Bears vs Crabs:

  • Three pitches were set up for bear crawl vs crab walk footy.
  • PAX counted off to six then joined their team: 1v2 / 3v4 / 5v6
  • One team starts in bear crawl while opposing team crab walks. Both goalies are in plank
  • Teams switch positions at every goal (bears go to crabs, vice versa)
  • Goalies switch out at each goal
  • Games lasted about 25 minutes, then mosey back to the flag soaking wet and carrying all of the grass from Field 3

YHC wanted everyone to leave satisfied so it was straight into Mary to close out the remaining minutes.

  • 6 inch-o’rama (get your minds out of the gutter) Legs extended, feet held six inches above ground. We bounced left, bounced right; back to center; up, down, spread and back to center; several rotations before dropping.
  • 25 LBC’s IC to close out our Wednesday beatdown.

Prayers for Chelsea and wife to kick this flu. Huge props to him for showing up and keeping up!

We were one man away from filling six teams of six for bears vs crabs soccer. Participation is huge, keep it up gentleman!

Everyone who scored a goal this morning is on notice… you have 30 days to schedule your VQ or suffer the wrath of the PAX. You know who you are, signup sheet can be found here. Take a portion of the workout if you are not comfortable leading the full 45 minutes.

2ndF scheduled for 7p-9p tomorrow (Aug. 17) at Gate City Brewery. Dub D has the scoop on parking. Check it out on Slack.

Friday morning workouts are here! I-Beam has the inaugural Q to help sweat out the 2ndF! Same time/location as Monday and Wednesday.

I-beam will also lead a ruck/beatdown Friday evening at Waller Park starting from the northern most parking lot at 6:30 PM . If not enough, he is also known to lead indoor varmint hunting safari’s in his spare time.

Need a Tuesday fix? Check out Rubicon at 1195 Wills Rd. That’s a 05:30 AM kick off.

Aflac is leading a trail-run group into Chattahoochee River Nat. Rec. Area Saturday’s at 7 AM starting from Vickery Creek trail head off Oxbo Dr.

Props to you for making it though the 492 words to the end!

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