Bro-mancing the Stone

AO: the Wreck

When: 07/16/2018


PAX (): Fun Run, Miller Time, Bronco, Switch, Doogie, Ariel, Blue, Hoosier, I-beam, Smack Down, Squeegee, Windex, Sell-Out, Goat, Turbine, Haggis, Rusty, Circus, Grease Monkey, Booter, Sparky, Sprocket, Aflac,

24 PAQs

With several Q’s lately requiring super sweaty dudes to get up brose and personal, I knew it was time from a complete bro-o-thon.  It turned out be a low mosey workout with only a little over 1 mile as the brow flies.  There is no better way to start a week off and shake off the broneliness than putting your sweaty legs on another guy’s sweaty back, holding another guys sweaty ankles, locking sweaty ankles, and high fiving each other during a workout.  Unfortunately, time ended before we could frog jump over each other for the ultimate bro fun.  This loss was as sad as Broatia’s loss to France in Football the day before.

The Thang


  • Weed pickers
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Dollies
  • American Hammer


  • Hill – partner up
    • One partner goes backwards up the hill
    • Top of hill do 7 burpees
    • Other partner remains at the bottom and does jump squats
    • Alternate partners decreasing burpees at top by one each time


  • 20 leg lifts Right Leg
  • 20 Leg Lifts Left leg
  • Dips while resting leg on planking partner


  • Grab one rock per partner
  • 20 Derkins off partner plank each
  • 20 Leg throws each
  • 20 bro-merkins
  • 20 leg lock big boy sit-ups
  • 25 LBC while partner bear crawls around field. Run and catch him and switch out until complete circumference of football field
  • 20 of each with one partner using the bolder (or in I-beam’s case pebble) while the other partner did squats
    • curls
    • arm presses
    • skull crushers
    • Rows
  • Return bolder/pebble

Mosey to flag


Buzz Saw

American Hammers




  • Great work by squeegee and team with the Saturday community project.
  • Prayer request for Bronco’s coworker whose daughter had an accident at the pool this weekend.

S Talk:

Have a brotastic week. Find a sad bro and give him a hug.

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