Who’s Afraid of a Little Water?

When: 08/07/2017

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Babyface, Hombre, Manning, The Mole, Wheezy, Homeboy, Cricket, Buckeye, Banjo, Law Dog

YHC was so excited to post this morning that I woke up 30 min before the alarm clock. I must have been dreaming of Cantore! 9 other pax took my advice from twitter and were not afraid of water. They must have been dreaming of Cantore!  Little did they know that was not the water I was referring to although a torrential down pore did come through. Welcome to the Jug-O-Lug. I read about this beatdown at either the Meca or Metro region website a while back and have been waiting patiently for an opportunity to introduce it to The Kodiak.

Warm up: SSH, Squats and lots of arm circles to loosen up the shoulders.

On to the Thang after a brief stop at YHC’s car to distribute one gallon jugs of water to each pax.

The Jug-O-Lug.

Line up at the start of Route 66 and grab a partner. As a team, each partner runs from light pole to light pole around the back of the school. One partner runs with two jugs and does 10 curls, 10 presses, and 10 rows while the other partner does mountain climbers. The partner doing MC then grabs the jugs and they both run to the next light pole, alternating in this fashion until the end of Route 66.

Partners then line up at the bus zone for some Dora Jug-O-Lug. 1st exercise was arm raises with the water jugs for what I am now calling Eddie the Eagle. Spread those wings and fly for 100 reps. 2nd exercise was a standing American Hammer with a water jug to 200 reps. 3rd exercise was the Genuine – a squat while extending your arms as you squat down holding the jug – to 300 reps. Partner runs to the end of the parking lot and back rotating until total reps reached.

At this time, the shoulders were feeling the burn, so time for some mary.  American Hammer, Dolly, Rosalita, Heels to the heavens and LBCs.

Grab your jug and mosey back to the flag.  Oh No! Flag down from the rain and wind, 10 burpees for the Pax.

At this time I had to remind the pax we still had some time left so keep your jugs. Ring of Jug-O-Lug fire. First exercise is a curl with holding the jug with arms 90 degrees until your turn. Second time around hold your jug Zamparini style until your turn for skull crushers.

NameOrama and COT


  • Apparently 1 gallon of water translates to 8.34 pounds of an awkward but great coupon for only 87 cents per gallon. Not having a lot of natural coupons at the Kodiak this was a great alternative.
  • Probably the hardest rain I have been in to date. What was most impressive about it was the fact that not a single pax complained. No one mentioned the thought of taking shelter somewhere. Dare I say I saw smiles on their faces. Great work by all. Rain or Shine, Cold or Hot.
  • 2nd F at Natty Lite’s Haus on August 25.
  • 3rd F small group starting up at Homeboy’s house this Friday at 5:30 am. Text him if planning on attending for coffee purposes. (Phone number on last email announcement).
  • Don’t forget the Camel Hump coming up. We now have some water jugs to put out for water stations.


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