Burpees – the Musical

When: 09/06/2017


PAX (): Smackdown, Polaroid, Booter, Caboose, Chelsea, Doogie, Birddog, I-Beam, Toothpick, Grease Monkey, Circus, Rooney, Crab Legs, Gearhead, Percy (FNG), Sprocket, Garfield, Hat Trick, Miller Time, Thumper, TP, Bronco, Screech, 8-mile, Virginia Slim, Jackalope

A healthy showing of 27 PAX (including 1 FNG) showed up on a cool and breezy morning for a thematic beat-down of musical proportions.  We were treated to a bonafide Epstein’s Mother courtesy of Double-D who was afraid of getting wet and had a prior commitment of dubious origins.  YHC thinks something else was afoot but that’s a matter for a different and less reputable discussion forum.

At 0530 sharp, PAX moseyed to the lacrosse field get it on.

Warm up

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Abe Vigoda (Windmills old-man style for Virginia Slim)
  • Merkins

Warm-up +

  • Chumbaburpee – after some initial technical difficulties (YHC couldn’t see the damn volume buttons), SSH to the song Tubthumper by Chumbawampa and Burpees on the verse “I get knocked down”.  All in, 27 Burpees for those keeping track.  I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I can’t get that damn song outta my head now.

The Thang

Continuing with the musical theme, YHC queued up some old-school Rush to kick off a round of Red Barchetta, consisting of:

  • Run 100, 100 SSH, return 100 and SSH wait for 6.
  • Run 75, 75 mountain-climbers, return 75 and mountain-climbers for the 6 (this is when YHC realized that lacrosse fields are not yardage-marked).
  • Run 50, 50 big-boy sit-ups, return 50 and big-boy sit-ups for the 6.
  • Run 25, 25 diamond merkins, return 25 and diamond merkins for the 6.
  • Run 10, 10 burpees, return 10 and burpees for the 6.

PAX smoked the Red Barchetta so YHC called an audible and directed all to the wall to change things up a bit with 2 rounds of the following:

  • 20 incline merkins, 20 step-ups (20 each leg), 20 dips.  Plank for 6, rinse-repeat.

As 0600 rolled around, YHC decided we had just enough time for a quick musical smoke-fest, Tabata style.  Inspired by the Rocky theme, PAX pushed through 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 off burpees.  YHC heard a “Yo Adrian” or two at the start, and plenty of groaning by round 4.  By round 8, suckage was abundant.

Mosey back to flag for:

  • Flutter kicks
  • Captain Thor (1:4 ratio of Big-Boy sit-ups to American Hammer).  PAX made it to 5 before time was called.


  • If it’s any measure, Birddog thought he had turned into Crab Legs by the end.
  • Q sheet is nearly booked through EOY!  Way to go gentlemen!
  • 3rd F starting this week (Thursday, 9/7) at Crazy Love Coffee led by Thumper and Sprocket.  See Slack (#thewreck3rdf) for details and updates.
  • Spread the wealth — Wills Park (aka “The Rubicon”) has beat-downs on Tues/Thurs @ 0530, so perfect complement to the Wreck schedule.
  • NLB at Caney Creek AO Wednesdays at 0515.  Try to attend a beat-down in a show of support, and spread to word to anyone in that neck of the woods.
  • 0730 trail run this Saturday from Oxbo trail-head.


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