Parking Lot Zoo

When: 09/06/2017


PAX (): Ha-Ha, Bear, Olaf, Swiper, Cookie, Moonshine, Sunshine, Roll Tide, Gibson, Rail Rider, Donner, Snuka, Emeril, The Nurse, Ice-Ice, TO

A perfect cool crisp morning greeted the pax in the dimly lit Caney Creek parking lot at 0515.  The NLB van arrived a few minutes early with a highly motivated bunch.  YHC has to say it got him pumped up for a beat down.  We started with a bit of a delay due to some late arrivals of veteran pax who are still adjusting to the longer commute across Alpharetta.  Names and humiliation will be withheld in gratitude for coming out to support the launch.

Warm Up:

Moseyed around the parking lot for a lap and a half and then circled up.  The warm up included 15x SSH, 12x Imperial Walker and 14x Cotton Pickers.


The Thang:

The Pax partnered up with FNGs finding a veteran pax.  We were on for a visit to the F3 zoo.  One partner did LBCs while the other Bear Crawled across the parking lot to the curb and did 10 Derkins.  Run back to the partner and switch; complete two rounds for each Pax.  Repeat the same 2X each doing the Cheetah and then Elephant Walk.

After the visit to the zoo was complete we headed over to the field for some 11s.  We lined up in the middle of the field (width wise) and started with one LBC at the bottom and 10 Burpees at the top.  Plank for the six.

A cool down lap around the parking lot and we were about out of time so no Mary since we needed time for Name-a-Rama for nine FNGs.  YHC kinda felt bad for Roll Tide, a devout Auburn fan.


Prayers for Roll Tide’s sister recovering from serious back surgery as well as the people in Houston who were impacted by Harvey and those in Florida who may be in the path of Irma.

We still need to name the AO.  YCH will follow up with NLB.  One suggestion, in the spirit of caning, a popular form of corporal punishment, is The Whipping Post (listen to the Allman Bros Live from the Fillmore East if you’ve never heard the song).

YHC is inspired by the support for launching of this AO.

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