Twas the Thursday before Halloween…

When: 10/26/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Jackalope, Bayside, Radar, Southwest, Nacho Libre, Miller Time, Special K, Devito, Legos, Mayhem, Blue Steel, Swingline, Tenderfoot, Zima, Krueger, Ha-ha

It is always great to be in the gloom

I have to get up and leave my warm bedroom

To see my brothers when they huff and puff

To bring the Q and to make it tough

The weather was perfect to my way of thinking

39 degrees and the stars out a winking

We met by the flag until it was time

16 brothers in all, my partners in crime

We all grab a bag and called them our girl

we moseyed out to go for a whirl

up to the big lot and then we circled the flag

a short warm up after putting down our bag

Side Straddle Hop and Cotton Pickers were named

That is enough, now on with The Thang

One exercise til failure and then run a big loop

always with your girl, that was the scoop

Merkins, then Squats and then some Bent Rows

Run the big lot after and plank till the six shows

Curls and Presses were done with great zeal

Check form to make sure you got the real deal

Again back to Merkins for just one last round

It didn’t take long to drop that bag on the ground

Run back to the shovel, the one with the flag

We are done with the girls and now we can brag

But not finished yet, till we circle for Mary

Keep you feet off the pavement, this could get hairy

Six inches and bounce, center, left and right

Our abs are rebelling and looking to fight

V-ups were next, LBCs and Dieing Cockroach

Freddy Mercury followed but not yet to your coach!

American Hammers and then we were done

Our abs are screaming but wasn’t it fun?


Relive the workout:


Prayers for Mufasa as he goes to get checked out after his tumble Tuesday

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