4 Corners to Hell n Back

When: 07/29/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Miller-time, Smackdown, Boomer, The Dab, Zima, Easy-go, Special K, Padre, Swiper, Devito, Moonshine (for Alpha Ruck)

We’ll combine the Alpha Ruck and Widowmaker BB’s for this week. 4 posted for AlphaRuck in the circle at 0600, including Moonshine for a Kotters. Was good to see him back out. Sounds like it may still be awhile before the hand is BD ready. Moonshine peeled off after the ruck leaving us with 10 for the main event. Here’s my memory of the morning:

Alpha Ruck

4 PAX set off into the gloom promptly at 0600.  Route took us out onto Kimball Bridge and then a quick left on Fox to explore the neighborhood streets bordering the park.  Exiting the neighborhood, we came back into the park via the Fox Road entrance and looped through the trails until it was time to head back to the cars in the circle.  3.3 miles in 50 minutes.  Good discussion along the way as always takes places with rucking.

Beatdown Warmup

Mosey up to the circle for some IC SSH, hillbillies, mountain climbers, merkins and cottonpickers.  All ready and warmed up, we moseyed back down onto the soccer field.

The Thang

Today was a 4 corners day … and there are a lot of corners on a soccer field.  First round used the 4 corners of the full field, running between corners.  10 reps at each corner of burpees, carolina dry docks, star jumps, and muktahr dihas.  Round 2 used the goal line and midfield as corners, running between.  This round was 20 reps each corner of Freddy mercury, diamond merkins, flutterkicks and J-Lo’s.  Round 3 was the corners of the penalty box with 30 reps at each corner of mountain climbers, lunges, plank jacks and some exercise I have since forgotten. Round 4 used the corners of the goalie box but this time we bear crawled between corners. 40 reps at each corner of merkins, LBC’s, SSH and squats.

At this point, since we had dug ourselves down into hell, it was time to dig back out. Repeat the same 4 rounds as above backwards this time. After round 2 we took a 1 minute water break. Then back to finishing the rounds. After the last round we moved over to the stone seating walls below the picnic tables for 3 sets of IC dips and step-ups. Time was short, so we returned to the field to finish with IC LBC’s, American hammers and side plank raises (brought by Miller Time).

COT / Moleskin

Continued prayers for healing for the injured and sick in our group.

Widowmaker is a good place for some new Q’s (or those who haven’t done it in a long time) to cut their teeth. I’m happy to split or hand-off Q if you want try it with a “safety net”. Hit me up if interested.

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