IndepeDANCE Party!!!!

AO: F3 Cherokee

When: 07/04/2018

QIC: The Pax of Cherokee

PAX (): The Pax

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Ok. So that was a little dramatic and over the top. However, the Pax of Cherokee County have decided that the North Atlanta Region (Alpha) has reached the point of a problematic region and it is time for addition by division. To continue to grow F3 we believe it is time for a deliberate split.

The mission of F3 is “To plant, serve, and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to invigorate the male community leadership.” Everything we do should be done with the mission front and center. The WHAT and the WHY. WHAT F3 does is to plant, serve, and grow men’s small groups. WHY F3 does it is to INVIGORATE THE MALE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP. The WHAT is the workout, the WHY is for the man who has not taken the Daily Red Pill and has not posted. The WHAT is meaningless with out the WHY. Without the WHY there is no 2nd and 3rd F. Without the 2nd and 3rd F, there is no F3.

The Founding Fathers (Dredd and OBT) founded the first workout of F3 simply because the original workout group they were apart of (Campos) had grown too big. This was the solution to a simple problem. The members of the first workout group got to be too many and rather than cut it off to newbies, Dredd and OBT decided to start another workout that eventually would become F3. What they had unknowingly discovered and later identified was the concept of Diminished Return To Fellowship (DRTF). Simply stated the more people working out, the less fellowship the men had and that is a problem.

The 2nd F: Fellowship is the glue in which holds a workout together. Because Fellowship acts as the glue, protecting and promoting the 2nd F is critical to F3. When Fellowship is eroded, men will become unstuck to the workout. When that happens, we are failing the WHY. The solution to that problem is Addition by Division. There is never an instance where division does not make both groups better when it comes to F3. You can’t wait for a solution to just happen. The solution involves anticipating the problems before it happens by being deliberate and systematic in determining when to plant new workouts. It only makes all the workouts better.

The men of Cherokee have noticed this has become true for our Region as well. We enjoy being part of the North Atlanta Region and would not exist without the men of Alpha who planted the original flag. However, the Region has become a problematic. Not due to the number of Pax, but because of the land area in which we cover. The North Atlanta Region now consists of AOs from North Forsyth to the soon to be East Roswell Park. That is a 750 miles square according to our Nant’an Haha. With that kind of distance, Fellowship becomes hard because we are no longer part of one community. It is very hard to create Fellowship when the Pax live that far apart in different communities. That is the now the reality the North Atlanta Region. How awesome is that! It is a testament to the men of the Alpha.

A problematic region also creates a problem for growth. A region cannot serve an area where it takes an hour to get from on work out to another. The Weasel Shakers of the Alpha may love data, but with an area that large we need to divide to conquer. To Conquer we need to plant, serve, and grow men’s small workout groups in our communities. The men in Cherokee know the community in Cherokee County, just like the men in Fulton and Forsyth know their communities. It is the most effective way to have an impact on our communities and the best way to spread F3 from 85 to 75 this year.

This does not mean we will be independent and separate. We will need to have coordination between our regions. Many Pax will belong to both regions. After all, F3 is open to all men. It means that the Alpha just got a Beta. A brother from the same Mothership. We will be able to better work together by forming two regions (and soon 3 because Forsyth Pax is growing and will need to form its own region sooner than later). As Dredd and OBT wrote in Freed To Lead, “Does dividing hurt the original workout? No. It only makes the two groups better. It rejuvenates the fellowship and gets the Pax to double down on EHing sadclowns.” (Loosely quoted). This is what is happening already. Look at the growth the region has already had. Just look what is happening in downtown Woodstock and with mountain biking. Watch what will happen in East Roswell Park. The I2 is just getting started. The Impact is just starting to be felt. We are going to fire up the Metro Area by Planting AOs at every public park, school, and intersection in North Fulton, Cherokee and Forsyth Counties because we grow F3 for the man who has not posted and for the man standing beside you! We are Third! Also, just imagine the fun we will have with convergences (Lets call those family reunions), CSAUPS, and Region competitions!

We want to thank the Alpha. As part of the Alpha, Cherokee has been able to develop I2 and grow into a strong arm of the Starfish. Strong enough that we are ready to be cut off and grow into another starfish at a time when the Alpha is ready to grow another arm.

Therefore, We the Pax of the soon to be F3CHEROKEE would like to cordially Invite the PAX of F3 North Atlanta to join us for an IndepenDANCE Party Family Reunion Beatdown on July 4, 2018 at 7:00am at Sequoyah Park (7000 Vaughn Road, Canton GA). TrophyHusband Catering and Coffeeteria to follow, you won’t want to miss that!

Please check out and follow @F3Cherokee1 on Twitter for more info as we get ready for our launch.

Pax of Cherokee

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