The Thuggish Ruggish Bone

AO: The Crossroads

When: 06/01/2018

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Kiffin, Quagmire, Ricky Bobby, Yogi, Legionnaire, Alcoa, Misty, FNG Matchstick (Ben)

It’s facebook official, well maybe twitter official at least. The results from the poll are in and the Friday beatdown at Avery will now and forever be known as The Crossroads, thanks to Whammo for the suggestion. Please see me at the DJ booth to collect your prize. The fact that the beatdown fell on the first of the month I had no choice but to make a playlist to tribute the awesome rap group that was Bone Thugs –n- Harmony. Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the first of the month…pulled up and saw some Paragon PAX waiting and knew it was going to be a good day. As others joined us we promptly got things going at 5:30 am. Wait, did someone mention something about a flag?


Moseyed to the other side of the parking lot and circled up


10 weed picker IC

Sun gods forward and reverse OYO

The Thang

Since playing I9 sports at Avery and then deciding to do a workout the bus lanes had been calling my name. So, it was time to load the busses.

Starting at 1 we ran to lane 27 and performed 27 plank jacks, back to 1 for 1 burpee

Next to spot 26 for 26 LBCs, back to 1 for 1 burpee

25 for 25 merkins back for 1 burpee and then to 24 for 24 reverse LBCs back to 1 for a burpee

Keep going repeating this cycle until we finished. Even though they number the same as Creekview it felt much longer between 1 and 27 at the Crossroads.

Tclaps to Kiffin and Quagmire who were out in front and did some flutter kicks IC while the rest of the PAX finished up. Also did some bat wings (10 forward arm circles, 10 reverse arm circles, 10 seal claps and 10 overhead claps). YHC then wanted to try a newly discovered exercise called Absolution. An 8 count IC exercise starting in plank, perform a groiner, down to elbow plank, plank jack and then back to regular plank. 10 reps IC had everyone nearly spent. I think I’ll hang on to that one for future use.

With some time left partnered up for catch me if you can around the parking lot with partner A performing 5 star jumps while Partner B ran backwards. Upon completion of star jumps Partner A ran to catch their partner and switched. The guys out front circled back around the encourage the 6 and once done everyone moseyed back to the flag just in time for some Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC. Totaled 2.97 miles before 6:30!


Presto name-o: Welcome FNG Matchstick (Ben), who previously posted a recon mission, but finally got his F3 name


Prayers for Homeboy’s father, family and friends as he continues treatment. Also, continued prayers for those F3 brothers that are recovering from injury. Shared with the group my biggest takeaway from Freed to Lead was that we should come 3rd. God 1st, family, friends and others we share fellowship with 2nd, and ourselves 3rd. As servant leaders it is our responsibility to put God, our Ms, 2.0s, F3 brothers, and all others before our own interests.


2.0/FIA/F3 beatdown tomorrow at the Hurt Locker at 7:30 and every Saturday for the rest of the summer at 8:00 am.

Amicalola remote beatdown on 6/16. Details to follow from Legionnaire soon.

Check out the Cheetah at Hickory Flat Elementary on Tues and starting this week The Clinic on Mon/Wed at Woodstock amphitheater.

Pull up challenge for the months of June and July. Start today with a max in a single set for your baseline and add 1 rep each day, even if this requires breaking it up into multiple sets. No tracking of numbers, you choose if beatdown pull ups count toward your total, it’s only you against you and no one checking up on you. Love the simplicity and thanks for the challenge, C4!

I was surprised I didn’t catch more flak and no one called me out on the coolers, but in full transparency we posted without a flag in the gloom. No longer can the Crossroads count on the Playground brethren to post and bring the flags with them. May need to make yet another flag. As always it was a pleasure, gentlemen and we’ll see you at the Crossroads, Crossroads, Crossroads, so you won’t be lonely. Misty out!


Bone Thugs-n-Harmony:

Tha Crossroads

1st of the Month

Notorious Thugs

Thug Luv


Crept and We Came

Wasteland Warriors

If I Could Teach the World

Ready 4 War

Evil Paradise

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