Cinders in the Moonlight

AO: Gladiator

When: 07/27/2018

QIC: Virginia Slim

PAX (): Viking, Scar, Swaggert, Brownie, Moonshine, Fannie Mae, BEAUTY, Postal, Spandex, Tebow, Puddle Jumper, Sox, Bronco, Kegger, Circus,

Warm Up.

20 SSH

The Thang

After the quick warm up we got right to it. Kusak to the small upper parking lot stopping halfway there to do 20 Merkins on your cinder.  Once reaching the parking lot we did a version of 4 corners but added a stop on the long way to make 6 stops total around the lot.  Kusak to each area after each exercise. 1st stop 10 merkins, 2nd stop 10 squats, 3rd stop 10 curls, 4th stop 10 shoulder press, 5th stop skull crushers, 6th stop bent over rows, Plank till the 6. We the Rinsed and repeated the opposite direction in reverse order.

when finished we Kusaked to the small but slightly intimidating hill to place the cinder on the ground and push up the hill until the path narrows, then picking up the cinder and continuing to the planters between the baseball fields.

Once there we placed the cinder on the ground and used as a step up to the the wall to do 20 step ups 10 each leg. Then we placed the cinder on our laps in a slightly seated position and did 20 slow dips.  Rinse and repeat for a 2nd round.

We left the planter and carried any way possible back to the street where we waited for the 6.  We then did 20 SSH before continuing the Kusak to the soccer field.

We then paired up for a Farmer carry beat down as 1 partner carried both Cinders to the box line and sprinted back to the partner that was doing as many Merkins as possible, then the swithching the other partner ran to the cinders and advanced the to mid field and springted back, this continued again to the far box line and again to the end line. The return was the same. Rinse and repeat with as many shoulder presses as possible while partner advanced the Cinders. Small mary while waiting on the 6.   10 scissors, 10 LBC’s and 10 American Hammers.


Switching back to carry our own cinders we did lunges to the first box where we stopped and did 20 Merkins, then Kusaked to the mid line where we did 20 squats. At this time I think Kusak was not an option for many, as the just carried any way possible to the next stopping point, which was the box where we did 20 merkins and finally lunges to the end line,  At this point I think I blacked out because the next thing I remember, we were again pushing the cinders up the parking lot hill to the second light pole and then back to load them in my truck.  Looking back to see not all pax pushing up the hill. I knew my job was done.

Great Job Guys


  • Prayers for Swaggerts friend that was going through a seperation
  • Thanks Guys for having me out to Gladiatior



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