A little “Around the World” summer vacation!

AO: The Firehouse

When: 06/19/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Dash, Skynyrd, Beans, Fudd

YHC knew we would be a little short on particants today with all the PAX out on vacation. Not one to let the guys endure the envy of someone else’s pleasures, I immediately put together a summer trip they would not soon forget!

Time to mosey!

a short trip to the center of what would soon be considered “the world”

Warm O Rama

15 each IC


Copper Head Squats


Weed Pickers

Mosey back to the truck to retrieve a girlfriend for our mini summer vacation!


The Thang

with the GFs on our shoulders(rucking) we made our way to the lower parking lot (AKA: The World) we stopped at each bioretention extension for a variety of exercises.

First lap around the world we did the following exercises, alternating between legs and upper body with sets of 10.



Clean and Jerk


the second lap we did the following exercises in sets of 10.

Bent Upright Rows


Kettle Swings

Calf Raises

Back to the truck to deposit the GFs for a quick Mary, man did I feel like I was walking on air!


Mary-each PAX got to choose

Freddie Mercury (Dash)

LBC (Skynyrd)

Swimmers (Beans)

Box Cutters (Fudd)

Big Boy Sit-ups to run the time out!





-Upcoming event at Cheekys

Prayers requsts

-prayers for travelling PAX this summer

-prayers for summer football practices, that the players would not overheat


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