A Few of YHC’s Favorite Things

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/13/2018

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Scrooge, Sunshine, Jimbo, Sneakers, Red Dragon (Greensboro)

7 pax posted for a humid but dry morning. The daily red pill was waiting, and they answered the bell. Here’s what happened.


Running warmup with stops for SSH, Weedpickers, and Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Start at the bottom of chapel hill. Partner up. Wheelbarrow up to the top, mosey around and flap jack. One partner does 10 anklegrinders while partner holds balls to the walls. Flap jack. Repeat 3x. The pax loved this combo. Then another round of wheelbarrows.

Mosey to the playground. Modified Dora including 100 pullups, 100 heel raises, and 50 pistol squats (reduced from 100 for time).

Mosey back and stop at the top of chapel hill for YHC’s old friend, Jack Webb.

Indian Run back to the flag. Time for dying cockroaches and the gas pumper. Done.



  • Always good to have a visitor. Enjoyed Red Dragon from Greensboro.
  • The anklegrinder/B2W combo produced a tremendous amount of midwife noises. Haven’t heard that much since YHC last posted with Foghorn.
  • Brew Ruck details still in progress.
  • Scrooge is running the show at Bushw0.0d C.C. on Friday. Don’t miss it.

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