Merkin Day

When: 09/23/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Locksmith, Sunshine, Lumberg, Saint2O, Boomer, Swiper, Zohan, Saban, Ha-Ha, Scrooge, Babyface, Zima, Special K, Flo, Sneakers, Devito

Was a good turnout today with 16 PAX posting for the Widowmaker BD. This wasn’t really planned as merkin day, but somehow merkins worked their way into every cycle. Here’s the story


Went a bit different for the warmup this morning. At 0700 we took off and moseyed to the trial entrance at the top of the parking lot and continued around to the bridge. Here we stopped for a quick IC 8-count hill billy. We continued the mosey down the trail, down the hill and along the lower creek path to the bridge before the hill. 10 IC cotton pickers and that was warmup.

The Thang

First cycle for the morning was 11’s up the trail hill with squats at the bottom and merkins at the top.  This hill is longer than YHC remembered … this was a lung crusher.  Plank for the 6. Once complete we headed back up to the rock pile and each selected a medium size coupon. We took them out on the soccer field, paired up and lined up on the end line. Next up was a rock DORA with 100 skull crushers, 200 shoulder presses and 300 curls. While one partner exercises, the other runs to midfield, 10 merkins and back. Flap jack.  LBC’s for the 6.

We then circled up for 15 IC rock raise presses. With that complete, we returned the coupons to the rock pile and lined up in 2 lines at one corner of the field. Merkin scout run for a few laps around the field until almost all had scouted twice (scouts complete 5 merkins at the next corner). Time was short so we stopped at the field corner near the parking lot and circled up. Round robin IC Mary, 15 count each. Apparently Locksmith didn’t feel like we had done enough merkins for the morning so he called for more during Mary.

COT / Moleskin

– Prayers for Flo’s wife

– Next quarter will be a rotational Q for Widowmaker. Sign up to Q on the Google docs sheet on the F3Alpha website under F3 Alpha Locations in the Widowmaker section.

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