Jackelope for the Win

When: 10/03/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Tenderfoot (FNG), Lowes (FNG),  Moonshine, Bayside, Jackelope, Kreuger, Nacho, Cookie, Devito, Special K, T.O., Zohan, Meatloaf, Legos, Mufasa, Fondue, Dosido, Miller Time

As Q 4 begins, it’s interesting to see how much the Rubicon Pax List has changed in the 9 months since the year began.  A small contingent of men from 2016 remains along with 70% new additions.  In addition to the core benefit of helping men find fitness, fellowship, and faith in something greater, it shows why we must continue to recruit new men.  Attrition!  Attrition for many reasons, some better than others.  Congratulations to those pax who are the anchors of this AO and others.  It’s also clear we will have some strong new additions to that multi-year list in 2018.   It was great to have two FNG’s out this morning (apologies to Lowes who I didn’t realize was an FNG until the end)
Enough about that, It was a fun morning with perfect weather as 18 pax posted for some fitness.  Ater a mosey to the flagpole, we warmed up with some SSH, Sumo Squats and 20 Burpees.
On to the Field of Dreams for a borrowed exercise sequence originated by one of those previously mentioned anchors and now classified as Cookie Chesto.
10 Mercans at Home Plate – Bear crawl to 1st base, 10 Wide grip Mercans, crabwalk to Second, 10 diamond mercans, reverse crabwalk to third, 10 offset mercans, cheetah run to home, 10 opposite offset mercans.  We completed this cycle twice.
Next we had two lines for a three lap scout run.
Gathered in the outfield, Partnered up and did a little Tammy Whynette.  First cycle Partner A did Squats, Partner B Big Boy’s to 100 reps, Second cycle Lunges and Reverse LBC’s.
Back to the Flag for some MARY.  We learned how to engage our lower back so we could properly hold the Hollow Man form and really work our core for over a minute hold.
Followed this with some box cutter, Plank Hold and a Special K led flutter kick.
  • Prayers for those affected in Las Vegas.
  • Caney Creek tomorrow 5:15 – HaHa on Q – Show up if you can
  • Q sign up sheets – We need someone for Rubicon one day next week.
  • Jackelope opened up the throttle to show young Bayside that the old man has some speed left in him as they sprinted against each other during the scout run.  Now we just need Jackelope to show the young lad how dad leads a group of men (hint, hint….. VQ??)
  • Planning a 2nd F event next Friday at Avalon to watch Meatloaf’s band rock out.  More details coming.
  • Congrats to I-Beam on the arrival of his new 2.0!

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