Tour of Failures

When: 09/09/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Boomer, Saint2O, Zohan, Dosido, Moonshine, Saban, Special K, Devito

Last time I led a Widowmaker beatdown (Starburst), I got a bit of feedback about not fully utilizing the large park we had at our disposal that week. I’m happy to oblige reasonable requests, so for this BD I decided we would take a tour to see all the park had to offer. Here’s how we toured:


Mosey up to the top of the parking lot next to the trail for a quick warmup with IC SSH, cotton pickers, and hill billies. Didn’t want to run out of time so let the tour commence.

The Thang

Our tour began with a BLIMPS trail run. Start with 10 burpees in the lot, then stop for an exercise at each intersection/entry, increasing the rep count by 10 each stop, to finish with 60 squats at the top on the hill. Plank for the 6. Next we ran down the hill to Kings Field for our next tour stop. Partner up for our first “Failure” … merkins to failure. 1st partner does as many merkins in a row as possible with no break while 2nd partner watches. Upon failure, flapjack. Continue switching until each partner has pushed for 3 rounds. On rounds 2 and 3, you must get to a 25 count even if you need to drop your knees to finish the set. After the 3rd round, we returned to the base of the hill for hill sprints. OYO sprint to the top, then return to the base and plank for the six. After a 10 count, another sprint up the hill, but this time stay at the top with flutter kicks for the six.

We then moseyed over to the playground for our next stop. A quick round of IC LBC’s to let all PAX gather, then partner up again by the swings. Partner 1 assumes a plank with feet up on a swing and Partner 2 holds an Al Gore squat. Partner  1 does swing kicks until Partner 2 fails, then flapjack. Continue until each partner has held Al Gore to failure 3 times. Now mosey over to the building in the center of the baseball fields and partner up again. 1 holds balls to the wall while 2 does monkey humpers. Flapjack when 1 fails. Two rounds on the wall each.

We were now approaching 7:45 so time to head back near the parking area to let PAX peal off as needed for FIA 2.0 swap. We moseyed to the picnic tables for our next failure … dips. OYO dips to failure, then derkin plank until all PAX complete. 3 sets of at least 20 dips each with IC step-ups in between sets. Our final failure of the morning took us down to the rock pile to select a medium-large coupon. 2 sets of curls OYO to failure with 20 air presses in between to loosen arms. Head back to the flag for a 90 second elbow plank to finish the BD.

COT / Moleskin

– Prayers for those in Texas and the Caribbean affected by storms, and for those in FL as Irma moves closer.

– Good to see Babyface and Bloodhound down to join us from the great North. Here to support their M’s with a 2.0 swap for the FIA launch.

– Looked like a good turn out for the FIA launch as we wrapped up. Go get ’em ladies.

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