Bushw0.0d Week 2

AO: The H0.0ch aka BushW0.0d

When: 06/08/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Saint20, Sneakers, Jimbo, Boomer, Simba, Scrooge, Sunshine

This was our second installment of the #H0.0ch vacation series, Bushw0.0d.  8 PAX enjoyed the following on a beautiful Friday morning…

Warm-Up: 5:30 clock chimed and we moseyed to the playground that is just adjacent to parking area.  We warmed up with side straddle hops and front leg kicks/swings.

We started with stations…everyone got one except for one lucky PAX (Jimbo).  He got a heavy bag along with some vague instructions about running up a hill finding some street and running back.  While he was away the group worked on their station.  Once he was back we all rotated, Jimbo jumped in, and someone else carried the bag.  We continued in this fashion until everyone had a go with the bag and everyone had a go at each station.


  • Pistol squats with the swing (L)
  • Pistol squats with the swing (R)
  • 1 pull-up/1 merkin, 1 pull-up/ 2 merkins, 1 pull-up/ 3 merkins and so on
  • Inverted row on the low monkey bars
  • Dips
  • Pop-squats with the resistance band around your ankles

6am hit and we went poolside.

50m free warm-up

25m free kick drill

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 squats on either side of the pool, 25m swim in between (250 meters total)

COT: Prayers for sneakers

Moleskin:  Mumblechatter about a BrewRuck in July, more details to follow




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