F3/Fia/2.0 Beatdown in Cherokee

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 06/02/2018

QIC: Babyface & Chocolate Chip (Fia)

PAX (): Fia - Wonder Women, Partly Cloudy, Whole Coconut, Biscuits, Iron Chef, Montana, Fixer Upper, Pintrest, Tiny Dancer, Salsa Verde, ThunderStruck, Straight Shooter; Fia FNGs: Chinchilla, Baloo, Bell Pepper, Moose Tracks, and Noodle F3: Misty, Chitwood, Space Balls, Wham-O, Quagmire, Manning, Cricket, Garfield, Yogi, Mickey, Hombre, The Mole, Homeboy, Alcoa, Hasbro; FNG: Flea Bag 2.0s: Peanut, T-Rex, DoodleBug, Mad Max, Minion, Narwhal, So-So, Hugasuarus, Grislmania, Dolphin, Hermione, Splash, Wheels, Soccer Ball, Champion Star, Rey, Batman, Hallmark, Laten-a-tor, Brady, Belichick, Edlemen, Gronk (I feel so bad for those last 4 kids), Blades, Boci, Lil Orange Tiggy, BooBoo, Chatterbox, Bomb, Chimpmunk, Squirrel, Slitheren, Picasso, Handy Helper, Drama Queen, Parrot, Swan, Cheerio, Elsa, Arial, & Garfield's baby that is soon to be out.

It was a great day for a little family fun with Fia ladies and a ton of 2.0s.  As the cars continued to pour into the parking lot and the people pour out, YHC was starting to realize that we were going to have a massive turnout.  But one car was noticeably absent. YHC’s M/Co-Q had yet to arrive with his 2.0s. Sooo it was time to stall a bit, but like all F3 workouts we start on time and we end on time.  After getting the herd of people circled up I went through a quick disclaimer, then sent the kids into poorly explained game of freeze tag while the adults did one lap around the field.  Luckily he hadn’t gotten far when my Co-pilot for the day showed up and the real fun could begin. Once everyone made it back from the lap we circled up again and:

Warm up:

Then circle up and after a quick demo of how to count IC:

  • IC SSH (CC)
  • IC Windmills (BF)
  • IC Squats (T-Rex [Mason])

Exercise 1:

  • DORA & KORA: 2 Adults and 2 kids will parter up 1 Adult will perform 100 merkins/200 Squats/300 LBC and 1 kid will perform a KORA 50 Squats/100 LBC/150 Plank Jacks .  Adult 2 will bear crawl and kid 2 will run to the cone and back. Switch upon returning and keep a cumulative count.

Exercise 2:

  • Relay race: Multiple lines (started with 6, added a 7th) adults and kids mixed.  Relay consists of running to the hoola hoop and doing 5 hoolas, then run to the jump rope and do 10 jumps, then run to the chicken and bring it back to the next person.  Hand the chicken off then have the next person take the chicken back (dropping it at each station to perform the exercises then picking it up) to its original spot.

Exercise 3: Duck Joust

  • Manning had requested to do a little Duck Jousting to be allowed to knock his kids down a peg, so at the end of the days fun I let Manning lead us through some chaos.  Once you were knocked down, you had to run a lap.

All and all these kids did an awesome job today.  Lots of smiles, lots of fun, lots of hard work. I’m proud of each 2.0 that came out and it gives me a lot of faith in a least a small portion of the generation to come.  YHC is excited about the summer to come with the weekly smaller 2.0 workouts form 8:10 – 8:40 every Saturday at Veterans Park.



We split up naming the adult FNGs, because our process is very different from the Fia ladies.

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