Blackjack Beatdown

When: 08/02/2017

QIC: Crablegs

PAX (): Virginia Slim, Doogie, Rooney, Caffeine, FORE!, Gearhead, Smackdown, Booter, Windex, Mad Dog, Squeegee, Circus, Bear, Bronco, Merlot, Waffles, Patch, Grease Monkey, Garfield, Bird Dog, Turbine, Hat Trick, Polaroid, Bill Nye, Double D, Sprocket, Aflac, Thumper, I-Beam

The numbers are staying strong, FNGs keep coming and Pax are stepping up to Q.  32 Pax this morning with 2 FNGs.  Foghorn is calling it potentially “problematic,” I’m gonna call it an opportunity to remedy before it becomes problematic.  Leaders emerging for the spread.  I digress.
Time came and we Moseyed to the gridiron parking lot
  • SSH (15 reps)
  • Squats (12 reps)
  • Merkins (12 reps)
  • Mountain Climbers (12 reps)
  • Alternating leg lunges  (12 reps)
Mosey to Football Field
The Thang:
Black Jack
  • 1-21 – Merkens
  • 21-1 – LBCs/Squats (alternating)
  • Running width of football field in between
  • Plank/Mary when finished
Mosey to Wall
  • Wall Jumps (OYO) – 20 reps
  • Dips (cadence) – 16 reps
  • Wall Jumps – 18 reps
  • Dips (cadence) – 14 reps
  • Wall Jumps – 16 reps
  • Derkens – 12 reps
  • Wall Jumps – 14 reps
  • Incline Merkens – 10 reps
Mosey to shovel flag
  • Flutter Kicks (25 reps)
  • Freddie Mercury (25 reps)

COT & Name-o-rama

Welcome to the two FNGs Trent aka 8Mile and Owen aka Homer.


  • Continuing with VQs at The Wreck with Aflac on Monday
  • Q School for those interested Tuesday 8/8 @ 0530
  • 2.0 Workout – Saturday 8/12 @ 0730
    • Evite for RSVPs has been sent.  Try and join for some family fun.
  • FiA (Females in Action) launch at Web Bridge Park on Saturday, September 9th @ 0800.  Tell your wives and I will send an email link for more info.


  • I introduced myself to an FNG that I noticed standing outside the group.  He told me that he had shown up at another group in the area maybe last week and they took off running at the start, which is the normal occurrence. Well, this FNG can’t run… Bad knee. He thought they would return after a warmup run, but of course they didn’t.  So he left when they didn’t return.  He asked me if we ran, which we do, but most of the workouts are in one area.  I convinced him to stay and said we can modify anything.  I shuffled with him to the warmup and I asked of his limitations and he said just the impact keeps him from running but he can do most anything else.  Perfect. With the large group that we have it takes awhile for everyone to get circled up, so we only missed a few reps of warmup.  We moseyed to the football field where we did the black jack WO, which he just walked from one side of the field to the other after he couldn’t run anymore.  Close to time I found him and said we are gonna head back just a little early so you can make the end.  I walked with him until the group caught us, I ran with the front, but then circled back and made sure he made it in.  He thanked me after and said he would have left again if I hadn’t of stuck with him.  We can modify for anyone.  Come out, do what you can and be a part of something more than a workout. And NEVER leave a man behind.

4 thoughts on “Blackjack Beatdown”

  1. Aye! That’s what it’s about right there. You may be the biggest, fastest, baddest dude in the PAX, but if you leave that one guy behind, you’ve cheated him and yourself. A bigger impact will be made when you stand next to your struggling Brother, encouraging him along the way, than you finishing sooner. That’s what giving it away and living for third is all about! Great job and proud to call you fellow F3 Brothers!

  2. Well done. If you’re in great shape, make circles from the front to the back. If you’re the Q, stop the group on a run every now and then and do 25 reps of something.


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