The Gladiator Launch @ ERP

AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/19/2018

QIC: Spandex

PAX (): Sunshine, Kyle Koonz (FNG-Viking), Will Holbrook (FNG-Peg Leg), Daren Koff (FNG-Kegger), Andrew Fambrough (FNG-Yogi), DC2, John Altier (FNG-Wolverine), Jeff McMichael (FNG-Postal), Crab Legs, Seth Deichman (FNG-Socks), Thumper, Shawn Stanish (FNG-Motown), Cookie, Flo, Roger Hargreaves (FNG-Puddle Jumper), Squeegee, Bronco, Scar, Haha, Moonshine, Zima, Greece Monkey, AFLAC, Tee Pee, Mad Dog, Jackalope, Double D, Beauty, Virginia Slim, Spanex

The Launch of The Gladiator FINALLY arrived!   It has seemed like forever since Scar and I began the planning, promotion, shovel flag construction, logo design, and all the other odds and ends that needed to get checked off the list.

Thank you Scar for working with me on this launch!  You were a big help!

Thank you to all that came out to support the launch!!!  Your presence and support really meant a lot and you helped create a great experience for the  9 FNGs.  They will be back!!!

A PAX of 30 with 9 FNGs!

YHC had no idea how many would arrive for this inaugural beatdown.  I was a bit nervous when the cars kept pulling in.  But overall, 30 was a fairly manageable number.

At 5:29 I read through the disclaimer and was pretty thorough as we had 9 FNGs that may or may not be physically ready for a beatdown.

Time to mosey…

Warm O Rama:

After a short mosey towards the park entrance, we circled up for a warm-up.

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 Hillbillies

The Thang:

The PAX then had a short mosey up the hill to the park entrance parking lot for some 4 corners.

4 Corners:

PAX will run to corner 1 and perform 20 squats then run to corner 2 and perform 20 mekins, corner 3 perform 20 mountain climbers with a 4 count, and then finally back to where we started and perform 20 big boy sit-ups.

Mary for the 6

Rinse and Repeat

Short Mosey to the Planters at the Baseball Fields

Planter Exercises:

  • 20 Step ups with 4 count
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Burpees

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey down the sidewalk between baseball fields to the main parking lot and head to soccer field 2.

Partner Suicide Relay:

  • Partner relay: 300 Squats, 200 Merkans, 100 LBCs
  • One partner runs one segment of a suicide while the other performs the prescribed exercises
  • When partner returns, you switch so the other partner performs the prescribed exercises and the other completes a suicide segment.
  • Keep switching until you’ve completed all Squats, Merkans, and LBCs.
  • Bear crawl out to the penalty box and when returning, crab walk back to baseline

Mary for the 6

Mosey back to the flag for Mary

Nantan Gladiator!
We’re all glad he wore underwear!


Time to name the FNGs!!!

  1. Kyle Koonz (FNG-Viking) I’m not sure the spelling of his name
  2. Will Holbrook (FNG-Peg Leg)
  3. Daren Koff (FNG-Kegger)
  4. Andrew Fambrough (FNG-Yogi)
  5. John Altier (FNG-Wolverine)
  6. Jeff McMichael (FNG-Postal)
  7. Seth Deichman (FNG-Socks)
  8. Shawn Stanish (FNG-Motown)
  9. Roger Hargreaves (FNG-Puddle Jumper)

The PAX chimed in with general questions about what F3 is.  The more seasoned “members” answered questions and made most of the FNGs comfortable.  I’m confident that most, if not all, FNGs will return.

Thank you again very much for your support with this launch and creating some excitement among the PAX!!!

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