Macon Launch Week 3

AO: F3 Macon

When: 06/03/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Roll Tide, Flomax, Tatnell, One Hit, Quack, Catheter, Spitzer, Tater Salad, Bueller, Nacho, Flo, and HaHa

What could possibly be better than planting a new region?  Isn’t that the hole point of F3? Aren’t we trying to invigorate the men of our community?  Eventually do you think we will be planting in other countries? Anyways…as I was thinking about the growth in the North Atlanta area has just exploded I couldn’t help but think about how one EH can change a region.  

Back in 2015 my boy Crack had asked me a few times to come to this F3 thing that was starting in Alpharetta.  I eventually said okay and headed to Willis Park. Now I realized that this was a good thing so I asked Baby Face if he would come join us.  Now knowing Baby Face for quite some time now and I knew he would love F3. Baby Face didn’t disappoint, he jumped right in and became a regular. Now back before Baby Face moved up in the world of education he was a wrestling coach.  While wrestling with an All-State 195lb wrestler and tore his pectoral muscle. So the story should end there right? I mean 6 months of rehab to come back and do some bootcamp style workouts? How many have we seen would do that? Well Baby Face for sure!  Not only did he come back… he with the help of countless others have turned Cherokee County in to the poster child of success of F3! I guess the moral of the story is you never know when an EH is going to stick. I mean look.. Crack EH – Nacho (DUD) Nacho EH – Baby Face (STUD)  

So anyways…YHC met up with HaHa at the Mansell Park and Ride on Saturday morning at 5:10 to head down to Macon.  Headed to launch is always fun! And you get to bond with you F3 brothers! Who new HaHa used to be in a land cruiser club?  

We strolled into the parking lot of Stratford Academy ready to roll.  We started by the football stadium with a quick warm up of Side Straddle Hops, Squats and Merkins.

After finishing the warm up we did some crawl bears up the stadium steps.  Then we jumped in to a group of three. Two partners get in wheelbarrow position, while one partner does merkins the other squats. The third partner runs.  When they are finished with the 10 they call to the the third partner and he gets into plank position. The partner that just did merkins does squats and the squat partner runs.  Now the pax rotated through until we reached the other side of the school.

Now time for some catch me if you can.  Partner up and one partner does 5 Burpees while the other partner runs backward.  When finished with Burpees run forward to catch your partner. Each partner does 20 burpees.  Rinse and repeat with a new partner with merkins. Rinse and repeat with a new partner with squats.

We finished up with an Indian Run back to the flag and still had some time fo YHC ended with Lieutenant Dans.  

COT: Baby on the way and a friend dealing with Cancer.  Also for this group of men to multiply and grow.

We had 8 for coffeteria.  Very cool seeing the group come into their own.  

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