Labor of Pain Day

When: 09/04/2017

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Bear, Gingivitis, Screech, DD, TP, Patch, Caffeine, Hemingway (FNG), Grease Monkey, Bam, Circus, Rooney, Squeegee, Sprocket, AFLAC, Doogie, Chelsea

The Wreck’s first holiday hours workout was a good showing of 18 Pax.  YHC decided to step up with the open Q spot available.  I should really start planning these Qs, but they seem to come together pretty well on the fly.

0700 came a minute early on my watch, but DD may be the new resident time keeper, so we moseyed.

Warm-up?  COP in a line?  Anyways….

We came to the BA Hill and the paxed lined up for some excercises

  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Down the hill
  • Mountain Climbers – 25 IC
  • Up the hill
  • Merkins – 20 IC
  • Down the hill
  • Peter Parkers – 25 IC
  • Up the hill
  • Freddie Mercury – 25 IC
  • Down the hill
  • Parker Peters – 25 IC
  • Up the Hill
  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Down the hill
  • Flutter kicks – 30 IC
  • Up the hill
  • LBCs – 25 IC
  • Down the hill
  • Something here, probably IC 25

Quick mosey to the Gridiron

The start of numerous Thangs

Jack Webbs

1:4 Ratio Merkins to Shoulder presses   –   The pax are strong, need coupons next time.

Lt. Dan variation

Starting on the goal line, one walking lunge each leg then one squat adding one squat after each lunge set.  Once the pax got to 10 squats, increase lunges to two lunges each leg, but continuing the squat increase.  Once the pax reached the 50 it was an awkward sprint to the other goal line.

We worked for the 6, once the 6 came in, a quick 10 count then it was a 70% sprint to the 50 then 100% to the opposite goal line.  Needed to get the blood pumping and stretch the legs.

Changing locations, quick mosey with numerous Mary stops along the way to keep the pax together and working.  LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Low Dollys, Crunchy Frogs, probably something else.

The Pax made it to the pond, where another round of pain came.

DORA 1, 2, 3

Pax partner up and complete as a team 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats.  Partner A runs the pond while Partner B performs the exercise, then switch.

Planked for the 6 and we were off again on another mosey towards the flag.

YHC stopped the pax in the last parking lot before the shovel flag for a round of Ring of Fire.  Everyone in the plank position while two pax opposite each other perform 10 merkins, then the pax to their right performs 10 merkins and so and and so forth until each pax had a couple rounds.

Quick mosey to the flag for a couple more rounds of Mary to finish it off.


  • Caffeine welcomed their newest child last week.  Congrats!
  • NLB at Caney Creek AO Wednesdays at 0515.  Help support that outreach.  Also, this AO is open to anyone in that area, so if you know someone that is interested in F3 please invite them.
  • We have a lot of strong pax that still need to step up and Q.  The Q sheet looks great with a lot of variety in the Qs on there.  Find a spot for your name.

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