Searching for Lucky’s Magical Charms

AO: Grindstone

When: 03/17/2023

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (8): Corn Dog, Crab Cake, Inseam, jugdish, Krystal, Snowman, Swiper


It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s celebrate.

QIC arrived extra early for the pre-run to hide the charms.


Mosey to back parking lot and after disclaimer, complete 7 windmills, 7 good mornings and 17 SSH.

High knees towards the first hidden charm and QIC quizzes PAX on how many lucky charms there are in a box. First answer…6. Incorrect, all PAX pay 5 burpee penalty. Same question again. 7 was the answer this time. Incorrect, all PAX pay 5 burpee penalty. One more try and the answer is, 12. Where did that come from? The correct answer is 8 and all PAX paid 5 more burpees.

Now that we’re good and warm, let the magical charm hunt begin…

The Thang:

Find Lucky’s charms at various spots around the park. Complete exercises for each charm as described below.

Unicorn Charm – Brings color to the world – 17 Wolverines on

Heart Charm – Gives life to objects – King of hearts on tennis courts
(Duck walk, Bear crawl suicides)

Star Charm – Power of flight – 50 star Jumps at tag office pavilion

Blue Moon Charm – Power of invisibility – Moon gods (side plank, foot
in air, circular motion) in cadence at baseball pavilion. These sucked and all agreed we must do them again.

Red Balloon Charm – Power to float – Balls to the wall on kickball wall

Rainbow Charm – Power to teleport – 3 sets of 17 big boys making a
Strava rainbow on turf field

Clover Charm – Power of luck – Strava art 4 leaf clover on turf field (10
burpees, 10 squats)

Horseshoe Charm – Power of speed – Fartleks for time

Wrap everything up with some LBCs at the flag


Upcoming Git R Done run next weekend

Happy Tree VQ at Black Water on Monday

Prayers and praises for Snowman

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was a fun BD to put together. I hope all enjoyed.

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