Milk and Burpees (before) Breakfast

When: 14 August 2017

PAX: Squeegee, Patch, Matlock, Jackalope, Lovelove, Circus, Switch, Caffeine, Sleeper, Green Bean, Hattrick, 7up, Chelsea, Thumper, Rooney, I-beam, Double D, Crablegs, Double Knot, Bayside (WB), Toothpick, Smackdown, Flop, Conquistador, Birddog, Fondue Guy (WD), Booter, Bill Nye, Gearhead, Grease Monkey, AFLAC, Miller Time, Sprocket, Bear

QIC: Sprocket

34 PAX gathered in the gloom to get a strong start to their Monday morning.

05.30 and it was time to mosey to the football field parking lot to get the good times goin’!

20-SSH’s IC
15-Imperial Walkers IC
15-Mountain climbers IC
15-Merkins IC

Next, 2-man teams were formed and headed over to YHC’s ‘Yota 4X to meet the “little friends” (1 gal. plastic milk jugs filled to the brim owith water you *wouldn’t* want to drink). Then, onto everyone’s favorite football field with all teams lining up on goal line.

Here’s where the fun began…

The Thang

DORA: in alternating fashion, one man ran the length of the field and returned to the goal line while the other man performed exercises using the little friends:

Each team continued running/exercising until cumulative totals of each of the following were achieved:

50 lateral raises
100 bent rows
200 overhead presses
300 Genuine (a squat with extended arms holding a jug in each hand)

Bear called on all HMI’s that finished first to get started in planks and Merkins.

After that, it was time to return the little friends to bed of truck, then…

Bear lead the run uphill to small paved parking lot for what everyone really got out of the fartsack before 5 a.m. for–Burpees!

Down the Burpee ladder 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 with quick running in place in between the Burpees sets, yeah, c’mon!

After everyone was thoroughly smoked from the burpee/running in place goodtime, it was time to head down to the shovelflag for some Mary.

Mary-Optimal amounts of Boxcutters, Flutter kicks and Peter Parkers as chosen by some PAX and the QIC to finish off a great start to the day.


YHC asked and continues to ask for wisdom regarding critical decisions which must be made at work.

Unspoken requests-we all have ’em, so-know that YHC is praying for those things that may be too close to home for any/all of us to mention out loud.

Bear took us before the throne of grace before we headed out.

Moleskin/Announcements YHC hoped to bring something different to the Weck for his VQ, today-hope everyone enjoyed it!  Also, many thanks to Bear for the Co-Q! (If it was up to YHC, we would’ve stopped at 5 burpees…)

2nd F: Coffee at Crazy Love Coffee (CLC) after Wednesday WO’s.

17 August Bridge City Brewing  7-9 p.m.  Everybody else in Rosvegas will be down on Canton Street, you should be too!

T.G.I.FRIDAY Workout Beginning this Friday, 18 August, get your weekend started right with an honest-to-goodness beatdown. I-beam’s gonna set the standard for Friday a.m.’s by leading the first of the Friday WO, but, more Q’s are expected of the rest of us. Here’s an opportunity to lead and serve your brothers, so, stop what you’re doing and sign up on the Qsheet I-Beam had posted on Slack.

Friday Night Rucking Event Join I-Beam and company at Waller Park soccer fields for a beatdown and, then, continue for a 6 mile ruck through Vickery down to Riverside park down the trail and back. Questions? Reach out to I-Beam for all the details.

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