When: 09/14/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Nacho, Crack, Ha-Ha, Lumberg, Swingline, Cookie, Devito, Special K, Legos, Bayside, Jackelope, Slip'n'slide, Radar, TO, Miller Time

With thanks to Hickory, YHC was offered the Q for today’s beatdown and who doesn’t like to Q during their birthday week?  Especially with perfect fall like temps.  We more than doubled our number from Hurricane Tuesday with a healthy 15 pax today.
With a mosey to the FOD, we took a warmup lap practicing our backward and Karaoke technique.  Circled up at home plate for an extensive warmup that consisted of Cotton Pickers.  On to business; line up third base line for some Charles Bronson action!  42 SSH, run to 20 feet short of the warning track and army crawl to the fence, mosey back to third base line, repeat with 42 Mercans, 42 Squat Jumps and 21 burpees.  Two more sets remained with 21 more Burpee’s and 42 Burpees.
Mosey to the playground for 42 pull ups.  No, not all at once.  We partnered up and did sets of 10, 8, 6,6,6,6.  Partner B was doing 8 count Body Builders (in honor of Mufasa; our friend who used to love those)
Mosey to Grits Pavilion for 42 dips, 42 step ups and BTTW to failure.
Back to the flag for some MARY involving 42 V-ups, 42-second low plank hold and 42 dolly
  • Prayer’s for T.O’s friend who has a child in a coma
  • New F3 Shirt Pre Order discussion – Need 12 to get an order
  • During Squat Jumps, Nacho wanted to know why I have to be so old.
  • Tough hombre award goes to Crack for using the swingset bar for pull ups – no easy feat with average size hands
  • Plan for a 2nd F next Thursday 6:00 PM Hop Alley
  • Devito was close to spilling Merlot post beatdown today – no credit given to YHC.  Something unrelated possibly.

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