3 Alarm Fun

When: 08/05/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): The Mole, Manning, Bloodhound, Sod Buster, The Mule, Aquaman, Law Dog, C-4, Cricket, Misty

When The Mole asked me if YHC would take the workout for Saturday, I totally thought I was going to have time to prep a solid hour long beatdown.  But then work was busy, we had plans to take the kids to hang out with some friends and as one thing compounded onto another I was laying in bed at almost 10 pm thumbing through the Exicon.  YHC had formulated enough of a plan to know that he wanted to bring along the sandbabies so I already coordinated with Blood hound and loaded those in his truck, but other than that..not nearly as prepared as I usually am or like to be.  But as luck would have it, not long after I started scrolling YHC came across a routine that had never experienced, so it was time.


Pre-Ruck 0600

5 Showed for the pre-Ruck including: Bloodhound, The Mole, Babyface, Aquaman, & Law Dog.  Aquaman & Law Dog were happy to have The Mole around to keep Bloodhound company as he raced ahead.  YHC decided to hang back with Aquaman & Law Dog, you know to not let them feel left out, had nothing to do with my lack of desire to keep running in order to maintain Bloodhounds pace.  We arrived back just in time after 2 loops around the schools and taking on the metal mountains a time or 2, which landed us at 3 miles.  Then it was time for more fun.


The Warm up:

We did a quick mosey and threw in a few IC exercises including SSH, Windmill, and Copper Head Squats.


The Thang

We returned back to Bloodhounds truck to pick up the sandbabies.  Everyone picked their favorite and we moseyed to the front teacher parking lot in front of the school where we partnered up for a special catch me if you can.  Partner A stated with 5 Burpees then ran to catch partner B who is running with the sandbag.  We did 3 full laps around the parking lot which were just between a quarter and a half mile.  It became real clear who did and who did NOT Pre-Ruck as those guys were REALLY hard to catch, but thanks for the challenge, ISI.

Once we finished that, it was time for the ALARM to sound, so we did  rounds of ALARM.

A – Arms/L – Legs/A – Abs/R – Run/M – Merkin

ALARM 1: 10 of each (except the run) – Curls (with sand bag); Lunges (each leg w/ sand bag); Big Boy sit ups; Run a lap around the parking lot; Merkins; Plank for the 6

Once everyone was in we did ALARM 2:  20 of each – Press (with sand bags); Squats (with sand bags); Reverse LBC; Backwards run a lab; Merkins; Again Plank for

Finally we wanted the burn of a true 3 alarm fire so we did

ALARM 3: 30 each – Bent over rows (with sand bags); Split Jumps (15 each leg); LBC; Suicides done the parking lot (stopping at each of the 4 lights); Merkins

We moseyed back to re-deposit the sand babies then circled up to keep the fire burning with 2 rounds of ring of fire with squats.  Followed with a little teaching on IC then a few Mary that I don’t remember all of but it included Big Boy Sit ups, Flutter Kicks, Merkins, American Hammer, and a few more.



  • Great time rucking this morning, honestly had a blast, as much as it sucked the life out of the rest of the workout.
  • 2nd F August 25th @ Naty Lites House give us a shout if interested
  • Trying to get a North ATL Fantasy Football league going but looking for 4-6 more guys
  • Reminder to Sign up for the Camel Hump

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