Case of the mondays

AO: Halo

When: 01/09/2023

QIC: Wideright

PAX (11): Abacus (Mark Green), Drain Hole, Fannie, Forest, Jorts, Skol, Sparky, Steamer, Tweaker, Wake Sport, Wideright


Disclaimer and warmup mosey and stops for exercises

The Thang:

Count off in 2’s

1’s lap around Church 2’s rig jumps up and down stairs


Partner up- wheelbarrows up and down the stairs, flapjack

line up on the curb, 12 rounds of sprints.

100 Stone Mountain

Backwards, run, eight lines of sprints

Mosey to other parking lot, wheelbarrows to the line, backwards wheelbarrow back. Flapjack mosey to flag for time.


Prayers for the Fowler family, Blain Mcnally passing away yesterday and leaving an M and two, 2.0s., Skols parents, Fannie  wisdom, healing touch for steamers friend. For these numbers to continue to grow,


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