When: 10/04/2017

QIC: C-4

PAX (): Harp, Babyface, Westside, The Mole, Hombre, Law Dog, Hasbro, Legionnaire, Woody, Cricket, Manning, Dory, Wham-O, FNG Demon Deacon (DD)

YHC did not get the chance to end properly the third quarter with his Wednesday Q last week, so upon a switch with Babyface, the honor was due today.  YHC felt it was important to begin his Q with where his virgin Q began earlier this year – that is, to provide our hearts a RUSH of adrenaline early and with some heavy running along the way.  It was also a pleasant surprise that the signature Wednesday warm-up of Happy Jacks and Monkey Humpers warmed the hearts and comforted the minds of many of the PAX the night prior to this beatdown, such that they were pleading for more at The Thang.


Parking lots moseying interspersed with

** 20 Happy Jacks

** 20 Monkey Humpers (Monkey Humper Wednesday)

** 10 Cotton Pickers

Head to the middle school parking lot.

The Thang

** Red Barchetta – Five 100 yard or 50 yard sprints followed by exercises:  Sprint 1, 50 Happy Jacks (requested); Sprint 2, 75 Mountain Climbers; Sprint 3, 50 LBCs; Sprint 4, 25 Merkins; Sprint 5, 10 burpees.

YHC and this Q for the day was hoping for a member of the PAX to compete seriously for sprint victory, given the young blood in this PAX, but alas, C4 was not to be overblown, although Cricket made a valiant effort, crippling C4 for the rest of the beatdown.

Circle up

** Mucho Chesto – 5 sets of 10 merkins – regular, diamond, wide, left forward, right forward.

Ready for some more running.

** Limelight Trifecta – YHC wanted a lengthy run to accompany the early sprinting and yet also work the legs and core following the upper body merkins of mucho chesto.  The track outlined in YHC’s head featured long paths in the gloomy shadows only to appear into the light to perform the exercises, hence Limelight Trifecta.

Start in middle school parking lot, 25 Monkey Humpers , run to first triangle point at the end of Rt 66, then 50 mountain climbers, then to next triangle point at the football field entrance, 25 donkey kicks, then back to middle school.  Rinse and repeat.

Back to the flag, Mary, consisting of Captain Thor, fulfilled up to 8:32.

Time.  Total miles completed were 2.5, max speed 19mph.


** Prayers for all those impacted by the Las Vegas tragedy.


** 2.0 campout at Carters Lake

** Frogtown 10 miler cross country race this weekend (openings still available –

** F3ALPHA golf outing at Echelon, Oct 18th

** Men’s Group this Friday, 5:30am at Homeboy’s, covering “Seven,” on the elements of biblical manhood

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