Feel the Bern

When: 09/08/2017

QIC: Smackdown

PAX (): Chelsea, Turbine, Sprocket, Greese Monkey, DD, Pegs (FNG), Crab Legs, Percy, Squeegee, Circus, TP, Rooney, Idol, Booter, Birddog, Screech, Tooth Pick, Nature Boy

19 PAX braved the gloom for a Friday beatdown that was just what the Doc ordered. At 5:20 I was a little worried the numbers wouldn’t meet Wreck standards, but the headlights kept coming. I did hear some dreading comments about this being a “Smackdown workout” that just warmed my heart. I can only hope the morning lived up to previous beatdowns of my early career as Q. 5:30 AM hits and we circle the shelter next to parking lot.

Warm Up
Slaughter Starter: 20 burpees OYO; then plank for the six. Once everyone is finished we mosey to the football field. PAX hits the goal line for air squats during introduction, disclaimer and all around goodtime.

The Thang
Charles Branson: 100-yard sprint to opposite goal line, army crawl to back of end zone for 50 merkins then jog back to starting goal line. Rinse and repeat with 50 LBC’s, 50 diamond merkins, and 50 BB sit-ups. Mary for the Six.

4 Corners: 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 BB sit-ups & 40 flutter kicks (3 count)

Mosey to the BA hill

Sevens Bernie Sanders Style: 1 merkin at the bottom of the hill, backwards run up for 6 LBC’s. Rinse and repeat to 6 merkins / 1 LBC. This. Was. FUN. Ask Chelsea. Mary for the six.

Bear Crawl Line of Fire: PAX lines up in bows and toes. Turbine starts with 10 merkins, resumes bows and toes, while man to his left completes 10 merkins. Continue down the line till each man has completed 10 merkins. Recover and mosey back to circle the shelter.

24 sweat angel’s, 15 E2K’s (oblique crunch) each leg called by Chelsea then Sprocket took us home with 25 Freddie Mercury’s. All 3-count IC.

As I explained to the PAX the only thing that got me out of the fartsack yesterday was the Q. Had I not been responsible for the workout I would have stayed home. This week has been a struggle at home and at the office. I can’t thank all the guys enough for showing up, stepping up and pushing one another. It was a pleasure!

Announcements / Prayer Requests

  • 7:30 AM trail run with Saturday with Aflac… already happened. He missed the
  • Friday workout, but DD was there. Big push for this feud!
  • Several babies on the way, keep those families in your thoughts and prayers as well as all those dealing with the aftermath of Harvey and Irma.
  • Six for coffee at CLC including iBeam who skipped the workout… I guess traveling is an excuse
  • Welcome FNG Joe (Pegs)

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