Hit Record

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/23/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Kegger, Bronco, FNG Ren, Thumper, Circus, Switch, Rooney, Squeegee, Rusty, Jackalope, Bayside, Ariel, Doogie, Sprocket, Haggis, Sell Out, Shrinkage, Crab Legs, Miller Time, Sparky, Swamp Donkey, FNG Matt

21 PAX and 2 FNG’s ditched the fartsack to brave the gloom this morning. The lower temp was a welcome change, but there wasn’t a dry shirt in the group at 6:15a. 5:30a hits and we take a lil mosey round the ball field to the upper parking lot.

Warm Up
15x SSH IC
15x Toy Solider IC
10x Windmill (Abe Vigoda) IC
10x Cotton Picker IC

The Thang
Black Jack Circuit
– PAX lines up on curb, performs 1 Merkin then runs to other side of lot for 20 LBC’s
– Run back to start for 2 Merkins then run to opposite side for 19 LBC’s
– PAX repeats to 20 Merkins and 1 LBC (210 reps per exercise)

Mary for the Six then mosey to retaining wall behind Field 3

Aiken Legs (kind of)
– 20 Box Jumps
– 20 Split Jacks (2-count)
– 20 Set Ups (each leg)
– 20 Dips

Planks & Side Planks for the Six. One Merkin, with a 5 sec. hold before we mosey to gridiron.

PAX lines up on the goal line for sprints…
– To the 50-yard line for 50 Mountain Climbers, back to start
– To the 40-yard line for 40 Peter Parkers
– 30-yard line for 30 Sweat Angels
– 20-yard line for 20 Groiners
– 10-yard line for 10 Burpees

Flutter kicks for the six. 10-count, then Thumper leads the PAX up the BA Hill, back to flag. Superman’s for the Six.

We probably would have had a couple announcements, prayer requests and T-claps, but YHC had some technical issues. Pro tip if you want to record name-o-rama for the BB you should hit record on the phone. We were golden by the third try!

Welcome Popper (FNG Ren) & Foley (FNG Matt)

Pleasure to serve as always!


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