Good stewards!

When: 10/22/2017

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Boomer, Special K, Zima, Saint 2O, Zohan

6 pax gathered at the widow maker for a Saturday beatdown.  The crowd was light due to Friday night ruck and the Spartan race but everyone seemed to be happy to have gotten out of the fart sack.  Lucky for YHC, Devito asked if I would Q the workout.  Well I must have forgotten and YHC didn’t have anything planned.  So here goes the mess.

Warm up – mosey around the pitch and 12 SSH, Cotton Pickers, Lunges, Squats, Merkins, and Plank Jacks.

Suicides on the pitch with 10 merkins on every far line.

Now YHC was running out of Ideas so why not mosey.  As the pax moved along Boomer saw a coupon on the field and  he wanted to return it to its proper place.  So as we carried the coupon we couldn’t help but to look for its home.  So were is the coupons home?  It had to be a the bottom of the hill? Right?

Mosey to the bottom of the hill all taking turns carrying the coupon.  Once at the bottom one person does curls while the rest run up the hill.  Alternate all the way through.  After 5 times up the hill it was time for an assembly line to carry the coupon back.  It was a struggle getting the assembly line started!  Henry Ford wouldn’t have been proud.  As the pax started to get to the top someone started a chant, in honor of Foghorn,  “No more fat pants”  and that seemed to get the Pax’s spirits up .

Once at the top of the hill we took turns carrying the coupon around the trial back to the rock pile.  We safely deposited the rock back to its home in time for a few minutes of Mary.

TClaps for Boomer and Zohan for the 1.5 Hour ruck and the beatdown.

COT: Prayers for the family of the mother that died in a car accident on 400.

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