No Rhyme or Reason

When: 08/02/2017

QIC: C-4

PAX (): Bloodhound, Babyface, Hombre, Law Dog, Banjo, Westside, Sod Buster, Aquaman, The Mole, Cricket, Buckeye, Misty


Mosey around the parking lot, at the various corners the following:

SSH 15

Cotton Pickers 10

Monkey Humpers 15

Imperial Walkers 15

Mosey to the track.

The Thang

There was no theme or specific objective to this beat down, no rhyme or reason, other than to hit a number of different muscle groups, EYC, and get in some worthy cardio fitting of an explosive QIC.  We thus started with a little country music hall of fame:

Tammy Wynettes – Partner up.  One Kodiak HIM assuming Merkin position, the other “standing by the man,” adjacent to him preparing for the squat.  10 each, PAX in cadence, and then alternate, until the PAX achieved 100 of each.  This strengthening PAX flew through the first 75% without a hiccup, aside from a chirping belief that we were further along than we were, upon which the burn of the Merkins began to fire.  Nevertheless, we glide to the finish, sufficiently fitted for more.

Next up was a little leg loosening work, after those squats and monkey humpers.  Mosey to the Bear, then the PAX pulled a Griff:

800 meters (2 laps) run, 25 merkins, followed by a 400 meter (1 lap) backwards run and 50 LBCs.  Rinse & Repeat.  Plank until the six.  The Mole, accelerating man that he can be, glided per usual across the track, humbling your Q, Hombre, and Banjo while behind.

Kodiak ten count, then finally, a little Guantanamo (Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera . . . but YHC digresses), which consisted of circling up, on one’s back, legs inclined up at a 45 degree angle, upon which in sequence the circle each rotated throwing down the legs of the other respective HIMs.

Back to the flag, Mary:

BBSU – 20

Homer to Marge (Mr. Burns in absentia) – 10

Mountain Climbers (ode to Asheville) – 20

Flutter kicks – 10


Prayers for Banjo’s friend from high school; Buckeye’s family; and all kids returning to school this week or next.


*Law Dog was notably perky this morning, hustling up front in a put-me-in-coach type way to each respective exercise.

* 2nd F opportunity again in later August, the 25th or 26th, at Natty Lite’s

* New Ruck AO for Thurs, at Woodmont tennis courts, 5:30am, to ruck the Woodmont loop

* 6am Ruck Saturday morning before the beat down, to help prepare for the Labor Day CSAUP

* Sign up for the Lanier Spartan Super, October 21, Team name F3 North ATL

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