Scratchers, Duffers, Slicers and Hookers

When: 10/18/2017

QIC: Crack/Law Dog

PAX (): All Pax

There has been a lot of mumble chatter over the last couple of years as to the best ball striker in the Pax. While some of that talk has been dished and delivered at Top Golf, nothing can truly be decided at a driving range. Even with technologically advice computer chips and sensors, it is really just a video game. Only on the links, playing 18 (and drinking beer), can a man truly display his genius (or luck) for the greatest game.  Therefore, All Pax are challenged to test their skills on October 18, 2017 at Echelon Golf Club (501 Founders Dr E, Alpharetta, GA 30004). Start time will be around lunch time.  Cost will be a guest rate of 49.50 thanks to Crack’s good looks and smooth talking.  (Depending on interest, we may look to collect donations above the greens fee for a charity or organization of our choice).

Once we know how many Pax sign up, we will pick a format. Scramble (traditional, Texan or Floridian), best ball, modified stableford, chapman, bingo bango bongo, Chicago, Quota, Peoria, Devil Ball, Nassau or some combination thereof with a Weinke are all options.  We might even throw in some extra credit burpee fun or add an AO Ryder Cup challange. (Not to mention expected side games between groups and individuals for additional bragging rights). Whatever the format all Pax with all skill levels should have fun and a chance to become legendary.

Let Law Dog or Crack know if you intend on playing so we can block of the appropriate amount of tee times.

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