Asheville Spartan Super

When: 07/29/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): C-4, Bloodhound, & Babyface

On August 6, 2016 Matt Robida, Tim Carr, Tims wife, and myself ventured to Black Mountain for a fun day of mud and obstacles.  That day went south very quick.  Race start time issues, heat, lack of water, and a cursed terrain led to what would be a long and terrible day, only to be finished off by a quick accidental trip into Tennessee.  But then F3 entered.  Matt became C-4, Tim became Bloodhound, and I became more committed.  So when I heard C-4 was heading back to the mountain for another shot, I knew we could not let him face Asheville alone.  So the 3 of us (along with a friend of Bloodhounds) ventured north.  

The day broke with to a beautiful morning and after some eggs and some coffee we headed to Black Mountain.  We planted the Orange F3 Alpha CSAUP Flag and as a beacon in the night F3 HIMs from many regions came by to introduce themselves before the race but as the time neared, it was time to put pleasantries aside and get ready to conquer.  And Conquer we did, shaving an hour off our time from the previous year and more importantly feeling not nearly as close to death as last year.

I can say with a certain degree of certainty that F3 played a large role in that.  The 1st F clearly has played a role, but also the 2nd F.  Over the past year with completion of our 1st trifecta and the launching of the Kodiak the 3 of us have been able to accomplish a lot together, and consequently grown a bit closer.  Its 2 great guys that I’m glad to have had a chance to race with, workout with, and grow with.

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