Burpees in the Darkness

When: 10/09/2017

QIC: Smackdown

PAX (): 8 Mile, Patch, Rusty, Squeegee, Toothpick, Chelsea, Doogie, Turbine, Virginia Slim, Grease Monkey, Goat, Moonshine, Windex, Sprocket, DD, Hat-trick, Larry, Caboose

19 gents ditched the fartsack for a pitch-black Monday morning at the Wreck. The calendar says it is Fall, but there were cooler days with less humidity in August! 5:30a hits so we circle-up.

Warm Up
10 Slow Count Cotton Picker
10 SSH
10 Mountain Climber
10 Imperial Walker
We mosey… With the gloom being extra gloomy this morning YHC may have veered the PAX, ever so slightly, off the trial into native areas. Regardless, we course corrected and reached the gridiron.

The Thang
Burpee Broad Jump – PAX starts on goal line with one burpee into a broad jump then rinse and repeat to opposite goal line. Thanks to Grease Monkey and DD for the reminder of that famous audible called at my VQ.

American Hammers for the six.

B.O.M.B.S – Partner up. PAX 1 performs exercise at goal line while PAX 2 runs to opposite goal line and back. Swap out and continue exercise until each amount of reps are complete.
– 50 Burpees
– 100 Shoulder Raises (3-count: Lateral, Front & Press)
– 150 Merkins
– 200 Big Boy Sit-ups
– 250 Squats

Had to cut this one short so we could make time. I threw in a few flutter kicks IC then we mosey back to the “flag” for COT. Not much chatter as the six comes in, I’ll take that as a job well done!

We were flagless this morning. I’m sure there is a term for this in the Lexicon, but I give up after “C.” Let us know if you have the flag and if you plan to post  Wednesday.

Bronco joins Aflac on the IR after a tree root jumped right up and bit him during the Saturday morning trail run. Bronco is signed up for two Q’s next week that may need filling. Heal up quick gentlemen!

Welcome Goat who joined us from Rubicon!

Prayer Requests
Keep Bear’s family in mind this week as the newest 2.0 has surgery.

Caboose asks for proactive thoughts and prayers as he begins a 24-hour retreat.

Always a pleasure gentleman!

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