Gneiss Day for a Beatdown

When: 09/23/2017

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Homeboy, Cricket, Misty, Banjo, The Mole, Preemie (FNG)

Warm Up:
Light Mosey across the parking lot over to the rock pile. The PAX’s grabbed a rock for a round of CORP (Circle of Rock Pain).
10 x Imperial Rockers IC
10 x Rock Squats IC
10 x Merkins w/ Right Hand on Rock IC
10 x Merkins w/ Left Hand on Rock IC
10 x Diamond Rock Merkins IC
The Thang:
Perform 100 curls, 100 triceps extensions, and 100 presses with the rock OYO. Cricket was smart enough to choose a smaller rock this time. After all three exercises were completed the PAX lined up on the path.
PAX jogged roughly 0.67 miles to the other side of the park OYO and met up at another rock pile.
PAX picked up another rock from this rock pile and then lined up on the track. PAX Frankenstein walked with the rock extended roughly 100m and then with the rock overhead they lung walked back up the path. Rinse and repeat 1x.
PAX discarded their rocks back to the rock pile and then jogged the other 0.66 miles back to the first rock pile. The Mole who is still on the IR had the PAX performing some MARY until the 6 came in.
Once all PAX were in, we again, picked up a rock from the rock pile and performed 50 calf raises, 25 single leg squats with the left leg, and then 25 single leg squats with the right leg.
Quick 10 count and then we were back on path to jog another 0.67 miles back to the 2nd rock pile.
Once all PAX were in, we again, grabbed a rock and performed 50 LBC’s with rock extended and then 50 American Hammers while holding the rock.
After replacing the rocks the PAX’s Moseyed back to the flag. Cricket and Misty literally scaled hills taking the shortest route back. Homeboy stopped to try to recruit another park patron to join in on the fun.
With the remaining 6 minutes The Mole led the group in some MARY.
Thanks to Homeboy for bringing the coffee. We circled up to finish naming the FNG who had to leave 5 minutes early. We had all agreed to name him Felix after Fix it Felix from Wreck it Ralph because he works with restoration, but after an early departure we all decided to name him Preemie.
Thoughts and Prayers and Homeboy announced the start of another men’s group beginning Friday 10/6

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