Thang after Thang

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/24/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Virginia Slim, Shrinkage, Puddle Jumper, Sox, Kegger, Postal, Beauty, Tebow, Brownie, Scar, Viking, Spandex, El Matador, Fannie Mae

15 Pax joined forces for what seemed like a nice cool morning.  With YHC have zero familiarity with his surroundings we were all off to start our Tuesday off the right (or wrong) way.

Warm up

We moseyed from the flag to the smaller parking lot for 15 SSH, 15 Hillbillys and 15 Mtn Climbers.

The Thang(s)

From the same warm-up spot we started with:

  • 10 merkins then ran up the hill (backwards) for 10 Big boys. Squat hold with hands high for the 6.
  • Repeat with 20 merkins/20 Big Boys then again for 30/30 for good measure.

We followed with a mosey back past the flag to the wall of the rec building where the Q tried something new.

  • Each Pax went balls to the walls (legs higher or lower depending on how long they could take it) and started moving to their left.
  • The first Pax then bear crawled to the other end of the line.
  • Moaning and groaning started here and continued to the next.

From the wall we moseyed down to the football field for some Bearmuda Triangle.

  • 1 Burpee – bearcrawl to the next marker
  • 2 Burpees – bearcrawl to the next marker
  • 3 Burpees – bearcrawl to the finish
  • Shoulder raises in squat position for the 6

Repeato with possible Crabwalk substitution all the way around.

We finally moved to the last item on the list – Duck Duck Q (probably called something else but i went with it):

  • Pax all gathered on the big center circle
  • Starting with YHC – called an exercise and sprinted around the circle while everyone else performed.  Ranging from burpees to boxcutters to flutters to 6 inches.

With a few minutes the spare we lined up on the end line and did sprints to first line with backwards run back; sprint to next and backwards back and so on to exhaustion.

Finished with 2 minutes of Mary and the morning was no longer a “cool one.”


  • Prayers for Dan Kaiser (sp?)
  • Answered prayers for Sox’ daughter and props on the Falcons tix!
  • Beauty’s neighbor looking for some help this Saturday 930-1030 ish with moving, etc.  Let’s get a good group.
  • Thanks to Spandex for the coffee and a good group of guys for hosting!  Next up: Slim ‘n Cinders!

Bronco out.


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