Merkin Mile Monkey Humpers

AO: Badapple

When: 03/03/2023

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (8): goat, Rusty, Spider, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, Thud, Toasted


Happy to have the opportunity to pinch hit for Goose who was feeling under the weather. YHC hadn’t Q’d in a while because of the highly motivated Bad Apple HIMs have been snatching up Q’s like hotcakes. We are currently booked through April. 


Extended stretch session to prep the PAX for covering some ground.

Weed Pickers, Toy Soldiers, Windmills, Copperhead Squats, Michael Phelps, Achilles/Calf stretch on curb, Calf stretch on bumpers, Quad Stretch Flamingo Style, repeat Weed Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey on Trail to Pull Up Bars, split PAX into 3 groups to rotate through 3 sets of the following:

  • 5 Pullups + 5 Hanging Leg Lifts (lift legs as high as possible and try to touch the bar) QIC noticed that @Goat and @Spider excelled at this. 
  • 20 Dying Cockroaches (Alpha Count)
  • 15 Donkey Kicks

Hit the sidewalk up Hardscrabble Rd for a Merkin Mile

  • Sets of 10 Merkins at various points. PAX holds plank while waiting on the 6. 
  • Mixed in a backpedal between telephone poles
  • Arrived at @Outhouse’s front yard for 2 sets of monkey humpers with a synchronized syllable count of “Leave-No-Man-Be-hind,-Leave-No-Man-Where-You-Found-Him” (12 reps)
  • Lunge walk around the culdesac
  • Ran back to pull up bar station continuing with multiple stops for merkins and planking for the 6. 

Pull Up Bar Station Part Deux::

  • PAX lined up for Morning Call with pairs of PAX completing 7 pull ups each. 
  • Lined up PAX mixed in sets of Bonnie Blairs and Merkins while pull ups were being completed.

Mosey back to the Gloomy Bad Apple parking lot:

  • Alternating Offset Merkins using parking curb – 1 set of 10 (Alpha Count, 20 total)
  • Finish with partner leg throwdowns (15) to top off the core from Sprocket’s murder session on Weds.


Too many people in the hospital right now fighting through medical challenges. Spider’s friend, Sprockets great niece, TheBurn’s daughter.

Foster kid scholarship opportunity – holler at Thud

Bad Apple shirts about to drop! Thanks Sprocket.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead these men, thankful for F3. Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where You Found Him – we need to always look out for our F3 brothers. 

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