A World Cup-worthy VQ–without the drama.

Where: The Wreck

When: 22 June 2018

PAX:  Zima, Bronco, U-turn, Ariel, I-Beam, Virginia Slim, TP, Fondue Guy, Sprocket, Hat Trick, Circus, Thumper, Squeegee, Bieber, Sellout, Doogie, AFLAC, Jackalope

Q: Cornhole

What better way to prepare for fall soccer than by treating my brothers to my first workout that is worthy of a winning team?


YHC lead the PAX on an easy mosey on the trail for about a half-mile before stopping at a parking lot next to the pool to perform about 15 rep’s of the following exercises:

  • Cotton Pickers
  • Windmills
  • Imperial Walkers

After seeing that the PAX were ready to get to work, YHC called for 2-man teams to be formed and to remember to remain in said teams for the duration of the workout.

The Thang

YHC lead the mosey to the bottom of the big hill (AFLAC has another name for it, so, you’ll have to read his BB for that), and had all teams line up  Round 1 consisted of partner 1 doing two sprints up the hill and 10 Merkins while partner 2 held in a plank position awaiting his turn.  Once the runner returned to the bottom of the hill, the second partner took his turn running the hill. This round was done for a duration of 8.5 minutes.  After a 10 count, YHC lead the PAX on a mosey to the playground for round 2.

For round 2, with its duration of 8.5 minutes, consisted of a rotation between partners as partner  1 did a total of 35 rep’s of a combination of 3 exercises: pull-ups, jump squats and Merkins while his teammate patiently performing burpees while awaiting his turn .  After a quick rest, YHC lead the PAX to the football field for round 3.

Round 3 consisted of one partner doing mountain climbers while his teammate jump side-to-side over the legs of the mountain climber 10x.  Once both teammates had performed their exercises, they both ran the length of the field and returned to their starting position to perform 21 air squats. The duration was like the first 2 rounds: 8.5 minutes.

YHC could tell that the PAX were ready to return to the flag, so, while giving ‘Slim a “respectable” head start, the remainder of us formed a Indian run line and did our best to let Slim feel good about beating us back to the flag while we took turns sprinting and yelling promises to ‘Slim that we were going to catch him. The threats turned up empty as we arrived at the flag with empty lungs and no time for Mary.


Prayers for Smackdown’s family as they deal with with his aunt’s situation, unspoken requests and for my “Papa” (grandpa) who has begun chemotherapy for Stage IV lymphoma and for his wife that is caring for him.

Really thankful for a group of guys that are making each other stronger and that hold each other accountable.

Cornhole out.




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