Who spiked the punch?

When: 09/28/17

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Swiper, Darth, Reuben, Homeboy, the Body, Olaf, Snake

Mosey around the kidney bean and down to the track.
– Finkle Swings
– Nancy Carrigans
– 11’s Dips and Burpees

The Thang!
Mosey over to the skate park for a Punch Bowl!
– Sets of 1:1 up to 5:5 and back down to 1:1 Mercans and Groiners, between each set climb down into the bowl of the half pipe and back up. Easy right!
– On our six for LBC recovery
– Brisk mosey to the parking lot for suicides and bear-crawl suicides
– Mosey back up the hill for flutters
– Mosey to the rock pile for curls, skull crushers and OHP
– Indian run to the other side of the kidney and sprint to the flag

Back at the flag
– Around the horn with Rosalitas, American hammer, big boy sit ups, climb your leg, freddy mercury, seal sit-ups.

We enjoyed our friendly company from the Kodiak, Homeboy and Tool Man! Homboy will be VQ Monday morning at the Kodiak, everyone is invited.

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